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Weekly conversations with great preachers

Weekly conversations with great preachers
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Weekly conversations with great preachers








Live at Westside Church - Overcoming Shame with Bo Stern

In the third part of our 4 part live series, Bo Stern discusses the power of shame and how to come out from underneath it.

Duration: 00:30:26

The Emotionally Healthy Life - Live at Westside Church

In part 2 of our live 4 part series, we look back at one of the most popular messages of 2017 at Westside Church, the Emotionally Healthy Life. With Pastor Steve Mickel.

Duration: 00:30:18

Walking in the Dark: Live at Westside Church with Steve Mickel

For the first time, Behind the Message is recorded live during a Sunday service at Westside Church. This week we are looking back at some of the most talked about messages of the year. To begin, we discuss Pastor Steve's series from January 2017, Walking in the Dark.

Duration: 00:30:54

The end of the Lord's Prayer and how we deal with Discrepancies in the Bible with Bo Stern

Pastor Bo Stern joins the podcast to discuss the end of the Lord's prayer , explaining how the earliest manuscripts don't include it. What do we teach about the inerrency of scripture? Does God tempt us or not? Bo dives into these topics and more in this week's podcast.

Duration: 00:25:11

Forgive us as we Forgive

The prayer 'forgive us as we forgive' is not an easy or small prayer to pray. Steve Mickel joins the podcast to discuss the nature of being forgiven and extending that to those who hurt us.

Duration: 00:27:29

Asking God for what we need in Prayer

Steve Mickel joins the podcast to discuss petitions in prayer as we discuss the question, "Do we need to even ask if God already knows what we need?"

Duration: 00:28:03

Finding Contentment through Prayer

Casey, Ben and Evan discuss prayer and how we can find contentment in prayer as we submit to God. A discussion on the Lord's Prayer, "Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Duration: 00:34:53

The Purpose of Prayer with Steve Mickel

Pastor Steve Mickel discusses his message on The Lord's Prayer, and how getting our priorities in place when we approach God is a must in order for our prayers to be effective.

Duration: 00:30:59

How To Lead In An Environment Of Trust

This week, we took the podcast live to a workshop at the Foursquare North Pacific District Conference in Beaverton Oregon. Pastor Steve Mickel joined Ben and Evan to discuss the relationship between lead pastors and next generation ministries, how to lead in an environment of trust, and how to release young leaders. With a live Q&A.

Duration: 00:57:32

How the Church Should Look And Act

Pastor Steve Mickel joins the podcast for a fascinating discussion on how the church should look and act in culture, and the difference between a politically powerful religious subculture and the way of Jesus.

Duration: 00:27:39

Is Christianity Relevant Anymore?

Pastor Steve Mickel is back to discuss the move that Church has made from the center of community life to the fringe. What can be done to bring the message of the Gospel into culture in a way that matters?

Duration: 00:34:45

Steve Mickel On Confession, Transparency as a Preacher and Mentoring

Pastor Steve Mickel discusses the role of confession in his life and how transparency as a preacher is critical when leading the church.

Duration: 00:35:12

Bo Stern on Women in Ministry, Wholehearted Living and Juggling in Private

Pastor and Author Bo Stern stops by to discuss her experience as a preacher and pastor (a traditionally male role), what it means to live wholeheartedly, and why the gospel needs to work in and out of the church.

Duration: 00:31:31

Doxology and Glory with Ben Fleming

Ben Fleming is the co host and preacher this week, as he discusses his message on Doxology. Pastor Spencer Schaber joins.

Duration: 00:37:33

Who or What qualifies as an Enemy? With Mike Alexander

Immigration. Racism. Politics. With the nation polarized, what is the church's role? Should we make a stand on hot button issues, or stay out of the fray? Pastor Mike discusses his message on enemies in the Psalms as we dive into the question of adversaries, conflict, and political division inside the church.

Duration: 00:29:31

Psalms Community

Psalms Community by Ben Fleming & Evan Earwicker

Duration: 00:36:18

How Repentance Works with Evan Earwicker

Ben and Casey discuss Evan's message on Repentance in the Psalms and the parable of the prodigal son in this week's Behind the Message podcast.

Duration: 00:28:16

Is God Good? With Steve Mickel

In this week's episode, Pastor Steve Mickel stops by to discuss how God is good, and that may or may not be tied to how circumstances play out in our lives.

Duration: 00:34:55

Steve Mickel on Trusting God

Trusting God (or anyone else) is difficult in today's self sufficient culture. After a week off, Behind the Message is back with Pastor Steve Mickel to discuss what it means to really trust God with our lives.

Duration: 00:33:49

Steve Mickel on how God Rescues us and Why it's so Hard to ask for Help

Pastor Steve Mickel visits the podcast to discuss how God comes to our aid, why it doesn't always look like we expect, and the barrier of pride that stands in our way of receiving God's help.

Duration: 00:39:49

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