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Diversity & Inclusion with Alignment Strategies

Discover the benefits of diversity, inclusion, and engagement to your organization and employees with clinical psychologist Dr. Vanessa Weaver. Dr. Weaver is the CEO and Founder of @AllignmentStrategies and @ditvmedia, one of the country’s first independent organizations to focus on diversity as a business driver.

Duration: 00:15:36

Sound As A Business Part 2

Sound. It’s one of the 5 senses we don’t always pay close attention to in the business, but we should! Dallas Taylor, the host of the popular @20korg podcast, is back on the Better Business>Better Series podcast to explain how businesses can carefully design a quality sound experience to attract customers and set themselves apart … Continue reading Sound As A Business Part 2 →

Duration: 00:17:32

Sound as a Business

More and more business professionals are turning to podcasts for an excellent source of inspiration and education. Podcasts offer insightful tips, advice, wisdom, and invoke the listener to think outside the box while hearing from experts on a variety of topics. On this episode, we explore how podcasts and other digital extensions can help almost … Continue reading Sound as a Business →

Duration: 00:18:18

Better Business Better Series: The Best Of

What makes businesses great and how does one succeed in business? These are questions we have been exploring with business leaders, industry trend setters, and marketplace subject matter experts on the Better Business Better Series podcast. Listen in to a compilation of advice and thought provoking conversations on building a business that matters and leading to inspire.

Duration: 00:15:49

Meet The Hosts

Every week you join us for a new episode! This week we decided to give you, our listener a special treat, to meet the hosts of our podcast channels. Join us for a fun episode as Will Johnson (Better Business > Better Series) host and Elaine Espinola (The Bistro) host tell us a little bit about themselves.

Duration: 00:20:48


Did you know the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? Nina Bradley Clarke is the Managing Director for Beautycounter, a leader in the personal care industry devoted to making safer and healthier products. Nina joins us to discuss Beautycounter’s mission to get safer beauty products in the hands of consumers.

Duration: 00:16:13

A Woman’s Playbook

Joanna Krotz, author of Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being the Same: Why Behaving Like A Girl Can Change Your Life and Grow Your Business, discusses what the main differences between men and women are, and how business leaders can fuse these differences together to obtain phenomenal business growth.

Duration: 00:16:33

The Millennial Solution

It is said that in the next 10 years we can expect millennials to be more than 50% of the workforce. Yet it seems that businesses and employers alike continue to struggle to understand and relate to this growing generation. Learn what goes on in the mind of this massive, ready to take over generation from the Founder and President of The Millennial Solution, Gabrielle Bosche. She discusses and clears up some of the misconceptions and stigmas that have been placed on millennials.

Duration: 00:21:54

Life Skills that Grow Your Career

SVP of Veteran Staffing Network, David Muir stops by to help us understand the nuances between military service and civilian workforce, and the great alignment between the skills developed as a service member and the skills needed to successfully perform work in the private sector.

Duration: 00:15:40

Retailers RISE UP

Retail continues to impact the future of business and the lives of consumers across the globe. The National Retail Federation (NRF) understands the importance of the retail industry, signified through the launch of Rise Up, a new program offering training and credentials that help entry-level job seekers develop meaningful careers in retail. Ellen Davis, Senior Vice President of Research and Strategic Initiatives of NRF and Executive Director with the NRF Foundation, joins us to discuss...

Duration: 00:15:39

Great Leaders SOAR

To See, Own, Articulate, and Release your mission, is the premise behind SOAR Community Networks. Mali Phonpadith, founder and CEO of SOAR Community Networks, joins us to talk about the difference between good leaders and great leaders.

Duration: 00:16:02

Design Thinking

Is your business currently thinking of ways to solve complex problems for your clients or customers? If so, then you don’t want to miss Capital One’s, Vice President of New Product Development, Yumi Clark discuss the importance of design thinking.

Duration: 00:13:54

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

Owning a small business isn’t easy, but small business owners continue to get the job done! In honor of Financial Literacy Month, Stuart Robertson, President of Capital One’s Advisors 401K services tells us how to best position your small business for success and map out long-term financial goals.

Duration: 00:13:01

Women Entrepreneurs

Women continue to get the job done! Women entrepreneurs continue to grow and create businesses that empower today’s marketplace. In honor of Financial Literacy Month, Capital One’s, Vice President, and Executive Sponsor for the Capital One’s Women’s Network, Yumi Clark joins us to discuss women entrepreneurs.

Duration: 00:11:35

Children’s Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative

March is National Nutrition Month®! A time to reflect on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Join our conversation with Vice President/Director Maureen Enright and Program Manager Brittany Oberdorff of BBB’s Children’s Food & Beverage Advertising Initiative (CFBAI) and hear how the program’s participants have contributed to being a part of the solution in tackling childhood obesity by improving the children's food...

Duration: 00:18:00

Internet of Things

In today’s world we find ourselves doing less and depending more on our “things” to do it all for us! As beneficial as this reduced human intervention may be, are there impacts to businesses and consumers that should be thought through? Learn what the experts have to say about the future of IoT for businesses small and large. Note: Recordings from BBB Better Business Conference are used in this episode.

Duration: 00:13:49

The Customer Is Always First

Customers are the foundation for any business. No matter your business’ size, customers are your first priority. Thought leaders and experts from some of your favorite consumer brands joined us for a discussion about the importance of the consumer experience. Note: Recordings from BBB Better Business Conference are used in this episode.

Duration: 00:16:17

BBB EU Privacy Shield

BBB EU Privacy Shield, here to help businesses of all sizes meet EU-US Privacy Shield requirements and conduct business in Europe using adequate data protections. Join us as Vice President/National Director of Privacy Initiatives, Frances Henderson discusses the importance of privacy and how EU-US Privacy Shield can help your business.

Duration: 00:16:08

The Flourishing of Luxe Bloom

“There is no gray area in doing what is right. If you have a moral compass, you will always know to head north.” Luxe Bloom’s, CEO Shelley Rosen joins us to discuss the tools she uses to build her organization’s foundation. Hear her perspective on how doing good in business makes a world of difference in today’s marketplace.

Duration: 00:15:20

Privacy vs. Security

Just in time for Data Privacy Day, Council of Better Business Bureaus Chief Security Officer, Bill Fanelli and Vice President/National Director of Privacy Initiatives, Frances Henderson joins us to discuss the importance of privacy and security.

Duration: 00:21:12

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