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How to get from moss to martini in five years

Looking down a microscope 24/7, you could get thirsty. Our guest today did, leading him to experiment more on martinis, than moss, stepping away from a life of botany into one filled with B52s, Bacardi and bitters. Today, we sit down with Gregory J Buda, Director of Education & Training Manager of the Dead Rabbit, at Dickie’s Bar in London where he has been acting as Bar Consultant since their launch last year. Download the audio file Where you can hear me drinking next: Next week, we...

Duration: 00:27:12

How to ride your horse and carriage straight to the Carversville Inn

Every episode of Lush Life Podcast is dear to me and I love meeting so many new people. It’s very rare for me to interview someone whom I have known for at least 15 years. Every Friday night, almost without fail, my family heads to the local inn for dinner. It’s a tradition when I come back home to visit. Although they have a series of dining rooms, we always sit in the bar. There is one reason for that - my guest today Lydiann Spencer-Jones. Don’t be fooled by her English-sounding name -...

Duration: 00:17:17

How to go from Archeologist to Brand Ambassador in one easy sip

His parents both did it and they never wanted our next guest to go anywhere near it. Like kids usually do, he didn't listen. Somehow Mikey Pendergast found himself on a fast track to becoming an archaeologist. That was until he stepped behind a bar. Now they can breathe more easily as he is now plotting a course of his own that doesn’t include shovels or picks. As Brand Ambassador of the East London Liquor Company, the only digging Mikey does is into the annals of spirit-ual history in...

Duration: 00:25:24

How to make a 600 year old recipe post-modern

Download the audio file Alexandre Le Grand could teach us all a lesson or two on brand awareness. Lesson 1 - find a 300 year old recipe. Lesson 2 - remake it for today’s palate, Lesson 3 - Market the hell out of it. His first trick was copyrighting every aspect of Bénédictine - the recipe, the bottle, the label. He even created a Palais to go with his liqueur, producing it within a museum open to everyone to visit if they happened to be in Fécamp, France. A marketing genius and it all...

Duration: 00:20:30

How to make your way through all these gins

He was always been one step ahead of the gin craze. Olivier Ward, our guest today, worked for the powerhouse Hendricks in its early days, wrote one of the first gin blogs, and ultimately founded the Home of Gin, aka the Gin Foundry. Gin Foundry has grown as fast as the gin industry! Just when you think everything that involves gin has been done, they come up with something exciting: the invention of the Ginvent, the Advent Calendar with a different gin for every day before Christmas, the...

Duration: 00:31:29

Introducing the Lush Life Podcast

Where can you learn to live life one cocktail at a time? Here on the Lush Life Podcast discover why an old-fashioned is the drink of choice, who is making their own bitters and how ice, or lack there of, is transforming the cocktails you drink. Hosted by your favorite drinking companion, Susan L. Schwartz, the Lush Life Podcast introduces you to the movers and shakers of the cocktail world.

Duration: 00:00:56

How to make a daiquiri Hemingway would drink

First study English Literature, then move to London and then visit Cuba - at least that’s what our guest today did before making me the Daiquiri of my dreams. Dave Miller, General Manager of Ray’s Bar in London, reveals how one phone call changed the course of his life. From a tiny town in Scotland, Dave went from making Sex on the Beach to our cocktail of the week in one of London’s hippest bars. As an English Literature major, he had visions of writing that novel or working in...

Duration: 00:26:25

How to get from Romania to Norway in one short lifetime

Some guests are super chatty and some take a little work to get going. Our guest today, Adrian Pudleschak, was definitely in the second camp, not that he didn’t have loads to say. I think he just wanted to see if I could get it all out of him. I did and it was as thrilling as I knew it would be. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but Adrian has worked on farms in England, Rome as an electrician, and bars in Edinburgh. Now he is off to the tiny island of Vaeroy in Norway to make alcohol from...

Duration: 00:18:01

How to make beer without hops

It sounds insane to us modern folk, but beer without hops was a favorite of some of the 280 breweries in Ghent during the Middle Ages. At least that’s what Annick De Splenter, our guest today, discovered while doing her degree in beer-making at university. (Yes! You can study beer-making at university in Belgium!) After her father sold the family brewery, Annick was on a mission to figure out how beer was actually made without hops and that it wasn’t all a medieval urban myth. Needless to...

Duration: 00:16:03

How to make herbs work in a cocktail

The political revolution in Romania may have gone down in 1989, but our guest today is quietly starting one of his own. Heading down to his bar, Fix Me A Drink, don’t expect a menu of 300 drinks. Each one of Alex Ciomârtan’s cocktails is a masterwork of ingenuity. Drawing not only on his studies in Western Herbal Medicine, Alex brings nostalgia, history and passion to each and every drink. After years of living in London studying, as well as drinking in the city’s greatest bars, Alex felt...

Duration: 00:30:47

How to make a gin change color right in front of you

Just a few days in Four Seasons Fairways and you feel like you have been coming for years. Our guests today all have that special quality in a bartender - making you feel welcome even before you order your first cocktail. Rui Pereira, Victoria Murphy, and Nuno Fonseca found their way to Quinta do Lago and, thankfully for us, are set to stay! Rui’s face changed when talking about gin, Vicky couldn’t wait to make me her Caipirão and Nuno beamed when describing how he loved it so much here...

Duration: 00:21:16

How to celebrate Independence Day just right!

It’s tough to imagine our next guest going to work in tails and pinstripe trousers at Fortnum & Mason in their Wine and Spirits department, and on his gap year no less. Now, in his new role as Global Brand Ambassador for Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Tom Vernon can be a bit more casually dressed. Of course, when he’s rustling up a few Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby every year, his glad rags emerge! Tom is no stranger to Woodford Reserve, he’s been their UK Brand Ambassador for five years....

Duration: 00:17:50

How to make your grandmother's liqueur into a modern-day cocktail!

Jereon’s grandmother came up with a plan - keep making elderflower liqueur and no one in her family could stay away. Needless to say it worked, worked so well that her grandson took up the helm and made all of Belgium want it as well. Little by little, RoomeR has grown from a small cottage industry, selling 200 bottles a month, to now producing over 100,000 bottles a year. Not only does it tastes delicious, but it couldn’t be prettier. Pure white elderflower petals dance around in the...

Duration: 00:16:22

How to bring a '70s cocktail back to the future!

It worked for our guest today, but I don’t recommend it unless of course you are as talented as he. Missing deadlines, ignoring briefs, but using his quick wits and competitive spirit, Michael Mann has rightfully garnered the title UK Brand Ambassador of Bols Genever and Galliano. We are also joined by Jess Mili, who didn’t miss deadlines, read her brief, and went on to beat 2,000 entrants from 75 countries, grabbing the title of Bols Around the World Champion. It was great to catch her...

Duration: 00:25:25

Learn how to make the best summer cocktail of the season!

Have you been on holiday and want to bring a bit of that sunshine home with you? On my last trip to Menorca, I met our guest today, Maria Teixidor, at the distillery of Gin Xoriguer in the capital city of Mahon. We discussed the history of gin on the island and how the Pomada became their go-to summer cocktail. The Spanish drink more gin than anyone in the world. Yes, more than the British. They may have brought it with them in the 1700s, but the Menorcans have claimed it as their own....

Duration: 00:15:15

How to make winning a bartending competition look easy!

Superlatives are needed when describing our next guest, Aidan Bowie, and his place of employment, Dandelyan, in London. World Class Diageo UK Bartender of 2016, Class Magazine’s Best Bar in the UK, Best Hotel Bar and Best Drinks Menu for their Modern Botany theme as well as one for Aidan as the Bartender of the Year, and the list goes on and on. Thank goodness for us, he got behind the bar after completing his studies in civil engineering. A Scot by birth, he won the first competition he...

Duration: 00:19:52

Simo, Milroys of Soho, London

Before anyone else even knew about drinking single-malt whisky, except the Scottish of course, Jack and Wallace Milroy were in their van traipsing across the wilds of Islay to bring it back down to London. Originally opened in 1964, Milroy’s of Soho grew into a mecca for those looking to sip the angel’s share. After a turbulent few years, it is now back from the ashes. Along with his companion, Chester, a Jack Russell, who really runs the show, Simo brought Milroy’s back to the glory of...

Duration: 00:28:10

John Ennis & Matt Farrell, Graffiti Spirits Group, Liverpool & London

Garnering the title of Mezcal-eria (tequila’s smoky sister) is no easy feat, but they did it. El Bandito was one of the first UK bars to be awarded this status by Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal. Hidden below the Drunken Monkey restaurant on Broadgate, steps away from Shoreditch High Street station, John & Matt are converting the neighborhood to 100% Agave and Mezcal. Their menu consists of flights of three tequilas and three mezcals for those just dipping their toe in the smoky water or...

Duration: 00:30:16

Jonathan Zammit-Tabona, Global Brand Ambassador, Langley’s Gin

As Brand Ambassador for Langley’s Gin, he can finally embrace his heritage; the brand strives to be quintessentially English and for the discerning & sophisticated. Made from a single distillation in a 1960-English-produced copper pot in Langley Green, UK, it couldn’t be more English. Thanks to the hard work and effort of Jonathan and the whole team, they’re already in twenty markets and selling Englishness all around the world. Where you can hear me drinking next: John, Paul, George,...

Duration: 00:23:02

Chris Hoban, R&B Distillers, Edinburgh

As Brand Ambassador for R&B Distillers, Chris Hoban has the enviable job of talking about whiskey night and day. His early years working at the Scotch Whiskey Experience, the famous whiskey tourist attraction in Edinburgh, paved the way. R&B are in the process of creating their first distillery on the island of Raasay just across from Skye, with another one to follow in the Borders. The owner’s great-grandfather had been a master blender in the early 19th Century. Finding his old recipe...

Duration: 00:21:23

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