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A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.

A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.
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A podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, exploring supporter ownership and engagement through conversations with the people who sit behind the goals at clubs around Scotland, England, and further afield.




14: Bryan Jackson

Bryan Jackson is too humble to admit it but he is a huge name in Scottish football. As an administrator for clubs in financial distress he has been involved in saving some of the biggest clubs in Scotland from going out of business. The Foundation of Hearts have credited him as "the man who saved Hearts", and he had just as significant an input at Motherwell, Dundee, Dunfermline, Clyde and Clydebank - who are now preparing for a return to senior football. Since his retirement from...


13: Trust In Killie

Jim Thomson, Andrew Millar and Elaine Millar of the Killie Trust spoke to us about the "Trust In Killie" campaign, which has already invested £100,000 in Kilmarnock FC. The sharp-eared amongst us will recognise Elaine as a voice from the past. Elaine was a member of the Supporters Direct Scotland team between 2006 and 2012, and it was great to re-connect with her. The Killie Trust can be found online at, where you can pledge to Trust In Killie.


12: Chris Ewing of Edusport Academy

Chris Ewing recently announced a plan to take a brand new club to the Premiership with the help of fans. Currently playing their first season in the Lowland League, a crowdfunding campaign will enable Edusport Academy to be turned into a professional club with ambitions to progress up the Scottish football pyramid. Find out more at In our chat after the interview with Chris we talked about a few other clubs on the rise, including a great article on The Fitba Nomad about...


11: Club 1872

Club 1872 (@Club1872rfc) is the 2nd largest shareholder in Rangers International Football Club plc, with a shareholding of over 10%. It aims to preserve and defend the interests of the supporters of Rangers Football Club, and ensure that Rangers supporters are at the centre of everything Rangers does. We spoke to board member Laura Fawkes about their origins and their achievements so far. Get in touch with the show by email ( or through Twitter (@SuppDirectScot)


10: Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings is an investigative reporter, best known for his work investigating corruption in the IOC and FIFA. His 2006 book, "FOUL!" and his series of Panorama documentaries exposed the Sepp Blatter regime and was a big part of its eventual collapse. Now retired, Andrew was an entertaining guest, and we hope you get as much from our conversation with him as we did. Contact us on or via @SuppDirectScot


09: Niamh O'Mahony

Niamh O'Mahony (@Niamh_OMahony) joined us to talk about Cork City's journey to supporter ownership and the origins of the FORAS Trust. She also spoke about her role at Supporters Direct Europe, and their Erasmus+ projects on improving governance and supporter liaison. Contact us at, leave us a voicemail on 01316183278, or follow us on Twitter @SuppDirectScot


08: Woosh Entertainments

Graeme and Keith Easton, who are the stadium announcer and DJ at Hampden, as well as at many other sporting events, came in to talk to us about how to improve the matchday experience. The brothers also produce the "Graeme Easton's Playlist" podcast ( where they interview the stars and business minds of Scottish Sport to find out what music makes their playlists and to take part in the "See You In The Charts" quiz. We turned the tables and put them...


07: Chris Samson

Chris Samson blogs as Sports Marketing Scotland, where he interviews people from across the Scottish sports marketing industry. We spoke to him about his recent article on what it would mean for Scottish football to adopt a 'startup mentality' ( Follow us on Twitter @SuppDirectScot, and email us at Let us know what you think of this episode, and what you'd like to hear in future episodes.


06: Edd Norval

Portugal-based writer and Hibs fan Edd Norval (@EddNorval) recently wrote an article for Box To Box Football (and since published in the Football Pink) on what Scottish football could learn from companies such as BrewDog about marketing and identity. And it looks like the BTG guys will be heading to Lisbon for a weekend of beer and football! Write to us at or via Twitter @SuppDirectScot


05: SPFL Ticketing System

This week, Duncan McKay (@DuncMcKay), star of the *sublime* Terrace Podcast, shares an idea which could bring Scottish football into the 21st century, and make it easier for established and new supporters alike to attend games. Share your thoughts on this episode by emailing or on Twitter at @SuppDirectScot


04: Foundation of Hearts

Andrew and Alan chat to Louise Strutt of the Foundation of Hearts (The_FoH) about the campaign that is underway to purchase the majority shareholding in the club from Ann Budge.


03: SMiSA

A conversation with David Nicol of St Mirren Independent Supporters Association ( Follow David on Twitter at @DJ_Nicol


02: Lewes FC

A conversation with Stuart Fuller, chairman of Lewes FC and board member of Supporters Direct, about the innovative ideas the fan-owned Bostik League South side have implemented. Get in touch by emailing or by tweeting @SuppDirectScot - and spread the word!


Episode 01: Punk Football

We talk to Jim Keoghan (@JimmyKeo) about his book "Punk Football" ( about his inspiration behind writing the book and the issues covered in it.


Episode 00: Introducing "Behind The Goals"

Introduction to the "Behind The Goals" podcast from Supporters Direct Scotland, presented by Andrew Jenkin and Alan Russell.


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