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Welcome to Bestiary--that's Beast-ee-air-y--the bi-weekly podcast about humans interacting with other animals today, throughout history, and as far back as no one can remember.








Shout - Out To LUCY

A brief shout-out to UrbanArias' upcoming production of Kelley Rourke and John Glover's one-act opera, Lucy, named for one of the more famous subjects of the ape-language studies. Dr. Bill Lemmon loaned Lucy out to Maurice and Jane Temerlin as part of Maurice's therapy. The story only gets weirder from there. The shows will be at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Washington, DC, April 1, 2, 7, and 8, 2017. Tickets available at

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Subject #037

In 1973, a chimpanzee was born and tattooed with the research number 037. Columbia University psycholinguist Herbert Terrace immediately adopted that chimp and placed him in the home of his former student, Stephanie LaFarge, who would be the chimp's first teacher of American Sign Language. In this new study, Terrace intended to push beyond what Allen and Beatrice Gardner had accomplished with Project Washoe, whose work played a significant role in this new project's inspiration. But this...

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1.02 - In A Name

In 1965, a chimpanzee was taken from the jungles of Africa and placed in NASA's space program, where her handlers dubbed her "Kathy." She went through just one year of "chimponaut" training before Allen and Beatrix Gardner, scientists at the University of Nevada, adopted her for an experiment in which they would teach her American Sign Language and raise her as a deaf human child. The Gardners, concerned first and foremost with scientific objectivity, stripped Kathy of a name that they...

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Mama, Papa, Cup

In episode one of our Bestiary of the Ape-Language Studies, we tell the story of Viki, the first non-human ape whose intelligence, including her capacity for language, was studied in a structured, scientific way and compared to those of humans. Cathy and Keith Hayes attempted to raise her as they would a human child--if said child were also a research subject trained to speak and solve problems through operant conditioning and had her progress constantly monitored and compared to that of...

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The Flesh and the Sprout

Welcome to Bestiary, the podcast about humans and other animals. I'm your host, Eric Botts, and since you've probably never heard of me, we've decided that I should use this episode to introduce myself and show you where I'm coming from with this podcast. So our first two episodes are about my ongoing decision, the one that I make on multiple occasions every day, of whether to eat animals. I promise, future episodes will not feature me preaching vegetarian morals. Rather, I hope to come...

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