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S03E11 - Dave Killed 23 People

Jones builds stairs. Dave causes a category five storm. Stolz and Jones dissects Daves stories for the week. Jones tells the story of the frakenbronco.

Duration: 01:13:20

S03E11 - Stolz was Elmer Fudd

Irma is talked about. Chris will shut up about his house soon. HTC going out of the smartphone arena? Cancer Stylus. Iphone Jack is back, Jack. And More.

Duration: 01:15:48

S03E09 - Hindenburg Says What

Dave returns and tells us how much he loved his vaca, Galaxy Note is meh but the graphics intern has higher hope. Replacement screens hijacking hones? Post eclipse google searches remove some hope for humanity. Killer Robots and Elon Musk? Nerd Block goes under. The Pats get planes. And More

Duration: 01:13:13

Jones Shaft is Alright

Jesse will not be Chris under any circumstance. Google Now can now make calls free of charge. LG V30 "leaked". The definition of the word elevator are discussed along with Omni Directional people movers. Sense 8 going to become Sense 69? HBO Hack is discussed. Chris signs up for Moviepass. Justice League reshoots. Batfleck is on the way out? Obi Won Movie in the works? Rocket League goes to college.

Duration: 01:14:00

S03E07 - Do not Google That

The boys are one member short. Differences between Tesla 3 and S are discussed. AMD Threadripper 1950x is fast nut does it beat Intel? Valve has a card game and the internet is not too happy. Disney is on notice. And Jones and Chris embark on a weird game of would you rather.

Duration: 01:23:10

S03E06 - SIGGRAPH 2017 Wrap-Up

The Graphics Intern and Intern manager stop by to wrap up their trip to SIGGRAPH 2017.

Duration: 01:15:18

S03E05 - The Flacid Squee

Barbara Sinatra passed. Razer working on gamer phone. Amazon values customer service over profit. Lyft Taco Mode has arrived. Jeff Bezos is the worlds richest for a few hours. MS Paint almost died. Ransomware that makes Stolz uneasy. Mario Kart and the blue shell. Overwatch hits the big time. Chipping employees. Matt Groenings new show. And More.

Duration: 01:18:34

S03E03 - Shaving Sasquatch

Stolz drones on and on about his new home. Speaking of Homes Google Home is Better than that dirty list having Alexa. Oil Companies investing in clean energy? Man goes on coke binge instead of killing self. Car Horns being replaced with Duck Quacks a good idea? Dolphins with lasers on their heads are keeping you safe. Spider-man Homecoming and Baby Driver reviewed. The BtR ETH giveaway.

Duration: 01:10:25

S03E02 - Jesse's Back!

Jesse fills in for Stolz! We follow up on Uber. Canada is trying to create rules for everyone's internet. We discuss a guy who has a serious issue with the 10 Commandments and have a discussion about the new Star Trek series on CBS. We discuss a few cryptocurrency stories and look into a new possible segment for the show titled What the F*&% Story of the Week.

Duration: 01:21:42