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BBQ 044: Barbecue Podcasters Unite in a Meating of the Minds

In a legendary meat-up at the 2018 I Am BBQ NBBQA conference, your favorite BBQ podcast hosts sit down in one room for a wild, free-flowing conversation about podcasting, competition barbecue, the National Barbecue and Grilling Association, fire cooking and more. The Meat Men behind the BBQ Central Show, Behind the Smoke, Smoking Hot Confessions, Blowfish BBQ and the Best BBQ Show, quickly bonded at the annual conference and academy, held this year in Fort Worth, Texas. It was amazing. "We...


BBQ 043: Meet Barbecue Legends at NBBQA's I AM BBQ 2018 Conference

The Meatmen Yoni and Stover will join BBQ legends and pitmasters from all over the country at the NBBQA I Am BBQ 2018 conference in Fort Worth, Texas. This week, your hosts recap their guest spot on the BBQ Central Show, a live food show/podcast that has been incredibly supportive of our BBQ show. Make sure to hear our full appearance on Greg Rempe’s BBQ Central Show on your podcast app or by visiting Hijinx ensue, as always. “Check the tapes Benjy.” Cue the...


BBQ 042: Tejas Craftory's rustic chocolate and urban BBQ is a match made in heaven

Chocolate and barbecue are a match made in heaven. That's what The Meat Men learned after visiting Tejas Chocolate + Barbecue in Tomball, Texas. During their Houston roadtrip, Yoni and Stover spent one morning munching on sweets and meats with Tejas Craftory mastermind Scott Moore, who shared the story behind his top-ranked BBQ, bean-to-bar chocolate and his well-regarded restaurant just out of Houston. It took a lot of willpower not to reach into the Tejas chocolate vats as they were...


BBQ 041: Creole flair meets Texas BBQ tradition at Victorian's Barbecue

The Meat Men descended on Houston with a singular goal: eat as much world-class BBQ as possible. So when we made our first stop at Victorian's Barbecue we knew we'd succeed in our mission. Joey Victorian opened up his food cart on his day off specifically for the Best BBQ Show. Listen as we discuss his amazing menu, where he follows BBQ tradition (and where he deviates), Yoni's mustache, cooking tips, tri-tip steak, habanero jelly and more fun food talk. He's a real Meat Man (you can tell...


BBQ 040: Houston Food Roadtrip and Corkscrew Barbecue

The Meatmen took a road trip to Houston, Texas, to check out the amazing food scene there. It was a blast trying some of the best barbecue in Texas or anywhere. In this episode your hosts Yoni and Stover stopped by the renowned Corkscrew BBQ in Spring, Texas, to chat with -- and try the food of -- Will and Nichole Buckman. The Buckmans went from making food in their home, to a food cart, and now in an fantastic brick and mortar restaurant. There's a reason they made #7 on the Texas...


BBQ 039: Champion Texas barbecue competition cooks

Learn about BBQ and cooking from some of the best of the best on this episode. The Meat Men Yoni and Stover roamed the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Cookoff on a hungry mission. In this episode, the Meatmen took a load off at the Traeger Grills tent to hang out with and interview Doug Scheiding (from Rogue Cookers, and a Texas correspondent on the BBQ Central Show) and Clarence Joseph (Mama and Papa Joe's BBQ) about competition BBQ cookoffs, cooking equipment and cooking tips for the...


BBQ 038: Huge Texas BBQ competition in San Antonio

We got our first look behind-the scenes of a competition BBQ event, where more than 300 pitmasters representing Texas BBQ and beyond set up shop in a huge lot to cook all weekend in a battle of skills and flavor. It was a fascinating look at a different side of the BBQ family than we usually see at Texas BBQ joints. Yoni and Stover roamed the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Cookoff on a meat mission. In this episode, the Meatmen sit down with Robert and Bryan from S&S Pit Crew (based in...


BBQ 037: Super Bowl food tips with Hall of Fame Meat Men

In preparation for Super Bowl 2018, Meatman Yoni and Meatman Stover talk football party cooking tips, recipes and check in with two champion Meat Men Scott D. (@saux04) and Rene G. (reneg8484). We love these Meatmen because, like us, they are always cooking. What are you cooking this Superbowl? Going grandiose with your football party like Beyonce or keeping it small? Let us know at When it's time for the Superb Owl you know a real #meatman will be cooking....


BBQ 036: Legendary 82-year-old Snow's Texas BBQ Pitmaster Tootsie

82-year-old Texas BBQ pitmaster Tootsie Tomanetz is the guest this week on the Best BBQ Show. Tootsie helps run the pits at one of the best BBQ places in the world, Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Texas. You've heard about Snow's Barbecue before on the show, but this is the first time the great Tootsie has sat down to chat with the Meat Men. In the interview Tootsie talks about being world famous while still working as a janitor for a local school district and more fun stories. When Kerry...


BBQ 035: Miller's Smokehouse has meat and sweets

It's sweets and meats on the Best BBQ Show. We finally made it to Miller's Smokehouse in Belton, Texas, to try the Miller family and company's amazingly smoked meats and tantalizingly decadent desserts. Your Meat Man hosts sat down with mastermind Dusty Miller, his mother and pie master Lisa Miller and Zach Oldham, who handles marketing efforts, to discuss all things Texas BBQ, coffee addiction and how well a big slice of pie goes with a plate of barbecue. Shoutout to all of the amazing...


BBQ 034: Texas BBQ with a Mexican flair at Louie's Barbecue

The Meat Men are back on the streets for another Texas BBQ adventure. This time we stopped by Louie's Barbecue in South Austin, a Mexican food-inspired BBQ joint. At Louie's you can get a pound of brisket, a taco, or both. Your hosts Yoni and Stover spoke with owner/pitmaster Louie Vasquez about his BBQ education, his unique menu offerings and the flair he brings to barbecue in his hometown of Austin, Texas. We also talk Star Wars meat, the Texas crutch, puffy tacos, home cooking recipes...


BBQ 033: Inaugural Meat Man Hall of Fame Awards

Give a round of applause to the five Meat Men worthy of a very special honor, entry into the new Meat Man Hall of Fame. In this special holiday fan appreciation episode, Yoni and Stover honor some of their favorite BBQ people in the world in a "live" ceremony. Come meet these Meat Men, who are devoted to the carnivore craft. Listen to the end for a special edition of the "Meat Man" song. 2017 was a great year for our food podcast and 2018 will only get better. It's because of our fans...


BBQ 032: Best of the Best BBQ Countdown (Part 4)

Welcome to the end the Best of 2017 Best BBQ countdown! For the last two weeks we've guided you through the Best of the Best BBQ Show. Meat Man Yoni and Meat Man Stover take you through the best moments in 2017 from our Austin-based food podcast. If you haven't heard the full Best of the Best BBQ, make sure to listen to parts 1 to 3! Last time we listened to clips about Horn BBQ in Oakland, California, a Miller's Smokehouse pop-up, Southside Market, Texas Ranch BBQ and the new school BBQ...


BBQ 031: Best of the Best BBQ Countdown (Part 3)

It's the Revenge of the Return of the Best of the Best BBQ Show c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-ountdown! We're halfway through the Best of the Best BBQ Show rundown, where Meat Man Yoni and Meat Man Stover take you through the best moments in 2017 from our Austin-based food podcast. Last time we listened to clips about Terry Black's Barbecue (a favorite lunch spot of the Meat Men), a fast food BBQ competition, including Arby's smoked brisket sandwich, the Tex-Mex BBQ of Valentina's, and the...


BBQ 030: Best of the Best BBQ Countdown (Part 2)

It's the Return of the Best of the Best BBQ Show c-c-c-c-c-ountdown! Meat Man Yoni and Meat Man Stover continue their rundown of the best moments from 2017 of the Best BBQ podcast. Last week we listened to clips from the early days of our barbecue podcast and more, including visits to Snow's BBQ and La Barbecue, as well as interviews with Moo's Craft BBQ, from Los Angeles, Australian documentary filmmakers behind a worldwide barbecue film on Netflix, and some silliness from the Texas...


BBQ 029: Best of the Best BBQ Countdown (Part 1)

It's that time of year! Best of the Best BBQ Show is here. Meat Men Yoni and Stover begin their c-c-c-c-countdown of the best moments from the first year of the Best BQQ podcast. In this episode you'll hear from some of your favorite pitmasters, hear untold stories from our meat adventures and some fun in-studio craziness. In the next two weeks we will be running through our favorite episodes and telling you all the juicy details. Here's the first five moments as you'll hear on the...


BBQ 028: Straight from the BBQ Underground to the Meat Man Studio

We have a special in-studio guest this week: Burt from Los Angeles' much-loved Trudy's Underground Barbecue. Burt visited Central Texas with his BBQ posse in tow for a blitz of smoked meat and fun in Austin. Yoni, Stover, Burt and friends went to Truth BBQ in Brenham, Texas, to share a huge platter of brisket, beef rib, pork ribs, BBQ sides and Truth's amazing cake. After our meal we headed to the studio to talk about barbecue tourism, the best BBQ (and food), making Texas-style BBQ in...


BBQ 027: The Lockhart Meat Gauntlet in the BBQ Capital of Texas

The Meat Men Yoni and Stover tested their meaty might by undertaking a Smoked Meat Gauntlet in the BBQ capital of Texas, Lockhart. Your intrepid hosts visited three of the country's best, and legendary, Texas BBQ joints: Black's Barbecue, Kreutz Market and Smitty's Market. Together, these places have more than a hundred years of history serving smoked meats and other delicious food to those in Central Texas and all over the world. Listen as we discuss the best meats to taste in Lockhart,...


BBQ 026: A Meat Man party outside Franklin BBQ

It's a one-of-a-kind celebration as your Meat Men hosts Yoni and Stover record a special episode in the early morning from outside the world-famous Franklin Barbecue. We got to the Austin, Texas, BBQ joint at 3:30 a.m. so we could beat the rush for the anticipated return of one of the best barbecue places in the world. In this episode you'll hear special appearances from fellow Meat Men in line, Ray from Los Angeles' Ray's BBQ, and Dan from Char-Broil, who calls in to talk grilling at...


BBQ 025: The famous Franklin BBQ celebrates its return

We are the champions! Of the line at the reopening celebration for the famous Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas. Yoni and Stover, the hosts of the Best BBQ podcast, got their BBQ butts up at 3 a.m. to wait by the door for the much-anticipated reopening of Franklin BBQ which sadly saw its smokeroom destroyed this summer by a fire. Aaron Franklin's great BBQ place is open now and the Meat Men wanted to be there to share some love from the BBQ family. In this episode, Yoni and Stover listen...


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