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Students of the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy analyze the news of the day with a fine tooth comb.




Child Mortality

Child Mortality is a core indicator for child health and well-being. The toll of children under the age of five over the past two decades is staggering: between 1990 and 2015, 236 million children worldwide died before their fifth birthday. In 2000, the world leaders agreed on one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as …

Duration: 00:57:47

Sex Trafficking in Canada

Toronto has recently been named a ‘major hub’ for human trafficking within Canada. Of all police-reported cases nationwide, 65% occur in Ontario alone. According to a study conducted by the Alliance Against Modern Slavery in 2014, it was estimated that in Canada 71% of human trafficking cases involved domestic sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is defined …

Duration: 00:57:03

Trump: A Canadian Perspective

Since the 45th president of the United States has taken office, there have been unprecedented executive orders, feuds with foreign leaders, and disagreements between the country’s executive and judicial branches. The controversial travel ban targeting 7 countries in North Africa and the Middle East, as well as Mr. Trump’s divisive rhetoric, has led to a …

Duration: 00:55:46

Food Security Part 2

Food insecurity is a growing issue amongst communities, leaving many Canadians without access to nutritious, affordable, sufficient, and culturally acceptable food. Food insecurity is often linked to poverty, unemployment, education, hunger, as well as environmental pollution. In response, a strategic approach to food is needed to address these issues and an understanding of how the Municipal …

Duration: 00:47:55

Opioid Crisis in Ontario

Ontario is facing a spike in opioid related overdoses as a result of what many experts outline as an increase in opioid prescribing over the past few decades. Reports have stated that one in eight deaths of Ontarians between the ages of 25 and 34 is related to opioid use, and Toronto has seen a 77 percent increase …

Duration: 00:55:43

Food Security

Food insecurity is a growing issue amongst communities, leaving many Canadians without access to nutritious, affordable, sufficient, and culturally acceptable food. Food insecurity is often linked to poverty, unemployment, education, hunger, as well as environmental pollution. In response, a strategic approach to food is needed to address these issues and an understanding of how the …

Duration: 01:04:09

Canadian Content in a Digital World: Assessing Policy Options

In April 2016, Canada’s Heritage Ministry launched a review to overhaul Canadian cultural policies for the first time in decades. The impetus? To bring Canada into the digital age. Public consultations with consumers and content creators intend to modernize Canada’s cultural properties, everything from the Broadcast Act to the Telecommunications Act to the Canadian Radio-television …

Duration: 00:59:57

Police Accountability in the GTA – Part 1

As the Toronto Police Services’ (TPS) budget increases, internal reforms to combat the organization’s disciplinary system and every-day operations have lagged. Reports and internal reviews have also not enacted visible changes. Beyond the Headlines takes a look at this issue in a two part series. The first episode features former TPS Chief, Alok Mukherjee, and Anna Willats of the Police Accountability …

Affordable Housing – Part 1

Over 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness every year. Thousands more live in precarious housing. Research shows that the most vulnerable people can maintain housing with the appropriate supports – which is the basis of the Housing First approach central to new housing policies across the country. However, Canada is facing an affordable housing crisis. How can …

Duration: 00:56:41

Islamic Extremism in the West

Islamic extremism is a growing threat that becomes more salient by the day. Extremism itself, and the violence that results from it, must be understood to be addressed. Moving beyond the rhetoric of the topic to examine it in a serious way requires us to understand the societal, theological, and cultural causes of extremism, which

Duration: 00:59:50

University-Rosedale Debate

According to a recent United Way report, the City of Toronto is now the income inequality capital of Canada, with the gap between rich and poor households in the city widening at double the national pace. Toronto’s growing income divide risks dampening social mobility, weakening community bonds, and undermining economic stability. How would the Candidates

Duration: 01:15:04

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid internships are a reality for thousands of Canadians each year and this issue has continually entered into the public debate, especially on university and college campuses. Many argue that unpaid internships are exploitative to youth and other marginalized groups, but is this really the case? Do unpaid internships provide a tangible benefit for people

Duration: 00:58:54

Political Staffers

Following the investigation into the gas plant scandal, questions were raised about the authority, training and ethics being imparted on ministers staff at Queens Park. This week we look at this report and interview three experts. Guests Integrity Commissioner Lynn Morrison: Integrity Commissioner of Ontario Paul Wilson: Associate Professor at the Clayton H. Riddell Graduate

Duration: 00:59:18


This episode will explore the organizational capacity of the not-for-profit sector. The not-for-profit is a service provider to the general public, an advocate for community needs, and an overall driver of economic growth. Despite its growing importance, it still remains overlooked in many public policy discussions. We will be asking our guests about how the

Duration: 00:52:17

Ontario Sexual Health and Education

The Province of Ontario is implementing a new Health and Physical Education curriculum in September of 2015, though a consortium of changes are ahead, the most significant are changes to the Sexual Education Curriculum. Elementary students in particular will be expectedat an earlier age to identify body parts, including genitalia; and those in grade eight

Duration: 00:56:40

2015 Cadario Lecture with Atif R. Mian

On April 2, 2015,the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto held its annual Cadario Visiting Lecture. This years lecture was entitled, Does The Global Financial System Work For Us? Beyond the Headlines presents to you an interview with Atif R. Mian and highlights from his lecture this year. Speaker Bio:

Duration: 00:56:50

Map Room Session 2015

On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, Beyond the Headlines recorded a special episode titledLooking Forward, Looking Back: Reflections on Careers in the Public Service. For this special episode, we recordeda panel interview withfour highly successful former public servants and a live studio audience in CIUT 89.5FMs Map Room Studio. Our panelists spent decades of their careers

Duration: 00:57:11

Anti-Terror and Security Policy in Canada

Recent stories in the mediahave focused attention on troubling eventssuch as ISIS attacks, Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the attack on Parliament in Ottawa. We wanted to apply a policy lens to such controversial events, and asked our guests to offer analysis on Bill C-51. Are there aspects that require further review and amendment?How can

Duration: 00:57:58

Resilient Cities

How do urban centresaddressinequality? How do citiesprepare and overcomeextreme weather and climate change? How do cities respond to crisessuch ashealth outbreaks or terrorist attack? How do wecreating more sustainable cities/green cities? What makes a city resilient to emergencies and persistent social issues? Our experts guests will help us answer these questions. Tagged: emergency, infrastructure, innovation,

Duration: 00:56:21

Police Community Relations in Toronto

The episode will look at Police Community Relations in the City of Toronto. We will be asking our guests what they think about Toronto Police Services efforts to improve engagement with minority communities. Torontoscurrent chief, Bill Blair will be replaced this springwhat role dopolice community relations playin selecting a new police chief? Tagged: Anthony Morgan,

Duration: 00:59:58

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