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Vincent Hill, a former Nashville police officer, private investigator, author, and television law enforcement analyst, gained national notoriety following the Steve McNair/Sahel Kazemi murder suicide in Nashville on July 4th, 2009 and has authored two books, "Playbook For A Murder" and "Incomplete Pass," on the subject after conducting his own investigations. Most recently, he has been featured as a Law Enforcement Analyst for Fox News Network and has been a frequent guest on HLN, CNN, and Al-Jazeera television. He's also been featured on “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” on Investigation Discovery.




Beyond The Badge: Why Pretend Now?

This week, Vincent discusses the controversy over taking down statues in the country and the history of the left being against ending slavery and the irony of how the left is pretending to care now. Also, the shooting death of two black police officers in FL by a black man, yet no outrage, no hashtags, […]

Duration: 00:30:56

Beyond The Badge: Charlottesville

Over the weekend, a white Supremacist group in Charlottesville, VA thought it would be a great idea to hold a hate filled, racist, bigoted rally in a feeble attempt to “regain the control and power” that they felt they had lost. To counter that rally, a group of protestors held a counter rally in a […]

Duration: 00:32:02

Beyond The Badge: Viral video of California police officer holding a car at gunpoint

This week, Vincent discusses the viral video of a California police officer holding a car at gunpoint and the “outrage” over it. Plus, he compares it to two Las Vegas police officers shot by a suspect who started off the same way as the guy held at gun point. Thanks for listening to this week’s […]

Duration: 00:28:16

Beyond The Badge: Indiana Police Officer Aaron Allan Shot 14 Times In Attack In Indiana

This week, Vincent discusses the horrific death of Lt. Aaron Allan of the Southport Police Dept. in Indiana. The 20 year law enforcement veteran known as “Teddy Bear” and former Officer Of The Year responded to a simple car accident call around 3pm in Marion County, IN. As Lt. Allan crawled toward a flipped car […]

Duration: 00:33:52

Beyond The Badge: OJ’s Parole & The Death Of Justine Damond

This week, Vincent breaks down the shooting death of Justine Damond, the Australian yoga teacher shot by the Somalian police officer in Minneapolis. There are so many different angles to this story but most importantly, Vincent questions what made him believe there was an imminent threat. Also, OJ Simpson was granted parole and will be […]

Duration: 00:40:19

Beyond The Badge: Shooting Death of State Trooper Joel Davis in New York

This past weekend, Trooper Joel Davis responded to a domestic violence call in Jefferson County, New York. What Davis didn’t know as he walked toward the residence, Army infantryman Justin Walters had already shot and killed a woman on the inside of the residence and shot and wounded another woman on the property. As an […]

Duration: 00:28:52

Beyond The Badge: The Shooting Of Philando Castile

This week, Vincent discusses the dash cam video of the Philando Castile shooting. What actions led to the officer feeling threatened? Why two black jurors unanimously voted not guilty? Being a former officer, Vincent has a perspective that is a bit different from the mainstream that you don’t want to miss. Also, Vincent tackles Colin […]

Duration: 00:33:05

Beyond The Badge: Police Shooting On Milwaukee’s North Springs Lakefront

This week, Vincent explores a police shooting in Milwaukee from this past weekend following a chase. During the chase, 19 year old Terry Williams and his 23 year old passenger Paula McEwen swerved quickly in an attempt to run over a deputy. Officer Michael Truax shot into the car striking Williams and McEwen ending the […]

Duration: 00:28:19

Beyond The Badge: Manchester, Orlando, & Kathy Griffin

Between Kathy Griffin’s asinine stunt, the terrorist attacks in both Manchester and London, and the workplace shooting in Orlando, FL that killed five people, it’s been an insanely busy week in the news. By now, everyone has seen and heard about the Kathy Griffin situation. It was one of the poorest and sickest choices ever […]

Duration: 00:31:23

Beyond The Badge: Why Is The Cleveland Police Dept. Covering Their Tracks?

This week, Vincent digs into the latest on the Tamir Case case in Cleveland, OH. The officer who shot Rice, Timothy Loehmann, has been fired for lying on his application and his partner, Frank Garmback, has been suspended without pay for ten days. Why is the Cleveland Police Dept. covering their mistakes now? Also, 18 […]

Duration: 00:30:26

Beyond The Badge: The Terence Crutcher-Officer Betty Shelby Case In Tulsa, OK

Vincent delves into the police reports and audio released in the Officer Betty Shelby case in Tulsa, OK. Officer Shelby returned to work less than a week from being acquitted of the manslaughter of Terence Crutcher. This story originally made headlines last September. This week, Vincent explains to you in detail exactly why the jury […]

Duration: 00:29:27

Beyond The Badge: Revisiting The Jocques Clemmons Case In Nashville

Before we get too deep into the show summary, we’d like to thank all the law enforcement officers who put their lives in danger to protect the public during this “National Police Week.” In February, Vincent discussed the police shooting death of Jocques Clemmons in Nashville, TN. This week, it was announced that the officer […]

Duration: 00:32:55

Beyond The Badge: No Charges Against Officers In The Alton Sterling Case

Last week, the Department of Justice announced that no charges would be filed against Officers Blake Salamoni and Howie Lake who involved in the Alton Sterling case in Baton Rouge, LA. Last July, officers were killed to the store in response to a 911 call stating that one man threatened another with a gun. The […]

Duration: 00:38:19

Beyond The Badge: San Diego Pool Shooting

Over the weekend, 49-year old Peter Selis, distraught from a recent breakup from his girlfriend, attended a pool party. While sitting in a lounge chair with a beer in one hand and a large caliber handgun in the other, he killed one person and wounded six others. During the rampage, he called his ex-girlfriend so […]

Duration: 00:25:33

Beyond The Badge: The Tamir Rice Case Video

This week, Vincent quickly follows up on last week’s story about “The Facebook Killer” Steve Stephens and delves into the Tamir Rice case video interview of the officers that was released. He also discusses the latest craze of the airline incidents as well as the black officer in Charlotte cleared in the shooting of Kenneth […]

Duration: 00:27:20

Beyond The Badge: The Facebook Live Killer

This week, the entire show is regarding the Cleveland Facebook shooting. Vincent is joined by former police officer Dominick Izzo and Fonda Bryant, mental health expert. Also, for the firat time ever, my 10-7 segment is dedicated to a civilian. Thanks for listening to this week’s show! Don’t forget to rate and review the show […]

Duration: 00:33:13

Beyond The Badge: Police Shooting Death of Terence Crutcher

This week, Vincent heads back to Harris County, OK to revisit the police shooting of Terence Crutcher. If you recall, Officer Betty Shelby was on the way to a domestic violence call when she came upon Crutcher, who had prior arrests for drugs and violence, standing in the middle of the road. After several ignored […]

Duration: 00:27:24

Beyond The Badge: Cincinnati Nightclub Shooting

On this week’e episode of Beyond the Badge, law enforcement analyst Vincent Hill talks about the Cincinnati nightclub shooting the left one person died and sixteen people injured. Along with discussing this news story, Vincent also talks about the Las Vegas bus shooting and the Oklahoma officer who ran over a white female who was shooting […]

Duration: 00:28:02

Beyond The Badge: Dead Officer In Baton Rouge

This week, Vincent goes across the country discussing all the top cases in the news. There was another shooting death of a police officer in Baton Rouge, a man who lived streamed on Facebook before being shot by police, and a stop in Baltimore in between concerning body cam footage of the shooting death of […]

Duration: 00:28:19

Beyond The Badge: Update On Michael Brown/Ferguson Situation

This week, Vincent discusses the latest video of Michael Brown seen inside the store 12 hours before he was killed. As you recall, it was the shooting death of Brown that sparked several nights of riots in Ferguson, MO in 2014. A film maker claims Brown was trading weed for the cigarillos and it wasn’t […]

Duration: 00:26:42

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