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BTS 094: An action-packed Avengers trailer, Danny Boyle to forge a new Bond

The latest and final Avengers: Infinity War trailer is out. What do you think of it and which superheroes do you think will meet their end in the upcoming movie? Infinity War, DC's New Gods, Fantastic Beasts 2, Tomb Raider, Game of Thrones spinoffs, John Wick 3, Deadpool reshoots, Spider-Man Universe, Nightwatch, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, James Bond movie, The Handmaid's Tale season 2, Christopher Robin, Mary Poppins Returns, Clarissa Explains It All, Magnum PI, Paradox.


BTS 093: Jon Favreau lands a Star Wars gig, Netflix in talks with the Obamas

Kristen Wiig is officially cast as Cheetah in Wonder Woman. Who’s your favorite comic book villain? Jon Favreau will helm Disney's Star Wars live-action series, Obama TV series, Wrinkle In Time, Captain Marvel premise, Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage teaser, Daredevil Season 3, Black Mirror Season 5, The Sopranos prequel, Terminator Trilogy, The Crow remake, Lost in Space, House of Cards season 6, Barry, Good Omens, Between The Cracks: Sneaky Pete.


BTS 092: Tarantino lands Brad Pitt, is Kristin Wiig breaking bad?

Who do you think should win Best Picture at the Oscars this year? Oscar Predictions, Netflix adds 700 shows, Red Sparrow, Death Wish, Solo, Infinity War, Jessica Jones season 2, The Punisher season 2, Wonder Woman 2, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Men In Black spinoff, Ready Player One contest, Fahrenheit 451, Karate Kid sequel with Johnny, The Disaster Artist review, Uncle Drew movie.


BTS 091: 'Annihilation' review, Muppets reboot reboot, Sci-Fi movies

Which Sci-Fi movies and TV series based on books, do you think have been done right? Annihilation spoiler-free review, Sci-Fi books being made into movies, Game Night, Disney streaming service, Muppets reboot, Mute, Lost In Space reboot, The Outsider, Everything Sucks, The Joel McHale Show, McMafia, The Incredibles 2, A Quiet Place, Yardie, Sonic The Hedgehog Movie, Tommy Wiseau 'Best Friends' movie.


BTS 090: 'Black Panther' review, 'Kung Fury 2,' and more

Black Panther is breaking records. What is your favorite movie ever in the MCU? Black Panther spoiler free review; a look at all of Marvel's MCU; Karate Kid returns with Cobra Kai; Kung Fury sequel; Ready Player One; Ryan Murphy Netflix; Chris Rock; Atlanta Season 2; Sons of Anarchy spinoffs; Bradly Whitford Handmaild's Tale; Cash Money doc; Kevin Durant series; Between The Cracks: Bad Samaritan


BTS 089: Venomless trailer, Game of Thrones Star Wars, 'Solo' time

Ever more Star Wars movies have been announced. Is Disney in danger of tarnishing the brand? We discuss this and more! Game of Thrones Star Wars movies; Solo; Jurassic World; Infinity War; Deadpool 2; Venom; Jessica Jones season 2; Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker?; Westworld Season 2; Mission Impossible; Cloverfield Paradox.


BTS 088: CBS' desperate 'Murphy Brown' revival, Super Bowl trailers

What 80s/90s sitcoms deserve reboots? There are a lot of them getting them, including Roseanne, Full House, Will & Grace, Girl Meets World and now...Murphy Brown. Also in this episode: Weekend Box Office, Winchester House; Three Billboards spoiler-free review; Super Bowl Trailer; Dundee; Black Panther; Ant-Man and The Wasp; Krypton; Altered Carbon; Heathers; What We Do In The Shadows; Cloverfield 3; Mr. Rogers casting; Motley Crue biopic; House Of Cards; Succession; Duke Nukem with John...


BTS 087: Apple and Kristen Wiig, 'Solo' synopsis, Black Widow movie?

Are you excited for the Han Solo movie? We now have the plot and it's...unsurprising? Also: I, Tonya; Call Me By Your Name; Super Troopers 2; Ant-Man and The Wasp; Black Panther; Venom and Spider-Man?; Black Widow movie; The Continental; Cosmos season 2; Everything Sucks; Joel McHale series; Apple TV wins bid for Kristen Wiig and Reese Witherspoon series; Mosaic; The Handmaid's Tale season 2; Catch-22; Fahrenheit 451; Creed 2; Winchester.


BTS 086: A brutal 'Sicario 2' trailer, 10 more years of Star Wars

What new TV series are you most looking forward to? Per the NY Times, there were over 487 original scripted shows that aired in 2017! Also: Star Wars Episode IX Rumors; Insidious: The Last Key; Molly's Game; Black Panther Album; David Letterman Netflix Series; Black Mirror USS Callister Spinoff; Bright 2; True Detective Season 3 Cast; Sicario 2; Animaniacs; George RR Martin 'Nightflyers' Syfy Series; Mayans MC; Slender Man Trailer; Serial TV Series and Serial-inspired Series; The Polka...


BTS 085: Classic Episode from 2017

It's a Between The Streams classic, as we take a look back at the start of 2017. We'll cover what movies were in the theaters and more importantly, what we were looking forward to seeing in 2017. A lot has happened and it's fascinating to see where we thought would come to pass! Happy New Year!


BTS 084: 'The Last Jedi' backlash, 'The Office' revival, and more

There has been equal backlash and accolades for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We briefly discuss, with No Spoilers. Who do you want to see cast as the lead for The Office return?; Jumanji; Downsizing; Pitch Perfect 3; All The Money In The World; Bright; Ocean's 8; Wormwood; A Futile and Stupid Gesture; Dark; Mortal Engines; Best Christmas Movies; Between The Cracks: Popstar


BTS 083: 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' redeems 2017, Foxy Disney

Star Wars Day (no spoilers)! Are you excited for The Last Jedi? We'll give some spoiler-free reviews and our guest Rick Stella you know about a great Star Wars Jacket giveaway that you can enter now. Also: Obi-Wan Kenobi movie possibilities; Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox and the ramifications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Ready Player One; Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse; Jessica Jones Season 2; The Punisher Season 2; Black Panther; Venom casting; Seth Rogen as Walter Cronkite;...


BTS 082: Tarantino's R-rated Star Trek, Jurassic World 2 trailer

Are you excited for a potential R-Rated, Tarantino, Star Trek film? Disney is close to possibly buying 21st Century Fox entertainment properties, that include the X-Men. What could this mean to the MCU? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer; I, Tonya; Stephen King Pet Sematary Reboot; John Wick Chapter 3; Bohemian Rhapsody; Iron-Fist Season 2 Casting; Game Of Thrones Final Season; Ridley Scott's Future for Aliens; Sabrina The Teenage Witch and the Archieverse.


BTS 081: 'Avengers: Infinity War,' the beautiful 'Shape of Water'

Which Marvel characters will exit following the fourth Avengers film? With the new Infinity War trailer out for the MCU, we go through the list of characters that could be exiting and what's in store for the 20 films planned, going forward. Also: Disaster Artist; The Shape of Water; The Runaways; Daredevil Season 3; Black Mirror Season 4; Altered Carbon; House of Cards; Jurassic World 2; Wrinkle In Time; American Gods; Franco Shel Silverstein; Mulan


BTS 080: A Thanksgiving Classic from the Vault

Today we discuss some of the best Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes and movies that you can screen right now! The we head to the vault for a classic edition of BTS. Have a great Thanksgiving! Additional topics: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them; Bleed For This; The Edge of Seventeen; Moana; Bad Santa 2; Dolby Cinema First-Hand Look; Stranger Things meets Star Wars?; Game of Thrones prequel; Westworld; Marvel's The Inhumans; Beauty and the Beast; Between The Cracks: The Fall; Last of...


BTS 079: 'Justice League' is bearable, Franco goes X-Men, 'LOTR' TV

Are you excited to see the new Justice League movie? Ryan's spoiler-free Justice League review; Mudbound; Lord of the Rings Amazon TV Series; Paramount VR Theater with Top Gun 3D; Disney Standalone Service; ESPN Plus; Deadpool 2; Netflix and the Millar Properties; X-Men Spinoff, Multiple Man starring James Franco; Video Game Movies: Rampage; Mario and Luigi; Hitman; Witcher; The Punisher is out; Between The Cracks: Super Fly


BTS 078: New Star Wars trilogy bonanza, choose-your-own-adventure TV

Are you excited for a new Star Wars Trilogy without the Skywalkers?; Live-action Star Wars series on Disney standalone service; Mark Hamill talks Skywalker; Murder on the Orient Express; Daddy's Home 2; Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri; Thelma; Marvel, Disney and Netflix; Future Man; Universal's Dark Universe; Black Adam; The Umbrella Academy; Deadly Class; The Post; Metal Gear; Steven Soderbergh's Mosaic App.


BTS 077: Thor's game-changing triumph, Beyoncé the lion

Thor: Ragnarok is an incredible Action Comedy. What is your favorite Action Comedy of all time?; Thor: Ragnarok spoiler-free review; LBJ; Lady Bird; What We Do In The Shadows TV Series; Star Wars The Last Jedi; Krypton, Superman Prequel Series; The Lion King; Twilight Zone remake; Guy Fawkes; American Vandal Season 2


BTS 076: 'Stranger Things,' Halloween, and things that scream

What is your favorite Halloween TV Episode ever? Stranger Things mysteries; Jigsaw; Thank You For Your Service; Suburbicon; Justice League; Black Panther; The Punisher; I, Tonya; Godless; Bright; Dark Tower TV Series; Lethal Weapon 5; American Gangster prequel; Mind Hunter spoiler-free review.


BTS 075: A look at Halloween past; Luka Jones interview; Rambo; Dana Carvey

We are out this week so we are taking a look at an episode past, covering: Luka Jones of People of Earth Interview; Deadpool 2; Inferno; Halloween Movies; Napflix; Star Trek; Dana Carvey; Lando; Sherlock Season 4; Rambo; People of Earth


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