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014 | How to Develop a Healthy Money Mindset and Re-Write Your Money Story with Tushar Jain

This episode’s guest is very special to me because he also happens to be my amazing fiance! Tushar Jain has a background on Wall Street and is a serial entrepreneur. He is now working in the crypto space and running a hedge fund called Multicoin Capital. When it comes to finance and investment, Tushar is one of the most brilliant minds around (I may be biased, but you can go ask anyone in the industry!). In this episode, Tushar gives us tips on how to have a healthy money mindset. He...


013 | How I Broke Out of the 9-to-5 Box to Design a Life That I Truly Love

A year ago today, I was working as a UX designer at an amazing technology start-up. I loved the field. I loved design. I loved my co-workers. I loved the company. I was not in love with the way I felt anymore. Something was off. I felt stuck. I wasn’t learning or growing anymore. I didn’t realize how much personal and career growth meant to me until that moment. I needed meaty challenges to breakthrough and solve. I wasn’t getting that at my job anymore… and honestly, I wasn’t going to...


012 | Taking Bunny Steps to Follow Your Passions with Gianna Ciaramello

I sat down with Gianna Ciaramello and got to chat with her about her passions. Gianna runs a consulting business, creates content (she’s an author!) for herself, and creates content for others. She’s juggling a lot of passions and she still manages to stop working at 6 pm in order to make herself a priority. Gianna is impressive and her thought process when it comes to managing her passions. She goes in-depth about how to structure time and how to proceed if you are a multi-passionate...


011 | How to Fuel Your Body and Stay Healthy Without Spending Hours in the Gym/Kitchen

Staying healthy and taking good care of your body isn’t always easy! I know first hand how tough it can be - especially when I’m managing several clients, creating podcast episodes, and other content! There seems to be just NO time some days to make a decent meal for myself, let alone work out. I know I’m not alone in this, so I wanted to share with you some of my tips for staying healthy when time feels like a scarce resource. I’m going to be covering several little tips on how you can...


010 | How to Create Your Personalized Blueprint to Self-Love with Lisa Thompson

I had the pleasure of chatting with Lisa Thompson, the Founder of Self Love Beauty. Lisa is on a mission to empower others to see their true beauty and embark on their own self-love journeys. After starting her own self-love journey a few years into her corporate career, Lisa decided she needed to share what she was learning with the world. Over time, her little blog turned into a heart-centered and passionate community. In this episode, Lisa shares what self-love really is and why it’s...


009 | How to Use Gratitude to Transform Your Life

You know those bad days?. The ones that seem to get worse and worse as the day goes on. The ones where EVERYTHING seems to be going wrong… Do you know why they happen? They happen because of the energy we, as individuals, bring to the table. We might be bringing energy that is anxious, flustered, stressed, angry, frustrated, desperate….. But, you can change these days. You can flip them in moments by harnessing the power of gratitude. Gratitude can literally transform your life, and...


008 | The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Mokshika Sharma

In this episode, I chat with Mokshika Sharma about her journey as an entrepreneur. We discuss the truth about entrepreneurship and how it’s not always a fairytale full of flowers and sunshine. We talk about the hard decisions and tough calls that sometimes need to be made. As an entrepreneur who has started 2 companies (Tastegraphy and Full Fridge) and is now on her 3rd launch, Mokshika has learned a great deal about what it takes to run a business. She shares her insights and knowledge...


007 | 5 Productivity Tips to Help You Perform at the Next Level

Your time is SO valuable. You’re a valuable team member, incredible business owner, and/or an amazing performer. However - here’s the sad part - we each are only allotted 24 hours in a day. How crazy is that?! After trying dozens of ways to increase how much time I had in 1 day, I decided it would be way smarter to just optimize how I work. I always had a suspicion that I wasn’t utilizing my time in the best way… so I went on a hunt to find techniques that could save me HOURS in my...


006 | Why You Should Be Making Positive Pivots in Your Life with Alex Oda

In this episode, I chat with Alex Oda about his journey through entrepreneurship. Alex is an engineer turned financial analyst turned entrepreneur. He has worked on several amazing projects all over the world. Alex is a social media influencer with a combined following of 400,000 followers across Instagram, Weibo, and YouTube and a former competitive bodybuilder (8 years). He heavily influenced and kick-started the "fitness boot camp" movement in China, which has lead to boot camps...


005 | How to Create a Daily Mind Gym Routine That Works For You

Your mind is the most important organ in your body. It does SO many amazing things for you… how are you taking care of it? What are you doing to strengthen it and to improve what it can do for you? This is where the concept of the “mind gym” comes in. In this episode we’ll cover all about what a mind gym routine is and why it can be so impactful in your life. I’ll also be covering the four components or exercises that mind gym routines can include: Hygiene, Clarity, Agility +...


004 | How to Cultivate Communities and Build Authentic Relationships Online with Akansha Agrawal

In this episode, I interview Akansha Agrawal - founder of the online wellness community, Citrus + Gold. After years of working in the corporate world in many great positions at LinkedIn, Akansha made the leap to follow her passion project full-time. As she went full-steam ahead to work on building her business and audience, Akansha has learned a great deal about building authentic online communities. She has built an authentic and engaged community on Instagram and Facebook. In fact,...


003 | How to Confidently and Effectively Ask for a Raise

I know you. You feel like you’re giving it all at your job and for some reason, you still aren’t being paid what you’re worth. Maybe you’ve tried to ask for a raise in the past and have gotten some lame response like, “we are on a comp freeze” or “these are tough times.” I’ve been there… After successfully getting $10k and even $15k+ raises in my career, I’m ready to spill all my secrets with you! In this episode, I cover step-by-step techniques that you can use to set yourself up for a...


002 | Embracing the #ConsultingHustle and Living Inside the Happiness Margin with Alexandria Hart

In this episode, I interview my lovely, brilliant, amazing friend Alexandria Hart. This lady is not only a beautiful soul, but she is also a marketing powerhouse. She has been running Good Joo Joo, her marketing firm, for about 1.5 years now and she is on fire. Alex has worked with several big brands and helped them crack the code when it comes to customer acquisition. She also has an ultra-talented team who is complete remote - how cool is that?! Alex has designed a business and lifestyle...


001 | Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Taking chances, living life on the edge, not knowing where next month’s money is going to come from, and being spontaneous? NONE of this was for me 1 year ago. I was (and am) such a planner – I loved my little bubble of comfort. However, over the last 12 months, I’ve realized how important it is for spiritual, mental, and physical growth to step outside of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable. In this episode, I chat about why getting uncomfortable can be so good for our life and your...


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