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Episode 10: H.E.A.L. Yourself

On today’s episode of the Being Well podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson beings his focus on the strength of Learning with a critical question: HOW can we grow the positive traits we want more of inside ourselves? To do this, he explains the HEAL process that allows us to learn from our experiences more effectively. 0:40: Why is learning an inner strength? 2:40: The superpower of superpowers 5:35: What does emotional learning FEEL like? 7:50: An example of learning that sticks 10:05: What’s happening...


Episode 9: Respond, Don't React

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson explains why it’s important to respond to challenges from the “green zone” of the brain rather than reacting instinctively from the “red zone.” He then explores the biology behind these two systems, the role of mindfulness in moving from one to the other, and how to combat the brain’s evolved negativity bias. 0:45: The difference between “responding” and “reacting” 3:05: Responding vs. reacting in practice 6:45: The biology behind...


Episode 8: How to Meet Your Needs

In this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson explains why it’s not so bad to be “needy.” We all have needs for safety, satisfaction, and connection, the question is how can we meet them skillfully? Timestamps: 0:30: Why needs? 1:15: The three needs 2:55: Superficial needs 5:00: The role of mindfulness 6:00: Objections to our needs 7:00: Getting comfortable with neediness 7:50: The evolution of needs 9:00: How to address deep, rather than superficial, needs 11:30: How we can learn...


Episode 7: Dealing with the Mind

On this episode, Dr. Rick Hanson explains the three ways we can skillfully 'deal with' our complicated minds. This includes practical ways to truly be with our experience, let go of negative thoughts and feelings, and plant new flowers in the garden of the mind. 0:30: What do we mean by ‘dealing with the mind?’ 3:00: The three ways to deal with the mind 4:50: Why the mind is like a garden 7:00: How mindfulness applies to dealing with the mind 9:30: Why intervention can be diagnostic 11:00:...


Episode 6: Mindfulness

Today Dr. Rick Hanson begins this month's topic of Mindfulness, particularly focusing on how we can use mindfulness in practical ways in the flow of our daily lives. 0:45: What do we mean by "mindfulness"? 2:05: Two ways to apply mindfulness 3:45: Mindfulness as a tool 5:15: What are you using mindfulness to DO? 6:15: How can we use mindfulness to grow strengths? 9:00: The banquet table of life 10:10: Benefits and pitfalls of mindfulness 10:55: Why does mindfulness cause us to develop...


Episode 5: Enjoying Life

On today’s episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Rick Hanson explains why enjoying life is both easy to dismiss and surprisingly hard to do. Particularly, he explores how we can authentically find enjoyable moments even during very difficult times in our lives. 0:35 – Why is enjoying life a strength to develop? 2:00 – Enjoyment and the brain 3:15 – The importance of key experiences. 4:30 – Our cultural pitfalls around enjoyment. 7:30 – How do we grow strengths? The problem with having a...


Episode 4: Acceptance

On this episode of the Being Well Podcast, Dr. Hanson and Forrest focus on the importance of acceptance. Particularly, they talk about how an authentic moment of acceptance can be a catalyst for positive growth. 0:30: The importance of facing what's true. 1:45: Feeling acceptance along with something else. 2:40: Using acceptance as a catalyst for creating change. 4:10: How can I turn "acceptance" into something useful? 5:25: What are we accepting?/Aspects of acceptance. 8:30: Can we accept...


Episode 3: Self-Compassion

Today Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore how to use self-compassion to reduce rumination, feel safe while taking big risks, and improve our relationships with other people. They also explain what makes self-compassion different from self-pity or being on your own side. Hope you enjoy! Timestamps: 0:15: What are the benefits of self-compassion? 1:30: How is self-compassion different from "being on your own side"? 1:55: What's the difference between self-compassion and self-pity? 2:30: How can...


Episode 2: Being On Your Own Side

In this episode, Dr. Hanson focuses on the importance of self-compassion - and particularly on why it's important to get "on your own side" in order to create lasting, positive change in the brain. Timestamps: 0:35: Why start with compassion? 2:10: Why it's important to be on your own side. 4:30: Why does being for yourself promote well-being? 5:45: The importance of coping. 7:30: How do we get better at being for ourselves? 11:15: How to be consistent AFTER inspiration passes. 17:05: Recap


Season 2, Episode 1: Introducing Resilience

In the first episode of his new series on Resilience, Dr. Hanson explains the importance of Resilience and HOW we can begin to grow this key strength. Timestamps: 0:30: Why resilience is important 2:05: The HOW of growing key strengths 5:00: Dealing with challenges/What's in your backpack? 6:30: Resources, challenges, and vulnerabilites 7:40: Changing the brain for the better 9:45: How is this different from just "positive thinking"? 11:10: The negativity bias 13:45: The hopefulness of...


The Foundation of Mindfulness

This week Dr. Hanson continues our focus on mindfulness with a presentation on the foundation of the four foundations of mindfulness. This includes an exploration of mindfulness in general, and the application of mindfulness to several key topics.


Mindfulness with Jack Kornfield

Today Dr. Hanson returns with a very special interview with Jack Kornfield. Jack discusses how you can develop the willingness, courage, and capacity to become more present and more self-aware, as well as how you can overcome physical and emotional pain to direct your attention to well-being.


Speaking From the Heart Practice

Today Dr. Hanson completes the current theme of effective communication with an experiential practice focused on Speaking from the Heart. It’s a nice way to bring together all of the material we’ve covered in this theme.


Speaking from the Heart

Today we have a very special episode on the importance of speaking from the heart. A lot of people struggle with expressing their deep desires to the meaningful people in their life – but it’s one of the most important aspects of effective communication.


Bonus: Rick and Forrest Hanson on Relationships

In this special bonus episode, Dr. Hanson is interviewed by his son Forrest on the nature of relationships, what some big "red flags" are, and how to create a frame of effective communication with the people you care about. It's a fun episode, hope you enjoy it!


Squabbles Are Impermanent

In today's special episode, Dr. Hanson looks at interactions in relationships through a slightly different lens - focusing on how understanding the impermanence of our grievances with others can lead to greater happiness in our relationships.



Today Dr. Hanson begins a new focus on effective communication with an episode on empathy. He gives a quick overview of how empathy functions in the brain before diving into why empathy is so important in our relationships with other people, and how we can be empathic while still maintaining our autonomy!


Feeling Cared About

Today Dr. Hanson walks you through an experiential practice designed to get you in touch with a deeper sense of feeling cared about by others. Just as it’s important to care for other people, it’s also important to feel cared for!


The Dance of Intimacy and Autonomy

Sometimes it’s great to have just one thing to focus on: a simple theme each week to reflect on and be inspired by. Today on this special "Just One Thing" episode, Dr. Hanson explains the relationship between intimacy and autonomy - and why a strong sense of self is so important to building fulfilling relationships with other people.


Intimacy With Linda Graham

Today we’re continuing our new theme focused on building inner strengths related to relationships and effective communication with a wonderful interview with psychotherapist Linda Graham. We focus on the topic of Intimacy, and particularly on how development as a child can impact our relationships later in life. Content from this episode was taken from Dr. Hanson's Foundations of Well-Being program. If you'd like to learn more about the Foundations program follow this link:...


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