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BTU #149: Marines to Finance & COO @ Alpha Architect (Patrick Cleary)

Patrick Cleary is the Chief Operations Officer at Alpha Architect. He started out at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he served as a Platoon Commander in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years. After his active duty service, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School, worked as a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, and worked at the global business service provider, Algeco Scotsman Group. Why to Listen: This is a must-listen-to episode. Patrick covers so much...

Duration: 00:59:34

BTU 148- Taking a Startup Public and Founding a New Consulting Company (Bill Angeloni)

Bill Angeloni is the Founder & Director of Tenzing Consulting, a global management consulting firm he co-founded that now has over 850 experts and works with Fortune 1,000 clients and private equity. He started out at the Naval Academy, after which he served as an officer in the Navy for five years (while also earning his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management). After his time on Active Duty, he worked at United Airlines doing strategy and operations work, was a Manager at AT...

Duration: 00:51:42

BTU 147 - Founding Sport Clips Haircuts & Building 1700 Franchises (Gordon Logan)

Gordon Logan is the Founder & CEO at Sport Clips Haircuts, a company that he started back in 1993 and now has over 1,700 locations in the US & Canada. Logan started out at MIT, after which he served as an Aircraft Commander in the U.S. Air Force for seven years. After his military service, he worked as a financial planning and control consultant with Price Waterhouse & Co. in Houston, Texas. He holds an MBA with Honors from The Wharton School of Business. Why to Listen: In the past I've...

Duration: 00:55:52

BTU #145 - Active Duty to Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Advisor (Andrew Neuwirth)

Andrew Neuwirth is a Private Wealth Advisor at Goldman Sachs. He started out at the Naval Academy, after which he served as a Submarine Officer for seven years. After his military service, he transitioned directly to Goldman Sachs. Why to Listen: Andrew never considered a career in the Financial Services industry until a friend contacted him and told him he should apply for a position... where the application was due in just 18 hours. This led Andrew to learn everything he could about...

Duration: 00:50:15

BTU #146- The Three Rangers Foundation (Clay Othic)

Clay Othic is the Director of Outreach & Special Activities at the Three Rangers Foundation, a non-profit that works to provide deserving veterans with opportunities that will empower them to achieve lifelong success. He served in the US Army Special Operations for over 13 years. He also owns F3 Pursuits, which provides training and consultancy, primarily in the tactical operations and law enforcement community. Why to Listen: The Three Rangers Foundation is a free resource to help veterans...

Duration: 00:25:33

BTU #144 - Active Duty to the Boston Consulting Group (Kristen Sproat Colley)

Kristen Sproat Colley is a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in their D.C. office. She started out at the US Naval Academy and earned a MSc from Oxford University in Forced Migration. She served as an officer in the US Marine Corps for eight years, prior to making her transition to BCG. At BCG she has worked on blockchain integration with the global supply chain for a technology company, economic and social strategy implementation for a Middle Eastern government, and foreign business...

Duration: 00:51:23

BTU 143- Active Duty to Consultant at Bain & Co. (Trevor Miller)

Trevor Miller is a Consultant at Bain & Company in their Boston office. He started out at the US Naval Academy, after which he earned his Master of Public Administration at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He served in the Marine Corps as a Force Reconnaissance Officer for six years, before transitioning to Bain. Why to Listen: Trevor managed to go directly from Active Duty military to Bain & Company, something that less than 7% of military veterans in...

Duration: 00:53:52

BTU #142 - Failing Forward

In this episode, I review a book that I know will benefit every veteran, John C. Maxwell's Failing Forward. Nearly every person I've interviewed on the show has talked about failure - and many, many failures - that they have experienced in their career. This book does an exceptional job of talking about how you can shift your relationship to failure, build up resilience towards it, and how vital this is to achieving great goals in life. Selected Resources: BTU #110: Co-Founding Plated &...

Duration: 00:31:44

BTU #140- A look back at 2017 (and ahead at 2018)

This is my final episode for the year of 2017. In this episode, I talk about three topics that are very top of mind for me with the Veteran community, and I share a handful of resources related to each topic. I also look back at where Beyond the Uniform has gone in 2017, and what lies ahead for 2018. As always, I greatly appreciate your feedback, and look forward to a great 2018 with all of you! Selected Resources: BTU #139 – Founding Bunker Labs (Todd Connor) BTU 141: The CEO of...

Duration: 00:33:45

BTU #138 - Data about Vets at a Top 3 Consulting Firms

Why to Listen: Today is my third and final data post about Veterans in the field of Management Consultants. Today, we dive in specifically to look at the top three Management Consulting Firms - McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain - and what characterizes the veterans who work there. If you're interested in consulting, this will be an interesting look including the most popular schools people go to, how long they serve, and how they get there. Our...

Duration: 00:18:17

BTU #137 - Patriot Boot Camp & Entrepreneuership (Charlotte Creech)

"Learning in a classroom is much different from actually doing it. And so I thought I had all this great knowledge coming out of my MBA program but then when I actually became a startup CEO, I found it really was a different world. While textbook knowledge can be helpful and important, it’s really not ultimately going to determine your success as an entrepreneur.” - Charlotte Creech Why to Listen: Long time listeners know that typically on the show, I interview military veterans that...

Duration: 00:48:57

BTU #135 - Data- A look at Veterans at Top 10 Consulting Firms (Original Data Analysis)

Why to Listen: In episode #133, I dove into original data about how veterans manage to secure a job at the top rated Management Consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. Today, I take this 100 steps further by analyzing data about how veterans enter into a top 10 consulting firm. I look at salary information, as well as how branch of service, length of military service, and length of civilian work experience all impact your future career as a consultant. Our...

Duration: 00:27:17

BTU #134 - Founding Alpha Architect (Wes Gray)

Wes Gray is the CEO and CIO of Alpha Architect which is a research intensive asset management firm. He started out at Wharton where earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics after which he served as a Marine Corps Ground Intelligence Officer for 4 years. After his military service, he earned both his MBA and his Ph.D. from the Chicago Booth School of Business. After which, he started Alpha Architect. I was introduced to Wes through a Wall Street Journal article which started out, “Wesley...

Duration: 00:52:08

BTU #134- Survey Results & BTU Updates

Why to Listen: Thanks to all of you who completed the November 2017 survey about the types of interviews you'd like to hear in 2018, and your suggestions to improve the show. I wanted to share the results of this survey, and a bit more information on where Beyond the Uniform is headed. Our Sponsor: Transcript & Time Stamps: Thank those of you who took the time to answer my survey about the types of interviews you’d like to hear in...

Duration: 00:06:10

BTU #133 - What it takes to become a McKinsey Consultant (original data analysis)

Management Consulting is the fifth most popular career route for Veterans of the Armed Forces. Today we’re going to be doing a data episode, specifically with information from LinkedIn, that I’ve put together to discover the different paths veterans have taken within the field of management consulting. This is something I’ve been thinking about for nearly a year. It’s just been difficult to carve out the time to sift through all the information that is on LinkedIn. Rather than waiting to...

Duration: 00:29:50

BTU #132 - Active Duty to Chick-fil-A Franchise Owner (Marlon Terrell)

"I thought it was a good idea to get a truck delivered at 4:30 in the morning because I wanted the truck put away before my restaurant opened and if my drive-through was busy for breakfast, it would be hard to get the food out of the truck. And that was a huge mistake because you are not getting 19 year old to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get on the truck. It takes some time to find people that are adults and are able to get to work on time. So I found myself at 3:00 in the morning...

Duration: 01:03:14

BTU #131 - 15 Exceptional (and free) Resources for Veterans

Why to Listen: In over 13 interviews, I've heard a lot about great resources available for veterans, as well as how difficult it is to be aware of all of the free resources available to Veterans. That's why, in this interview I go through 15 of the resources I've interviewed people about on the show, or have heard about from other veterans. While this list is by no means exhaustive, my intention with the new Directory section of the Beyond the Uniform website is to make it easier for...

Duration: 00:30:07

BTU #130- 20 Year Pilot to Hospital CEO (Harry Schmidt)

"Really what the civilian sector is needing and looking for are leadership skills. And the leadership skills that [veterans] have learned by getting a tremendous amount of responsibility early careers, or dealing with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) - that's the life we lived in the military. The civilian sector is looking for people who can deal with and handle and make great decisions within the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. That's the skill...

Duration: 01:03:29

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