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Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,

Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,
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Best Friend Banter is biweekly podcast hosted by two best friends who talk about everything, from periods to politics. Our podcast is a complement to our popular lifestyle website,




#69 Babysitters

The doorbell rings. It’s your babysitter. It’s the teenager from down the street. It’s the retiree who just loves little ones. Or maybe it’s dear old granny. You’re headed out for date night and you’re relying on this person to keep your kids safe and happy enough to let you slip away for a few hours. Treat this person right, set the right tone and the right boundaries, and your babysitter might literally save your sanity. But what about the babysitter that’s eating you out of house and...


#68 Let the Boys Be Children

Boy Moms- This one's for you. With all the much needed focus on girls, is it possible that society might be missing some of the needs of our boys? In this current climate, they are being constantly told to sit, to be quiet...they are being held to standards they just cannot achieve. They're being set up to fail. What do we mean? Listen to this episode to find out. Articles: The Boys are Not All Right Music: Fireworks photo credit: Shawn Harquail Losing their marbles. Waru,...


#67 Our Biggest Project Ever: A Book!!

We have some really exciting news to share! During the last three years, we’ve been working on a huge project: a book of Modern Manners for Moms and Dads. Last fall, a New York City literary agent picked up our project, and just recently, she sent our finished proposal out to publishers! In this week's episode of Best Friend Banter, we’re so excited to share some of the book’s secrets and a little bit about our book journey with you. Be sure to subscribe to our Modern Manners for Moms...


Enough Now

There have been enough school massacres. Thoughts and prayers are NOT enough. Parents have to take action. Teenagers have take action. Today, we talk about how we feel as moms after yet another horrible tragedy. Music: Drop of Water in the Ocean


#65 Mindfulness with Dr. Steve Silvestro

Mindfulness. It’s a term we hear thrown around a lot right now. The benefits of mindfulness. Techniques and practices for being mindful. Even apps to teach us mindfulness. But what is it, exactly? Why is it so important? And is mindfulness something that’s even attainable in our super busy, overplanned lives? Today, we have Dr. Steve Silvestro joining us to clue us all in. Steve is a board-certified pediatrician and father of two. He’s also the host of The Child Repair Guide podcast, an...


#64 Hosting Other People's Kids

When you’ve got babies, you plan precious little playdates that involve practicing tummy time while the mommies sip on tea. And you think play dates will always be like this: wonderful for you, wonderful for your child. But when your kids get older, playdates take on a whole new meaning. Some stranger drops their kid off at your house, and that new kid's got to live by your rules for the next few hours. Or do they? Today we’re talking about hosting other people’s kids and how we negotiate...


Family Dinner Drama

Family dinner is your favorite time of the day, right? It's when you, your children and your spouse gather around the table and joyfully share your favorite moments from the day...right?! Not in my house! Not yet anyway. It's a dream of mine, for sure. So for now, day after day, we struggle through family dinners, with the hope that some day, our kids will be wonderful guests at someone's home, and be able to manage a family dinner sans drama. This week on Best Friend Banter, we're...


#62 Golden Globes | Black Dresses | Red Hot Disagreements

Before #MeToo creator Tarana Burke walked the red carpet at the Golden Globes this weekend, she posted an official statement on Facebook from the activists that were attending the award show. She said, “we believe we are nearing a tipping point in transforming the culture of violence in the countries where we live and work.” We heard Oprah acknowledge that, “For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men. But their time is up....


#61: Gift Giving Rules your Kids Don't Follow

Happy New Year, and welcome back to another season of Best Friend Banter! If you closed out 2017 celebrating a gift-giving holiday and you have kids in your house, you probably felt like crawling into a hole at some point in the marathon gift-giving that is December. We think we’ve prepared our kids for how to politely receive a present, but then inevitably they say something that makes you want to hide under the blankets all day. Think you’re alone? You’re not! So today, with the...


#60 Holiday Burnout

Everybody loves the holidays, right? The time with friends and family, the scrumptious goodies you can only get this time of year, the gifting, the holiday cards, the decorations...all that holly jolly. But has anybody else noticed who makes the magic during the holiday season? All year long, moms perform the vast majority of the emotional labor for their families, but hell does it ramp up during December! On this week’s episode of Best Friend Banter, we’re unpacking all the work that...


#59 The Who, When & How of Holiday Cards

It’s that time of year when holiday cards start to fill our mailboxes and we get a chance to peek into the lives of our friends and family across the country. But have you ever wondered, How did we get ourselves wrapped into this tradition? And why are we still fussing about holiday cards when we all connect on social media anyway? In this week's episode of Best Friend Banter, we’re talking about the history of Christmas cards, new trends for sending and receiving them, plus holiday card...


#58 Breaking Up with Friends is Hard to Do

{Just in time for the holidays, access our FREE Best Friends Gift Guide!} We’ve all had that friendship that fizzled out. And most of us have experienced one that exploded. After a bad friendship breakup, we walk around with the scars of those failed relationships for years, not unlike a romantic breakup. That’s why we’re talking about breaking up with a friend: what makes our relationships with friends so tenuous, our personal friendship deal-breakers,...


#57 Parenting is Embarrassing!

Parenting can be totally embarrassing. Our kids are constantly putting us in awkward, “what the hell do I do now?” situations. Your toddler knocks over the towering cookie display in the grocery story. Your baby poops through both her spare outfits on the plane. Your kid pees on the floor in the middle of your Target run. We’ve all been there. That’s why, we're dedicating this episode to your most embarrassing public parenting moments. We asked listeners to send in their stories, and we...


#56 "Please Stop Smelling Me!"

If you’ve been tuning in to Best Friend Banter, receiving our weekly newsletter, or following us on social media, then you probably know we just had a friendship milestone: our first ever girls trip! And this was not just any girls trip; it was also the first time we’ve seen each other in person in over three years. We had an incredible, minus a few out of our control circumstances...but we also had some surprises along the way that we just have to talk about. On this week's episode,...


#55: What Would Your Father Say?

In this week's episode of Best Friend Banter, we're welcoming stay-at-home dad Alan back to the podcast! This time, we're asking Alan to weigh in on playground drama (the subject of episode #54) and the plight of fathers when it comes to the lack of diaper changing tables in public restrooms. What's a dad to do?? Get ready for a good laugh and be sure to share this episode with a dad who's shared Alan's struggle! Music: Simple Hop Spinning Departures Barricade


#54 Playground Politics

Does bringing your kid to the playground ever feel a little Lord of the Flies? There's so much to navigate! Never mind the slides and the monkey bars. There are big kids trampling little kids; little kids spoiling the big kids' fun. Boys chasing girls; girls confusing boys about whether they enjoy the chase. And in all that, us parents have to figure out when to step in and when to butt out. On this week's episode of Best Friend Banter, we're covering playground politics in all its...


Episode #53: Hair!

Thanks so much for all your comments on our super popular podcast on "Kids Birthday Party Etiquette!" We're starting off this week's podcast with a reader comment that was SO intuitive! You've just got to hear it. Then, we're off to talking about hairstyles. What does having long hair say about you? What about short hair? What does your hair style say about all the other aspects of your life? This is like having a 30 minute convo with your bestie about your hair. Don't we all do that??


#52 Should Kids Have Best Friends?

You've heard it on the news: Prince George won't be allowed to have a best friend at his new school. Is this crazy or a new ideal? This week, we're talking through the science on friendship, the benefits and drawbacks to having a childhood bestie, and our own experiences with "best friends" as children and adults. Join in on the conversation by leaving us a comment on, by emailing us at, or by recording a Voice Memo on your phone and forwarding it to...


#51: Kids Birthday Party Etiquette: It's My Party I Can Cry if I Want To?

Got an invite to a kids birthday party? Having a party of your own? There are SO many etiquette questions to consider! Not sure if you can go to supervise your kid (when you weren't explicitly invited)? Can you bring siblings? How much should you spend on a gift? Do you even HAVE to bring a gift? And what do you do when your child gets the same gift from three different people? Tune in for all the answers to these major birthday party etiquette dilemmas!


#50 What Are Your Luxuries?

This week, we're talking about the role of luxury in our lives as Evie realizes she's been sleeping in a t-shirt that's 15 years old because she doesn't usually "splurge" on pajamas. Ha! Where do you scrimp and save, and where do you treat yourself, just because you deserve it? How has your view on "luxury" changed over time, from Birkin bags to pimped out strollers? And how can our friends' perspectives on luxury help us to expand our horizons?? Tune in! Email:


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