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Is it really just a game?

And here is our first (And short) show of the newly re-formatted show! I ramble on for the better part of an hour about my opinions on the term 'it's just a game", and how I feel about video gaming as a hobby and profession. If you would like to discuss your opinions on the topic (And I encourage it!), join my channel's Discord and let's talk about it! And as always, share the show where you can and help me rebuild! It's super appreciated. Follow me on Twitter as...


A Healthy Dose of Addiction

Last interim episode before the new format. Just some brain droppings and reevaluating the August video from a different perspective. It was going to be like an hour, but I cut out 30 minutes of just nonsense. Also, I need a pop filter. Stream -


Calm Skies on the Horizon

Impromptu gap-filler show on a bit of an introspective night. Let me know your thoughts on becoming the better you in the comments or the ole Twitters. New channel -


Alpha and Omega

I cover 9 different topics and don't segue once. From the marathon this last weekend to the new direction of my content... Strap in and get ready to head down a new road. August 2nd video:


Season 3 Episode 4 - Theblacktastic

SGDQ recap and learning about TheBlacktastic and what makes him tick! We give the SGDQ hotel what for and talk a whole lot about Mega Man, Fighting games and how Bobby is just a genuinely awesome person. I apologize for some of the audio drops, all of that should be fixed for future episodes. Twitch - Twitter -


Season 3 Episode 3 - HelloBoing

Apologies for the audio issues on this and the next episode. New SSD is in my computer and purrin like a kitten. My guest today is fellow Earthbounder HelloBoing! We had a great talk about our shared love of Earthbound, EB's recent SGDQ and RPGLB runs, as well as other games he loves like Super Mario RPG! I also quizzed him on his waifu knowledge and it came out about like I expected. He's an awesome dude and you need to go check him out! Twitch - Twitter -...


Season 3 Episdoe 2 - Driftingskies

My guest today is Driftingskies! We had a great talk about the RPGs he runs (Like Legend of Legaia, Quest 64 and Paper Mario) as well as a breakdown of Twitch's new economic decision. Drift teaches economics at a university and had a full lecture on the subject. I really enjoyed it and hope you will head over and check him out. Twitch - Twitter -


Season 2 Episode 14 - Futureforce14

My guest today is fellow Team S1n member FutureForce14! Representing the European side of Twitch, he mixes it up with speedruns and some casual chill streams. We talked on lots of Final Fantasy topics and delved into what really makes him tick. I really enjoyed it, and hope it compels you to go check him out! Twitch - Twitter - Live shows -


Season 2 Episode 13 - Riversmccown

My guest today is Riversmccown! A long time gamer and sports analyst, I really enjoyed our talk for this one. From an origin story about gaming, to me trying to pretend I understand sports in any fashion, I hope it leads you over to check out his gaming content! He has a great personality and you won't regret giving him a shot. Twitch - Twitter - Live Shows -


Season 2 Episode 11 - Solo AMA

This was an impromptu episode, and I am probably more happy with this one than any other! Bit of cuts and edits since it was just me and I had free reign to take asides with the chat. We start off with some updates and news on upcoming events, then we delve deep into my own history with an AMA. Politics, religion, hating the commies and much more that you probably never even wanted to know about me. It was a ton of fun, and I may do a bunch more of these. Channel -...


Season 2 Episode 9 - Australian Speedrunning Marathon

Today I am promoting the Australian Speedrunning Marathon with Softman25 and Astrious! We had a ton of laughs and talked about the upcoming event July 19-20th Eastern Australian Standard Time. It was a ton of fun and I hope it compels you to check out the marathon. Be sure to share the episode and let people know it's coming up! Twitch - Twitter - Youtube -


Season 2 Episode 7 - Prodigaltim

My guest today is Team Sin teammate Prodigaltim! A variety streamer with a big personality, we had a long discussion ranging from retro to modern games and his motivations behind streaming. It was a great show and I hope it motivates you to go check out his content! Be sure to rate/comment/share where-ever you listen. Super appreciate all the support. Twitch - Twitter -


Season 2 Episode 6 - Magicfreak500

My guest today is Magicfreak500! A picture of altruism, Magic is a fella who will do his best to give you the best show possible when you stop by. RPGs, Mega Man, Terraria and more, be sure to go by and get your gaming fill! Thanks for all the support! You guys spreading the word and tuning in means the world, and helps everyone who takes part in this project. Twitch - Twitter - Live shows -...


Season 2 Episode 5 - Redtrollinhowser

My guest today is the awesome Redtrollinhowser! A bit on the younger side of the Twitch audience, Red brings a unique perspective as a person who has grown up with streaming shaping his views on gaming. It was a great talk and I hope you head over and check out his content! Discord was being fuddy with me on this one, but it mostly cleared up. Twitch - Twitter - Be sure to share the show if you enjoyed! It's the...


Season 2 Episode 4 - Brisulph

My guest today is a wonderful man going by the name of Brisulph! We go on about GameFAQ's and how awesome it was (And still is!) to us gamers from way back. We also delve into some of his favorites such as Smash TV and NES Open Golf Speedrunning..... Yea that's a thing and it's AWESOME. Hope you enjoy and consider checking him out. He's also organizing a Smash TV tournament, so if that piques your interest, be sure to drop by. Storm cut my power as this was exporting, really hope it didn't...


Season 2 Episode 3 - Randomassacre Marathon

Today I am joined by Gameboyf9, Jkoper and deranged_squirrel_fighter to talk about the upcoming Randomassacre Marathon! We go over the schedule as well as aspects of randomizers in general. If you've been a hardcore gamer for a long time, and wish there was a way to check out some of your old favorites in a new light, this may be your best place to start! The marathon starts Wednesday 3/29/2017 at 1pm CST Editing may be a bit spotty. I'm not feeling great at the moment, but wanted to be...


Season 2 Episode 2 - Andyperfect

My guest today is Andyperfect! A huge influence on me in getting running Earthbound, and just an overall amazing guy, he will always be someone who can brighten up your day. Be sure to go check out his channel, and see his Paper Mario and Earthbound runs at RPG Limit Break 2017! Be sure to rate the show on your favorite app, and let a buddy know you liked it! Thanks for everything.


Season 2 Episode 1 - Elmagus

My guest today is Elmagus! An amazing personality in the Twitch Speedrunning community, and an all around awesome dude. I really enjoyed delving into some of his origin stories and learning the motivations behind much of his work in marathons (Such as his very successful Scrubathon). Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to go over and support his content! I'm tired of makeshift attempts to reduce echo in my new apartment, so this week I'm going to go raid Walmart and buy bed foam and plaster...


Time to Get Rolling

Quick update for everyone. Scheduling shows once again! The sign up is on the website, and I'll be publicizing it wherever I can once I get the folks who had signed up previously on the books. I look forward to bringing shows out to you all once again. Live shows -



My guest today is Puri_Puri! Puri is a partnered streamer on Twitch with a focus on the "PSXplosion" project where he plays through many PlayStation 1 games, as well as speedrunning. He is a really entertaining guy who has some great tips for improving your content, so be sure to go check him out! Twitch - Twitter - Youtube - Live Shows - Patreon -


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