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The Dub Talk ft. Alexey Kochetkov

Alexey Kochetkov and Valentina Bellanova came into the studio and graced us with a change of perspective and pace. He plays violin. She plays ney. They are both involved in several projects in Berlin which focus on intertwining the sounds and styles of Middle Eastern music with those of the Western world. Even though we invited them into the studio out of a desire to explore this intersection, we were still blown away by the enchanting aura they coaxed into the dingy walls of the K12 by...

Duration: 00:37:29

The Dub Talk ft. Scar Polish

Robin Fischer is a multi-instrumentalist and gear head of a unique order. His musical exploration has led him across countries, planes of existence, and spheres of sound which few of us mere mortals ever have the privilege of gracing. At this point in his journey, Robin has taken to the name Scar Polish, because he has gone through a bit of a metamorphosis since moving to Berlin. What was once a reticence towards electronic music has grown into a passionate curiosity fueled by his exposure...

Duration: 00:38:27

Live @ Supamolly

One of the most epic gigs we've ever played happened on 21.10 at Supamolly in Berlin. We were bouncing off the walls and screaming towards the heavens. Check out for more of the freshest stank.

Duration: 01:11:07

TheDubTalk ft. YANSN

This month, we invited YANSN to the studio. She started her journey into hip hop when she was a teenager, dressing to fit the culture and writing rhymes. Now, YANSN has traveled across the globe performing shows, spreading her message of tolerance and compassion, and being her fucking awesome self. In this episode of TheDubTalk, we dive into the story of how YANSN realized that her calling was being an MC and the steps to making that happen.

Duration: 00:36:58

The DubTalk ft. Sam Boulton

HOT DIGGIDY, WE’RE DROPPING A TWOFER. Two female comedians in a row to kick off the new season. Sam Boulton blundered into the K12 firing shit talk straight from the hip, literally. We didn’t get down to business until we’d gotten all of our rambunctious banter off of the table. Read more info at

Duration: 00:39:14

The DubTalk ft. Julieta Degese

Welcome to the second season! Julieta Degese is our featured guest to open the season. She’s a comedian from Argentina who has found herself at home in the Berlin English comedy scene. Yeah. Read that one again. Find more info and dopeness at

Duration: 00:37:28

Looping out at Loophole (Live Set)

Man. Loophole is small, and it sure does get sweaty in there when the music reaches the souls of all of the lovely people in the crowd. The zoo came through, and we did our thing for a bit of a pre-tour send off show. Have a taste.

Duration: 00:43:24