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#16 | On Uranium One, the Misery Filter, and Sex Object

Follow us on Twitter: @PatrickFO & @mikeskinnner On this week’s Beyond the Lede, Patrick goes solo. He covers the scandal, or pseudo-scandal, that is Uranium One and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He then muses upon an opinion piece that he really liked this weekend by The New York Times columnist Ross Douthat titled “the Misery Filter.” In the “Backpages” he recommends a book called Sex Object by Jessica Valenti. Resources and recommendations: “Unpacking Uranium One: Hype and...


#15 | Why Are We Even In Niger? Plus: Neutron Stars, Psychological Effects of Disasters & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In this week's episode, we explain why we are even in Niger in the first place. We also give you some updates on Middle East politics after Isis has been demolished and new groups are rising to power. Also, we explain the discovery of the collision of neutron stars and why this matters. In our Beyond The Lede, Mike explains the psychological affects of disasters and tragedies and Patrick talks about a recent talk he attended about Russia....


#14 | Iran: Deal or No Deal? Also, Why Free Speech Matters, Educational Media, & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner @PatrickFO In this episode of Beyond the Lede, in “the Lede,” we discuss President Trump’s disavowal of the JCPOA, the nuclear agreement between Iran and the West. We discuss the political implications; the possible paths forward from here on out; and we detail a bit of the confusion regarding the details of theagreement, including its “sunset clauses.” Then, we cover Trump’s tweets regarding wanting to revoke the licenses of the networks, such as NBC....


#13 | A Civil Discussion About Guns. Also: Puerto Rico, Secretary Rex, & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In “the Lede,” we get into the recent mass shooting in America. This time it was on Las Vegas. We get into the politics and policy of gun control and the 2nd Amendment. Then, we have a conversation about Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico. We get into the rebuilding of the island and President Trump’s response and handling of the situation. Finally, we briefly muse about rather or not Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will leave...


#12 | Trump at the UN, Paul Manafort To Be Indicted?, and A Modern Version of the Trolley Problem!

Follow each of us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In the “Lede” this week, we discuss the recent stories regarding President Trump’s then-campaign manager Paul Manafort possibly being indicted. Plus, President Trump delivers his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly and he vows to “totally destroy North Korea,” if Kim Jung Un keeps up his pariah behavior. In “Beyond the Lede,” we discuss a The Atlantic article on education in the Middle East called “Boys Aren’t...


#11 | Democrats Actually Work With Trump? Plus, Bernie's New Plan, Sexual Assault On Campus & More!

Follow each of us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In this week’s episode, we get into the recent deals made between President Trump and Congressional Democrats. Plus, we revisit U.S.-North Korean relations, and Senator Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All plan. In “the Lede”, we get into the recent deals made between President Trump and Congressional Democrats. Plus, we revisit U.S.-North Korean relations, and Senator Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-All plan. In “Beyond The Lede,” we do a...


#9 | Labor Day Special: A Discussion About Islam & Patrick's Audio Essay About Obama's Drone Policy

Due to an untimely illness, we took the week off and have instead given you a recent The Moral Trigger podcast episode as well as an audio essay written and read by Patrick. Check it out and let us know what you think! Follow each of us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO Websites: Image Credit: Foreign Policy Blogs


#7 | Hey Bannon, You're Out! Also, Should Confederate Statues Be Removed? & Much More!

In this episode, Mike (@mikeskinnner) and Patrick (@PatrickFO)sift through the chaos of the prior week. This entails issues concerning the firing of Steve Bannon, the uproar of President Trump's response to Charlottesville, the debate of confederate statues, the CIA's use of torture, and Patrick debuts a new segment called "History Matters". Check it out! References: "New PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist Poll Finds Majority Believe Trump Response to Charlottesville ‘Weak,’ Fatal Car Rampage Act of...


#6 | Is The Existential Threat From Outside Or Within?

*This is the last episode to be released on The Moral Trigger feed. All new episodes will be uploaded to Beyond The Lede's own stream.* In “the Lede”, Mike (@mikeskinnner) and Patrick (@PatrickFO) cover three important news stories that encapsulate a lot of what’s going on in our country, in general. We cover the increased bellicosity between President Trump and the North Korean regime under Kim Jong Un. Second, we give our opinion about the Google memo, produced by James Damore, which...


#5 | The New Atheists Vs. The World

This episode is entirely devoted to discussing the New Atheists, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. Recently in publications as varied as the leftist, and the assuredly right, National Review, there have been pieces calling the New Atheists dead, and also asking why has the left abandoned them? For the listener who isn’t schooled in the New Atheists debate, we explain who these people are, and we summarize their main arguments and why they are...


#4 | Trump vs the T in LGBT, NFL Fans Mad At Kap?, “An Idea That Must Die,” & More!

In this episode, Mike (@mikeskinnner) and Patrick (@PatrickFO) breakdown the disastrous week that was in the Trump White House. In “The Lede,” we get into President Trump’s tweets regarding transgender military service members. We give a tiny update on healthcare reform, too. In “Beyond the Lede,” we have a shared segment where we discuss the Vice documentary "A World in Disarray" that is loosely extrapolated from Richard Haass’ book of the same name. Haass is the president of the Council...


#2 | Is This The Smoking Gun? Plus: We Argue About Healthcare and Much More!

In this episode, Mike (@mikeskinnner) and Patrick (PatrickFO) go beyond the headlines and into the substance of the big news stories of the past week. Our “Lede” section is on Don Trump Jr’s emails and the political, moral, and legal fallout. Then: we argue about the new Senate healthcare bill, and healthcare in general. In our “Beyond the Lede,” Mike has a bone to pick with Bill Nye, and Patrick reviews scholarly literature on lobbying in D.C. All this plus music recommendations! Links to...


#1 | Thanks, North Korea. Plus, Dennis Prager, In Defense Of Europe, And Much More!

In this debut episode, Mike and Patrick go beyond the headlines and into the substance of the big news stories of the past week. Our “lede” story is on North Korea’s ICBM launch, and the options available to the United States. We cover Mark Bowden’s Atlantic article, called “How to Deal With North Korea.” Then: we cover the ceasefire brokered in Syria by Russia, the U.S., and Jordan. We follow that with the Fall of ISIS in Mosul. In “Beyond the Lede,” we discuss Dennis Prager; one of us...