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How to move from insurance to rum in five easy steps

It doesn’t always follow that spending summers in the Caribbean means you’re going to leave your job to launch a new rum.Though It did for our guest George Frost, whose passion for Anguilla is in every sip of his rum, The Duppy Share. He’s with us today to share how as the youngest brother of three his first love was hospitality... Our cocktail of the week is the The Duppy Share’s Ginger Daiquiri: 35ml The Duppy Share 25ml Kings Ginger 15ml Lemon juice10ml Sugar syrup (1:1) Shake with ice...


How to settle in for a season

Younes Bahir, the head bartender at the luxurious Hotel Pashmina in Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort in the Trois Vallée, France, may only be here for a season but his cocktail creations will live on. His cocktail of the week is the lemony Le Petit Marsaillais. The recipe is as follows: 40ml Tanqueray No 10 40ml Lemon Juice 40ml Verbena syrup Infuse Verbena Leaves with boiling water and then add equal measure of sugar to make the syrup. Put all the ingredients in a shaker and...


How to refuse an offer you couldn’t refuse

Stroo Olofsson, and his wife Julia, created Blade Hair to be a different salon experience and they got that right. Where else can you get an Old-Fashioned while having a cut and color? Our Cocktail of the Week is The Name Of The Rose. 50ml of Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon25ml Luxardo Maraschinothree dashes of Abbott's Bitters (Angostura will do in a pinch)an oversized ice cube made from fresh brewed rose bud teaa dried rose bud garnish Pour ingredients directly into an Old Fashioned...


How to make a cocktail emerge from a story

Everything on Hammant Patel Villa’s menu has a tale, whether it emerges from his multicultural upbringing in the heart of this very neighborhood or Chinese history or his years working in business. These stories make each and every cocktail as rich in flavor as it is in individuality. From every sip emerges a multitude of images - how romantic is that! Our Cocktail of the Week is the Courtesa: Blossoms Sour Cherry Syrup,Briottet Creme de Cerise,Vintage Velvet VodkaProsecco Argeo Ruggeri...


How to Make the Thinking Person’s Mezcal

Two weeks of January being dry and cold were enough for me, so now we are heading south to Mexico via London for some very au currant Mezcal with our guest today, would-be philosopher turned distiller Ben Schroder. Our Cocktail of the Week is the Mezcal Left Hand: 50ml Pensador Mezcal25ml Vermouth25ml Campari2 dashes chocolate bitters Combine all of the following in a mixing glass with ice. Stir it all to chill, then strain into chilled martini glass. You’ll find this recipe and all the...


How to make the best alcohol-free cocktail

Why would you want to substitute your Old-Fashioned for some fruity concoction in the middle of January, That was before our guest today, Ben Branson, followed a random google search to a book written in the 17th century called The Art of Distillation. The next day, Seedlip was born, but I’ll let him tell you the story. Our Cocktail of the Week is Ben’s Espresso MartiNO: 50 ml Seedlip Spice 9450 ml Sandows Cold Brew Concentrate15ml Sugar Syrup3 Coffee Beans Put everything except the...


How to make a fail-safe five year plan

I met today’s guest two years ago at a Mocktail Tasting Competition he was judging. I think at that time I was the only person in London who hadn’t heard of the famed Thomas Soden. From that day forward, Tom’s become what I call my spiritual guru, always available to advise me and answer my questions every step of the way. He’s had almost every job in the industry but it’s his enthusiasm for what he does and his giving spirit that have made him one of the best Bar Consultants in the world...


How to win the UK's Best Gin at the People's Drink Awards

Brighton Gin may have started off as a small producer, but after winning UK's Best Gin at the People's Drink awards they will soon be taking the world by storm. Today we head down south to Brighton. A city that needed its own gin and our guest today, Kathy Caton, was just the woman for the job. The Mulled Gin as our cocktail of the week. Add all the ingredients into a saucepan on the hob. Heat it up but don’t let the mixture boil. Pour the hot mixture into a glass (not a thin one or it...


How to be traditionally unconventional

G’Vine Gin calls itself traditionally unconventional and that could also describe our guest today, Jamie Campbell, Brand Ambassador for G’Vine Gin. It wasn’t just his half French/ half English upbringing that made Jamie Campbell almost predestined to work with G’Vine, one of few gins made from grapes The Martinez is our Cocktail of the Week. Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir down over cubed ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange twist. Remember you...


How to Make the Perfect Italian Negroni

Today our guest Danilo Tersigni will teach us what goes into a true Italian Negroni. He holds two positions: the Opening General Manager of Mr Fogg's in London as well as The Founder and Director of VII Hills gin with Filippo Previero, who I interviewed here last season. Of course our Cocktail of the Week has to be a Negroni, this time with all Italian ingredients. Danilo calls it the Negroni Bianco. Pour all of the following ingredients into one glass: Fill with ice and stir 10 to 15...


How to stay in one job for 30 years and be happy

He has seen Londoners transform from beer guzzlers to wine sippers. Even the wines we choose have changed from Old World to New. From the Stafford’s 320-year-old wine cellar, Gino is with us today to mull over his past 30 years and what the future of wine holds. Where you can hear me drinking next: Next time on A Lush Life Podcast, we have another Italian who also couldn’t wait to trave, Danilo Tersigni, General Manager at Mr Fogg’s and founder of VII HIlls Gin. It might have taken him...


How one man avoided a lifetime of house flipping

Our guest today had a moment of doubt. After watching too many episodes of Location, Location, Location, he thought he would switch from making Rum Flips to doing Room Flips. Thank goodness for us, it only took a matter of months before Sam Carter saw the errors of his ways and settled back behind the bar. We would never have had the Laverstoke or all the other fantastic cocktails he has mixed as Senior Ambassador of Bombay Sapphire at Laverstoke Mill, the brand’s award-winning distillery....


How to get from moss to martini in five years

Looking down a microscope 24/7, you could get thirsty. Our guest today did, leading him to experiment more on martinis, than moss, stepping away from a life of botany into one filled with B52s, Bacardi and bitters. Today, we sit down with Gregory J Buda, Director of Education & Training Manager of the Dead Rabbit, at Dickie’s Bar in London where he has been acting as Bar Consultant since their launch last year. Download the audio file Where you can hear me drinking next: Next week, we...


How to ride your horse and carriage straight to the Carversville Inn

Every episode of Lush Life Podcast is dear to me and I love meeting so many new people. It’s very rare for me to interview someone whom I have known for at least 15 years. Every Friday night, almost without fail, my family heads to the local inn for dinner. It’s a tradition when I come back home to visit. Although they have a series of dining rooms, we always sit in the bar. There is one reason for that - my guest today Lydiann Spencer-Jones. Don’t be fooled by her English-sounding name -...


How to go from Archeologist to Brand Ambassador in one easy sip

His parents both did it and they never wanted our next guest to go anywhere near it. Like kids usually do, he didn't listen. Somehow Mikey Pendergast found himself on a fast track to becoming an archaeologist. That was until he stepped behind a bar. Now they can breathe more easily as he is now plotting a course of his own that doesn’t include shovels or picks. As Brand Ambassador of the East London Liquor Company, the only digging Mikey does is into the annals of spirit-ual history in...


How to make a 600 year old recipe post-modern

Download the audio file Alexandre Le Grand could teach us all a lesson or two on brand awareness. Lesson 1 - find a 300 year old recipe. Lesson 2 - remake it for today’s palate, Lesson 3 - Market the hell out of it. His first trick was copyrighting every aspect of Bénédictine - the recipe, the bottle, the label. He even created a Palais to go with his liqueur, producing it within a museum open to everyone to visit if they happened to be in Fécamp, France. A marketing genius and it all...


How to make your way through all these gins

He was always been one step ahead of the gin craze. Olivier Ward, our guest today, worked for the powerhouse Hendricks in its early days, wrote one of the first gin blogs, and ultimately founded the Home of Gin, aka the Gin Foundry. Gin Foundry has grown as fast as the gin industry! Just when you think everything that involves gin has been done, they come up with something exciting: the invention of the Ginvent, the Advent Calendar with a different gin for every day before Christmas, the...


Introducing the Lush Life Podcast

Where can you learn to live life one cocktail at a time? Here on the Lush Life Podcast discover why an old-fashioned is the drink of choice, who is making their own bitters and how ice, or lack there of, is transforming the cocktails you drink. Hosted by your favorite drinking companion, Susan L. Schwartz, the Lush Life Podcast introduces you to the movers and shakers of the cocktail world.


How to make a daiquiri Hemingway would drink

First study English Literature, then move to London and then visit Cuba - at least that’s what our guest today did before making me the Daiquiri of my dreams. Dave Miller, General Manager of Ray’s Bar in London, reveals how one phone call changed the course of his life. From a tiny town in Scotland, Dave went from making Sex on the Beach to our cocktail of the week in one of London’s hippest bars. As an English Literature major, he had visions of writing that novel or working in...


How to get from Romania to Norway in one short lifetime

Some guests are super chatty and some take a little work to get going. Our guest today, Adrian Pudleschak, was definitely in the second camp, not that he didn’t have loads to say. I think he just wanted to see if I could get it all out of him. I did and it was as thrilling as I knew it would be. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but Adrian has worked on farms in England, Rome as an electrician, and bars in Edinburgh. Now he is off to the tiny island of Vaeroy in Norway to make alcohol from...


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