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Brian Fritz talks with a rotating cast of top wrestling stars, media members and longtime friends about the latest happening in pro wrestling with their entertaining and educated insight.

Brian Fritz talks with a rotating cast of top wrestling stars, media members and longtime friends about the latest happening in pro wrestling with their entertaining and educated insight.
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Brian Fritz talks with a rotating cast of top wrestling stars, media members and longtime friends about the latest happening in pro wrestling with their entertaining and educated insight.






WWE Survivor Series/NXT War Games Review + Fallout, Women Debut (Ep. 636)

Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman discuss how NXT again won the weekend of WWE shows, the return of War Games, Drew McIntyre's injury, the main event of Survivor Series and the decision to again lean on Triple H in a top spot, Raw versus SmackDown, how AJ Styles fared against Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman as a top babyface, possible matches at Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, NXT women debuting on the main roster, and your questions.

Duration: 02:23:53

Daniel Bryan Wrestling, Survivor Series, Remembering Montreal Screwjob (Ep. 635)

Brian and Michael discuss Daniel Bryan's likely return to the ring and if it could be with WWE, the lead up to Survivor Series along with predictions for the show including various scenarios for the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown match and Brock Lesnar squaring off against AJ Styles, NXT TakeOver: War Games the night before, looking back at the infamous 'Montreal Screwjob' following it's 20-year anniversary and its affect on Bret Hart, along with your questions.

Duration: 02:41:33

Ring of Honor and Indie Scene with Colt Cabana and Flip Gordon (Ep. 634)

It's Ring of Honor Thursday!!! Brian talks with Colt Cabana about his many jobs, being a trailblazer in merchandise sales, merch etiquette at shows, working with Ian Riccoboni as part of the ROH broadcast team, raising money to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, and his new children's book 'Wrestling Dreams'. Then a conversation with Flip Gordon about his quick rise on the indie scene, why now is the perfect time for him to come along in the business, 'harmful ribs' from the Bullet...

Duration: 01:11:42

WWE Title Changes, Chris Jericho at WK12, 'Nature Boy' Review (Ep. 633)

Brian and Michael discuss the buzzworthy week in wrestling with the Chris Jericho announcement that he will face Kenny Omega at the upcoming NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 event, major changes to the Survivor Series card including new WWE Champion AJ Styles versus Brock Lesnar and The Shield taking on The New Day, why WWE has ramped up the surprises lately, Impact Wrestling refusing to change with the times, and a review of the ESPN '30 for 30' film "Nature Boy' on the career and life of Ric Flair.

Duration: 02:28:20

ESPN 30 For 30 Director Rory Karpf on 'Nature Boy', Legacy of Ric Flair (Ep 632)

Brian Fritz is joined by filmmaker Rory Karpf to discuss the upcoming ESPN '30 For 30' documentary 'Nature Boy', the legacy of Ric Flair, growing up as a wrestling fan, convincing ESPN to do the film, why Flair is so popular now years after his career, if he thinks 'Naitch' has any regrets, and how he thinks people will view the man after watching the film.

Duration: 00:44:09

"Anything for the clicks" (Ep. 631)

WWE releases three talents, Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon are set to return to the ring, and what WWE financials say about their storylines and direction. Plus, Brian and Michael discuss the week in WWE TV, Anthem making cuts to help with Impact Wrestling heading into Bound for Glory and the guys answer your questions.

Duration: 02:03:42

"Passing the torch to pass the torch" (Ep. 630)

Brian and Michael look back at WWE TLC including Kurt Angle returning to the ring and the fallout from the show, the start of the build for Survivor Series where it will be Raw versus SmackDown, the importance of storytelling and having something on the line, the re-emergence of Kane again, the latest between Bullet Club/WWE, and more including answers to your questions.

Duration: 01:58:09

WWE TLC Review, Matt Morgan on running for office (Ep. 629)

Bonus podcast! Another one as Brian Fritz discusses WWE TLC including Kurt Angle's long-awaited return to the ring in the main event match, Braun Strowman possible turn, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor, and possible upcoming storylines on Raw Monday night and beyond. Then, a conversation with former WWE and Impact wrestler Matt Morgan on running for public office in Central Florida, his grassroots campaign what he is up against in this race, and if his wrestling career is over.

Duration: 00:48:14

Major WWE TLC shakeup; Kurt Angle and AJ Styles added to show (Ep. 628)

Sunday bonus podcast! Brian and Michael discuss the major shakeup to WWE TLC with Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt out due to illness and Kurt Angle now in the main event along with AJ Styles as the new opponent for Bray Wyatt.

Duration: 00:42:58

WWE's Failure to Build Shows, 2K18 Review, Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal (Ep 627)

Brian and Michael discuss the WWE's current lull leading into WWE TLC, The Shield moving forward, the company having trouble building shows and to a younger audience, Bullet Club influence on the wrestling business, the champion vs. champion match between Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal at Survivor Series, Neville likely on his way out of WWE, and plenty of your questions.

Duration: 02:10:25

WWE Hell in a Cell Recap and Fallout, The Shield Reunite (Ep. 626)

Brian and Michael discuss WWE Hell in a Cell including Shane McMahon doing another crazy stunt to the fallout from the show, Sami Zayn turning heel and aligning with his nemesis/BFF Kevin Owens, The Shield back together again and what matches they could have through the end of the year, WWE not taking advantage of some of its stars, where Jinder Mahal is at this point of his championship run, the just launched Global Wrestling Network, Conor McGregor at WrestleMania rumors along with your...

Duration: 02:05:09

Shield Reunion Coming, Enjoyment of NXT + WWE Hell in a Cell Preview, (Ep. 625)

Brian Fritz and Spencer Davies discuss the recent NXT tapings (spoilers!) and why the brand continues to be more enjoyable than the main WWE product, how WWE does not understand some of its talent and their characters, and the upcoming reunion of The Shield. Plus, a preview of Hell in Cell along with some talk about the new NWA and remembering the great Lance Russell.

Duration: 01:43:27

Dave Lagana on Rebuilding the NWA, Gary Cappetta Talks BodySlams Show (Ep. 624)

Brian Fritz talks with Dave Lagana on working with new NWA owner Billy Corgan to rebuild the brand, balancing the history of the brand while also presenting something new, utilizing social media, when and where they will roll out shows, and what they are looking for out of their talent. Then, legendary ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta talks about his 'Beyond Bodyslams' one-man show, introducing big matches, being around Bobby Heenan, and what keeps him a wrestling fan today.

Duration: 02:02:19

WWE No Mercy Reax, Is Roman Reigns The Top Guy? (Ep. 623)

Brian and Michael look back at the WWE No Mercy show from its hot start to its cold ending, comparing the rise of Roman Reigns to past superstars and if he is the top guy now after beating John Cena, not pulling the trigger on Braun Strowman in his match with Brock Lesnar, the week in WWE TV, Bullet Club invading Raw, Jeff Hardy's injury and what it could mean for Matt Hardy along with lots of your questions.

Duration: 02:05:54

WWE No Mercy Preview, Jinder Mahal Controversy, Remembering 'The Brain' (Ep 622)

Brian and Michael remember the late great Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan, discuss the return of Starrcade in North Carolina, look back at the week in WWE TV including the Jinder Mahal controversy, a preview of Sunday's WWE No Mercy PPV including Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman and John Cena vs. Roman Reigns, Impact Wrestling notes and rebranding (again), items on the recent WWE fan survey, and your questions including some stories and memories.

Duration: 02:16:43

ROH champ Cody on Current Run, Josh Mathews talks Impact's future (Ep. 621)

Brian Fritz is joined by Ring of Champion Cody as they discuss his current title run, why he feels more connected to his legendary father Dusty Rhodes than ever before, his wrestling future, and working alongside the Young Bucks. Then, a conversation with Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews on 'Bound for Glory' heading to Canada, reports that the company is in financial trouble, the GFW name and rebranding again to Impact Wrestling.

Duration: 01:28:58

Hurricane Irma, Kevin Owens Makes Vince Bleed, Monsters Collide (Ep. 620)

Brian and Michael are back for a mega pod! The guys discuss Hurricane Irma and Brian experiencing it first-hand in Central Florida, The Miz and Maryse's announcement, the big angle involving Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon and what this could do for KO, Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman's latest interaction and what this should lead to, the Mae Young Classic, how WWE should use special tournaments going forward, the third back-and-forth between John Cena and Roman Reigns, why NXT is the...

Duration: 02:14:08

Impact Wrestling Troubles, John Cena v Roman Reigns Part Deux (Ep. 619)

Brian and Michael discuss the latest round of major issues for Impact Wrestling from Jeff Jarrett being forced out to major financial problems and why the company has been unable to get back on track for years, the week in WWE including another verbal showdown between John Cena and Roman Reigns to Kevin Owens owning SmackDown, Ric Flair back to being the 'Nature Boy', JBL stepping down from his broadcast position, and answers to your questions.

Duration: 01:28:11

John Cena Shoots on Roman Reigns, WWE Hotshotting Matches (Ep. 618)

Brian Fritz and Michael Wiseman discuss John Cena shooting down Roman Reigns in their promo showdown on 'Raw' and if WWE should embrace more reality-based segments, if the WWE is giving away big matches too quickly and what their mentality is these days, how the WWE Network fits into all of this, Asuka leaving NXT her next step, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the Sexy Star - Rosemary situation in AAA and answers to your questions.

Duration: 01:29:33

WWE SummerSlam + NXT TakeOver, Beach Balls and Daniel Bryan Returning? (Ep. 617)

Brian and Michael recap WWE ''SummerSlam' and 'NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III', Adam Cole's exciting debut, Booby Roode call-up to 'SmackDown', beach balls at WWE events and if they are fun or rude, Daniel Bryan's likely return to the ring and what company it should be with, the Brock Lesnar - Jon Jones superfight that could have been, injuries, and your questions.

Duration: 01:53:59

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