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BTU #123 - The Veterans Yoga Project (Dr. Dan Libby)

"With all of these practices, if we drill down on what's actually happening with them, it is just a shift in your nervous system. Being able to connect the mind and the body and the breath via this system in your body that is designed to succeed and live inline with your values and goals." - Dr. Dan Libby Thanks to Tim Avery, btu #12 for the intro to Dan. Dr. Dan Libby is the founder and executive director of Veterans Yoga Project (VYP). He has empowered veterans and their communities to...

Duration: 00:47:05

BTU #122 - Army to CEO of Skullycandy (Jason Hodell)

"For example, we had a $180 headphone that wasn't working - it wasn't the right price point or form factor. Once we stopped trying to win there, and just focused on being great under $100, it was amazing the power that focus can bring to the team. Not spreading yourself too thin, but giving your team the one objective, the one hill - because if we can win here, a lot of other things will just take care of themselves." - Jason Hodell See the full show notes and more veteran interviews at...

Duration: 00:52:21

Skills 3 - Civilian Terminology #1 (BTU #121)

In my interviews, we often use business jargon and terminology without explaining it. As Jason Hodell (BTU #122) said, "you've got to know the lingo." So, in this episode I dive into some of the most common civilian business terms I've had on the show. This is Part 1, so if there are other terms you'd like explained, send me a note about what terms you'd like me to cover for Part 2. This is a new type of episode, and I'd love any feedback on this approach. Usually, I interview military...

Duration: 00:25:20

BTU #120 - Traveling the world for 4 years after Active Duty Navy (Tim Patterson)

"I thought I was a big shot traveller until I met these people and I realized that I was nothing, and they were incredible. I've read books and seen movies and TV shows where people take their motorcycles around the world. It's easy to think - that person's crazy or that person has a personal fortune or that that person has some unbelievable life circumstance that makes that possible. But when I met people in real life who had done these long-distance motorcycle trips, and I realized...

Duration: 01:03:47

Skills #2 - The Slight Edge (BTU #119)

This is a new type of episode, and I'd love any feedback on this approach. Usually, I interview military veterans about their civilian career. Today, instead, I'm going to dive into a specific skill I think would be helpful to veterans in their civilian career: The Slight Edge. Special thanks to Ray & Samantha Allen for recommending this book to me in their interview. The Slight Edge is a great book about how small, repeated actions on a daily basis can lead to massive changes in your...

Duration: 00:16:33

BTU #117- Jim Vesterman- Marine Corps to Search Funds and Buying a Company to Run

“I'm not sure that I'm the best necessarily at starting a business from scratch - figuring out a business model in my garage, making this thing work, and taking all the risks there are in the startup phase. But I was pretty sure that I could take a business that had cashflows, infrastructure, and a business model and make it a lot better." – Jim Vesterman Jim Vesterman is the CEO of Raptor Technologies, which is the nation's leading provider of integrated safety technologies for K-12...

Duration: 00:53:45

BTU Skills 1 - Empathy & Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

This is a new type of episode, and I'd love any feedback on this approach. Usually, I interview military veterans about their civilian career. Today, instead, I'm going to dive into a specific skill I think would be helpful to veterans in their civilian career: Empathy. This has come up in many episodes as something that veterans have needed to develop to progress in their civilian career. A tool that I have found to be extremely helpful in my own life in building up empathy is something...

Duration: 00:35:50

BTU #116 - Finance, Co-Founding Live Ops, and starting an investment firm (Patrick McKenna)

"I was a Signal Corps Officer trained in telecom - I managed switches and all those kind of things, so I really understood traditional telecom infrastructure. These engineers who became my co-founders developed a soft switch - basically, using a computer, you could control a big piece of hardware somewhere else to make a phone ring. What I knew was that was massively disruptive. And what we didn't know together was where that disruption was going to lead us. And that disruption led us,...

Duration: 00:53:22

BTU #115 - Network Marketing & Residual Income While on Active Duty (Ray & Samantha Allen)

"We always say that you earn while you learn in this business. So even though we were both full-time active duty when we started this business, you can really build it into the nooks and crannies of your life, while just learning the process. Because there are people who are willing to hold your hands so that you can walk and then run in this business." - Samantha Allen Ray and Samantha Allen are both 2009 Naval Academy Graduates. After graduation, Ray went to flight school & became a...

Duration: 00:59:56

BTU #114 - Founding an Inc 500 Company While Traveling Southeast Asia (Justin Cooke)

"Working for this company, we started outsourcing to the Philippines, and we started doing more and more work with the Philippines. Eventually my buddy and I said, 'Why don't we setup a company in the Philippines to do the outsourcing for our employer?' So we pitched out bosses and they loved it. And so that kind of got our foot in the door." - Justin Cooke Justin Cooke is the Founder at Empire Flippers, a company that helps others buy, sell, and invest in profitable websites and online...

Duration: 00:52:40

BTU #112 - Army to Goldman Sachs, and President of the Florida Panthers (Matthew Caldwell)

"No matter what job you're doing or where you're going, you always want to be the best at your current role. I never imagined that I'd be in the sports industry, let alone the President of an NHL Hockey Team. I never imagined that I'd be at Goldman Sachs. When I was in the Army I just worked really hard, and then identified that my next step would be getting into the best grad school, and then I just focused on that. You just have to have this balance of short term and long term...

Duration: 00:49:53

BTU #112- Growing Black Rifle Coffee from $1.8k to $20M in 2.5 years (Evan Hafer)

"I spent about $1,800 buying bags and thinks, built my own website and started trying to sell coffee online. So basically I started Black Rifle Coffee from a passion that I sought to test out." - Evan Hafer Evan Hafer is the Founder & CEO of Black Rifle Coffee, a small batch coffee roasting company. He started out at the University of Idaho, after which he spent 14 years in the U.S. Army as an infantryman, a Special Forces soldier, and a CIA contractor. I came across Evan in a 2016...

Duration: 00:47:25

BTU #110- Co-Founding Plated & Raising $55M (Nick Taranto)

"It was like an apocalypse movie and it was the day we launched Plated - the worst day in the history of the internet. And then our cargo container got picked up in the storm surge and sucked out into the river. The only thing that kept our business from getting flooded out of business was that thumb width 220V electricity cord that got tangled around a phone pole and didn't get sucked out to sea. It was just a lesson in perseverance." - Nick Taranto Nick Taranto is the Co-Founder & CEO...

Duration: 00:51:57

BTU #111- Two sibling Army Vets and Their Two Successful Startups

"Wouldn't it be great if our country didn't have to care about Iraq's oil, or the Middle East's oil? Maybe we should start an energy related business - ok let's go figure that out. That was roughly the thought process that gave us the left and right limits of starting an energy business. That started a process where we just endlessly turned over rock, after rock, after rock trying to find something, while absolutely not knowing what we were doing. Then we eventually stumbled across...

Duration: 00:54:14

BTU #109- 20 years in the Army, selling a startup to Mercedes, and co-founding GoodWorld (John Gossart)

"There was a point in time that we had $719 left in the bank. There were late night discussions sitting around the table and talking about what we're going to do; how we're going to inform people that they don't have jobs. How we're going to inform our larger investors that we ran out of money and we're not going to make it. And we turned that around in the middle of the night with one particular investor who became of strategic importance and that was in the same year that we were...

Duration: 00:50:49

BTU #108- Team Red, White & Blue (Garrett Cathcart)

"To find meaning in what you do - that can be in anything. That could be in what you do for a living, or running a podcast to help veterans, that can be volunteering somewhere. For me, for so long in the Army that was my identity and who I was. And once I was out of that, I didn't know who I was anymore. To do what you love and do what you believe in, as a living is a great gift." - Garrett Cathcart Garrett Cathcart is the Southeast Regional Director at Team Red, White & Blue - an...

Duration: 00:39:19

BTU #107 - Elijah Crane- SEALS to ABC's Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

"I told my wife: we're going to do this when we get out of the military. That was a tough pill for her to swallow. And you can't really blame her. If you ever tell your wife that you're going to get out of the service and sell bottle openers, she might think that you've been around too many explosions and she might think that you're crazy." - Elijah Crane Elijah Crane (Eli) is the Founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher, a company that creates hand crafted 50 caliber bottle openers made by...

Duration: 00:47:00

BTU #106 - Alex Stone: Under Armour, Athletes of Valor, and the Sports Industry

“You know sometimes - for example, even over this holiday weekend - people will ask if I had to work on a certain day. This is my life! This is what I do. It's always funny because what your life looks like is - for me - this is what I want to make my life's work. It's what I'm passionate about and what I enjoy doing." - Alex Stone Alex Stone is the Founder & CEO of Athletes of Valor, who’s mission is to help veterans transition from service to career by leveraging the power of...

Duration: 00:43:47

BTU #105 - Nathan Smith- Marines to COO at Hire Heroes USA

“If you don't have a narrow vision of what you want so that you can focus, if you're open to everything - which is the infamous line we get from most of the people we work with: 'I'll move anywhere and do anything' - they think that makes it easier to help them find a job, whereas it's actually the exact opposite. What we need is for you to narrow down and focus. Align with mentors, align with organizations like [Hire Heroes USA], and together we can overcome this structural divide between...

Duration: 00:48:14

BTU #104 - Scott Washburn- Submarines to PhD & Astronaut Finalist

“I think the biggest thing is finding something you're passionate about and really going all-in on it. There's no lack of different ways to become an astronaut. If you look at the resumes of people that were just selected, Navy SEALS, Pilots, MIT Professors, engineers at SpaceX, people who specialize in Marine Biology, Doctors - so there's no lack of options on how to get there. I think the biggest thing is just finding what you're really passionate about and going all-in on it." - Dr....

Duration: 00:43:23

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