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Conor Friedersdorf and guests talk about politics and other matters, on

Conor Friedersdorf and guests talk about politics and other matters, on
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Conor Friedersdorf and guests talk about politics and other matters, on




Conor Friedersdorf & Daniel Teehan

Princeton protester Daniel criticizes media coverage ... Conor: Many protester demands conflict with free speech ... Is Princeton an "institution of white supremacy"? ... Debating the value of cultural competency training ... Are students learning a bad lesson about creating change? ... How relevant is John Stuart Mill for today's students? ...

Duration: 01:32:17

Conor Friedersdorf & Kashmir Hill

Should we fear private genetic databases? ... How your Fitbit can be used against you ... Why you shouldn't check the hacked Ashley Madison database ... Conor: If you're not paranoid, you're crazy ... Getting inside Edward Snowden's head ... Are "safe spaces" antithetical to free speech? ...

Duration: 01:01:18

Conor Friedersdorf & Elizabeth Nolan Brown

When police departments run amok—and unions defend them ... Solidarity forever? How police unions fit into the labor movement ... A new way of looking at sex workers ... California takes on child pornography... ... ...but is it crossing ethical lines in the process? ... The changing nature of digital journalism ...

Duration: 01:02:38

Conor Friedersdorf & Noah Millman

Why are the hawks back running the foreign policy debate? ... Libya, Yemen, and perception vs. reality ... The motivations of Pamela Geller, and of her attackers ... Defending free speech vs. defending intelligent speech ... The real differences between NYC and LA ... How the cities differ in race, class, and memory ...

Duration: 00:52:35

Conor Friedersdorf & Noah Millman

Have we reached a tipping point on police brutality? ... The "right" conservative position on police abuse ... Turning police abuse into a partisan football ... Why do cops abuse civilians? It's all about the incentives ... The right's taboos about police and the military ...

Duration: 00:32:53

Conor Friedersdorf & Emma Green

The weirdness of bakers becoming culture war icons ... Is baking a cake protected speech? ... Culture war + online shaming = disaster ... The thorny question of an appropriate punishment ... Against the politicization of everyday life ... Think of the grandparents! ...

Duration: 00:52:10

Conor Friedersdorf & Mark Oppenheimer

Yale's Episcopal chaplain resigns amid anti-Semitism charges ... What anti-Semites and hardcore Zionists have in common ... Why does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict get so much coverage? ... Edward Snowden and our inherent distrust of whistleblowers ... Wanting Jon Stewart to host Meet the Press ... A mecca for Jewish beggars in suburban New Jersey ...

Duration: 01:02:32

Conor Friedersdorf & Jamelle Bouie

Police officers' accountability problem ... What should cops do when a crazy person has a knife? ... Conor: I haven't called the cops for fear they'll kill someone ... Jamelle: Blacks are the canaries in the coal mine of America ... Rep. Barbara Lee, the sole vote against the War on Terror ... The case for sitting out the fight against ISIS ...

Duration: 00:52:31

Conor Friedersdorf & Freddie deBoer

Should teachers have tenure? Should anybody? ... Freddie: Why unions go to the mat every time ... Protection, pay, and "no excuses" culture ... Has ed reform been a massive failure? ... Does poverty explain bad schools? ... The making of good and bad teachers ...

Duration: 01:10:09

Conor Friedersdorf & Phoebe Maltz Bovy

On Friedersdorf, Conor and Phoebe discuss the plague of parental oversharing. What kind of privacy is owed to celebrities like Justin Bieber? Phoebe describes traveling to Japan, where it was impossible for her to "pass" as a native. Moving to the Isla Vista shooting, Conor argues that the media should deny notoriety to mass shooters. Phoebe complicates the narrative around #YesAllWomen, and wonders whether "rape culture" is a useful term. Conor and Phoebe critique the idea of "checking...

Duration: 01:07:04