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Freelancing on the side - Web Developer Carson Shold

Carson has always freelanced on the side. Chasing the cash and the creativity that freelance opportunities would bring whilst still studying or working full time. He's learned how to find the good clients, set expectations, communicate and avoid work overload (eventually).

Duration: 00:30:20

Whatever it takes - Composer Grant Kirkhope

Composer Grant Kirkhope has spent the past 20 years not just making video games music, but making a name for himself. From the lessons and habits learned as an in-house ‘staff composer’, to breaking out as a freelancer in a new country, looking for opportunities, an agent and a day off. It may seem like a series of ‘happy accidents’ but it’s a tale of persistence, creativity and professionalism. Doing whatever it takes to get the job.

Duration: 00:39:20

Finding Funding & Belief - Photographer Nisha Haq

Nisha was the winner of the IPSE UK Freelancer of the Year 2017 Aspire award. 'Aspire' is all about recognising and supporting young, up and coming self-employed talent. We hear a snapshot of how Nisha got started as a photogapher: finding funding (without a loan in sight), and with it, finding community, clients and self belief.

Duration: 00:36:20

Finding Balance - Freelance Illustrator Holly Exley

Holly chats about first finding enough freelance work to hang up her waitress apron... and now finding balance from all of that work. We chat about the mental challenges, relocating, making YouTube videos and... dogs.

Duration: 00:29:20

Get out and meet people - Infographics Designer Caroline Beavon

Redundancy isn't the end. It's a new beginning. For Caroline that meant retuning and retraining from radio to design. Key to surviving both business and relocation has been Caroline's ability to get out there and meet people. Not networking. It's meeting people. One person can make a difference.

Duration: 00:36:20

Hype a Loop - Animator Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips, or 'crispe' is an illustrator and animator based in Sydney, Australia. Chris' gif loops have been viewed millions of times on the likes of Giphy, Dribbble, Behance, and Instagram. That side project led to big projects after an agent came knocking. We chat about dealing with clients, being paid, switching off and getting out - or not.

Duration: 00:31:20

Time is money - Editor Rose Parkin

As an editor in publishing Rose is used to reshaping people's words. She's also done it with her life. Cutting out the full time job for flexibility as a working mum. Stripping out the management role to focus on the work she enjoys. Reforming her hourly rate and rejecting the projects that won't hit it. Whilst creating The Freelancer's Cookbook.. well, that's a whole new tasty chapter in itself.

Duration: 00:38:20

What to remember when things get tough - Filmmaker Ben Warburton

Early on, London based filmmaker Ben started juggling life as a freelancer and studying. Here, he chats about working for free and how he transitioned that to paid gigs. How collaborating with others can inspire him both creatively and in business. Plus, coping with cashflow and the pressures of travelling for work... and knowing when to say 'no'.

Duration: 00:39:10

Wise Words - Marketer Luan Wise

After years of agency and in-house experience, Luan stepped out into being freelance. A story of spotting opportunities, maintaining relationships and self development underlines her solo career. She shares her experience hiring coaches, writing a book, speaking, making courses by herself and alongside LinkedIn - and above all, thinking like a business.

Duration: 00:39:10

Freelance Mum - Voiceover Artist Faye Dicker

Faye is a radio presenter turned freelance voiceover artist. Borrowing money to build her own studio, she's since built her reputation, her business and now her family too. With that she's also created 'Freelance Mum' - part of which is networking events where it's okay to bring your kids.

Duration: 00:34:10

Vlog Like A Boss - Amy Schmittauer

Hear how Amy went from being the person in town who knew about Facebook... to being a YouTuber, international speaker, video consultant and influencer. Look, when Gary Vaynerchuk is giving you a quote for the front of your book - you know you're doing something right.

Duration: 00:30:25

You're Not Alone - Designer Rachel Shillcock

Rachel's found inspiration, support, friendship and even clients in the communities she's joined online. Be it through courses she's paid for, Twitter or private Facebook groups she's joined (or started!), she's realised you don't have to freelance alone. She shares her story: from finding her niche - the wake up call to her business, to finding herself in hospital - the wake up call to herself.

Duration: 00:36:29

Marketing Your Business - Digital Marketing Consultant Col Skinner

Col quit agency life to be his own boss. As you'd expect, he's very deliberate about selling himself; he shares his experiences of SEO, content marketing, pay-per-click and even finding media opportunities to get yourself known.

Duration: 00:35:29