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Progress Note: Soundtrack Now Available.

Just a note that our soundtrack is now available on iTunes. "Between Us: A Psychotherapy Podcast (Original Soundtrack)" contains thirteen tracks of our favorite compositions from our first two seasons. Including the one you are hearing, John's personal favorite of Mason's contributions. If you want to support Season Three, you can purchase this volume of songs on the iTunes store. Just search for us, or Mason Neely. We hope you enjoy and we'll talk to you in Season Three.

Duration: 00:01:38

Episode 20: The Sex in Everything

Dr. Galit Atlas joins us for the finale of Season Two. Her new book, The Enigma of Desire: Sex, Longing, and Belonging in Psychoanalysis, is a comprehensive study of sexuality and desire through her unique dual lenses of pragmatism and enigma. A renowned psychoanalyst, professor, and contributor to the New York Times, Dr. Atlas spoke with our host, John Totten, about the process of writing the book, some of her cases, and what happens when arousal enters a treatment. Season Two of Between...

Duration: 00:51:33

Episode 19: The Kink Controversy

One of two episodes about sex, our episode today is a reactionary one. Reactionary against the dogma that John and his guest, Leanna Ramsey, respectively grew up struggling against. What does it mean to be sex-positive? Our premise today is that a stance of curiosity is the only way to therapeutically address differing sexualities, and yet the field continually fails to approach the topic with such a stance. John speaks to sexuality and gender expert Sinclair Sexsmith about such a case....

Duration: 00:45:32

Episode 18: The Millionth Pebble

Writer Ijeoma Oluo is angry and that’s okay. She wants white men to be okay with their anger too, as long as they understand where their anger actually comes from. She is a powerful essayist and cultural critic who is not afraid to be vulnerable in public about things that anger her, things that terrify her, and even her own mental health. In this discussion, Ijeoma talks with our host John Totten about the limited access to mental health for people of color, the authenticity of genuine...

Duration: 00:43:13

Episode 16: What Goes Up...

Three men at three stages in life. Three different manifestations of bipolar disorder. Often consisting of manic episodes, delusions of grandeur, and days without sleeping, bipolar disorder is a widely misunderstood illness that sci-fi legend Carrie Fisher spent much of her days demythologizing. In the first episode of our two-part interview, three men who volunteer for the National Alliance on Mental Illness sit down with John Totten to describe the onset of their mental illness and how...

Duration: 00:34:49

Episode 15: In Retrospect, A Shape

Poet Molly Peacock had a relationship with her psychoanalyst for forty years, even after her analyst had a career-ending stroke in 2012. Molly’s new collection, titled The Analyst, is inspired by the relationship she describes as “Oliver Sacksian” in reference to the renowned neurologist who, himself, was a patient for five decades. Is psychotherapy a treatment that should be ended like a course of antibiotics? Molly sits down with John to share her unique experience of long-term...

Duration: 00:49:04

Episode 14: Courageous Speech

It is one of our premises for this show that the work of healing in a relational context is countercultural. On this episode, Roy Barsness, a professor and psychologist, sits down with John Totten to discuss his new book, Core Competencies of Relational Psychoanalysis. In the qualitative study that formed the foundation for his work, Roy found a particular way of being in relationship that included radical healing through genuine encounter and ultimately, love. Season Two of Between Us is...

Duration: 00:39:53

Episode 13: Troubled Water

Does music have a real effect on our emotional health? Do the songs that speak to us actually speak to us? Jason Dodson is the singer and songwriter for the band The Maldives. Their new album, Mad Lives, was written as a therapeutic process in response to a fracture in Jason’s life. In this discussion, he tells us about that process and his own mental health journey, including his struggles with anxiety and dissociative tendencies. And John reveals the classic rock song he listens to for...

Duration: 00:37:14

Episode 12: An Outsider Within

Psychoanalysis has not been a field that is particularly progressive in its deconstruction of prescriptive gender roles. The feminist presence that exists today had to be forged. Our guest, Sally Bjorklund, is an alumni of that feminist movement. She has a keen sense of her own outsiderness, from her childhood as an adopted tomboy in the evangelical midwest of the 1960s, to finding her path as a psychoanalyst thirty years ago. Sally and our host, John Totten, discuss her experience of...

Duration: 00:38:43

Episode 11: Affordable Care

For our premiere of Season Two, we attempt to get topical. What happens next in healthcare? Is our mental health coverage in jeopardy? Professor Aaron Katz teaches health policy at the University of Washington. He has a knack for explaining complex policy in layman terms. Aaron sat down with our host, John Totten, to discuss the Affordable Care Act, what it does, why some people like it, and why some people don’t. Season Two of Between Us is sponsored by MetaFi, a free download on iOS and...

Duration: 00:29:00

Episode 09: Gay Conversion with Jonathan Merker

Jonathan Merker took part in so-called "gay conversion" ministries as a young college student. In this episode, we continue our three episode arc on culture and trauma as we discuss his journey out of a harmful religious culture and into his own career as a therapist, much in part due to the help of his own subversive counselor. Contact:

Duration: 00:37:00

Episode 06: Post-Trump Stress Disorder

No interview today. Just pure, unadulterated processing. John and Mason discuss their reactions to the election, through tears and laughter, and we hear contributions from people who might feel it the most.

Duration: 00:36:21

Episode 05: Wounded Healers with Lynn Shelton

There is no better week to discuss the brokenness of humanity. Lynn Shelton is a filmmaker whose films such as Touchy Feely and Your Sister's Sister capture her unique vision of regular people and the ubiquity of psychological pain. She also directs television shows such as Fresh Off the Boat, Casual, and Master of None. She sat down with John following a shoot and discussed her experience of mind and how it shows up in her work.

Duration: 00:30:06

Episode 04: Dreams with Brian Koch

For our spookiest episode yet, John sits down with Brian Koch. Brian is an actor and a musician. Most notably, he is the drummer in the Portland band Blitzen Trapper. But he is also a devoted archivist of his own unconscious life through the recording of his dreams. We discuss his experience of dreams and his time in Jungian analysis.

Duration: 00:28:25

Episode 03: Love with Tony Fulgham

After checking in with our co-producer Mason Neely, John sits down with Tony Fulgham, a filmmaker and musician, who has an unconventional yet profound relationship with his therapist.

Duration: 00:27:47

Episode 02: Origin Stories with Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and professor. In this episode, Doug and John discuss the origins of a psychotherapist: the forces that shape the mind of a therapist and how Doug has been shaped by his own grief and experience as a patient.

Duration: 00:25:50

Episode 01: Alienation with Ro Reyes

Ro Reyes is a psychotherapist and an immigrant. On our inaugural episode, Ro and our host, John Totten, discuss alienation, psychological life, language, and Star Wars.

Duration: 00:14:31