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Conversations about foreign policy and international affairs, on

Conversations about foreign policy and international affairs, on
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Conversations about foreign policy and international affairs, on




David Klion & Jonathan Kay

A transformative election in Canada ... How the conservative Harper stayed in power for 9 years ... Harper's "undignified" final campaign ... Justin Trudeau's personality as key to the Liberal victory ... Jon's personal impressions of Trudeau ... Jon: David Frum is wrong about this election ...

Duration: 00:52:38

Mark Leon Goldberg & Rebecca Hamilton

The roots of South Sudan's civil war ... How the White House lost faith in S. Sudan's president ... S. Sudan expels UN honcho because of critical tweets ... How the Nuba region conflict feeds into the war ... The government is bankrupting itself into the future ... A lot of pessimism, with a dose of optimism ...

Duration: 00:28:49

Mark Leon Goldberg & David Bosco

David predicts the ICC will investigate war crimes in Palestine ... Mark: The court could end up only investigating Hamas ... Will the ICC examine Israeli settlements? ... Gaming out Security Council scenarios ... Moral quandaries around Kony crony who turned himself in ... Might the US stop cooperating with the ICC entirely? ...

Duration: 00:30:31

Robert Wright & Jeet Heer

Famous and glamorous Canadian radio host caught in sex scandal ... Rob Ford, Jian Ghomeshi, and Canada's "age of scandal" ... A Marxist reading of the sex scandal ... Jeet's critique of the "blowback" theory of terrorism ... Were the attacks in Canada terrorism, mental illness, or both? ... Explaining Stephen Harper’s neocon foreign policy ...

Duration: 00:57:38

Robert Wright & Jonathan Kay

The week that Canada changed forever (or not) ... Do Canadians believe that terrorism is "blowback"? ... One man's terrorist is another man's violent crazy person ... How can we make ISIS a less effective brand? ... Jon: We shouldn't turn Parliament Hill into a bunker ... How the sergeant-at-arms became a hero ...

Duration: 00:41:42

Robert Wright & Ana Francisca Vega

The strange case of the 43 missing Mexican students ... Finding a mass grave in Mexico is, sadly, no longer a shock ... Ana: This case is a real threat to President Peña Nieto ... What's the solution to Mexico's violence? ... Grading Peña Nieto's economic reforms ... How social media is changing Mexican politics ...

Duration: 00:33:55

Robert Wright & Soli Ozel

Why isn't Turkey intervening to save Kobani? ... Turkey's three demands for joining the anti-ISIS fight ... Why President Erdogan turned against his old pal Assad ... Soli: Turks are fighting on all sides of Syria's civil war ... How ISIS affects Turkey's Kurdish problem ... Does Obama even have a real anti-ISIS strategy? ...

Duration: 00:32:17

Robert Wright & Christopher Beam

Why the talks between Hong Kong protestors and officials collapsed ... Reasons not to blame the British ... The "illusion" of an open China ... Does Hong Kong have a silent majority? ... Scandal conveniently embroils Hong Kong’s CEO ... Sorting out the conspiracy theories ...

Duration: 00:26:53

Steven Denney & Adam Cathcart

Where is Kim Jong-un? ... The hard work of studying the enigmatic DPRK ... Purges and defections ... What Syria and North Korea have in common ... The diminishing ethnic bond among Koreans ... North Korea's tense economic relationship with China ...

Duration: 00:43:39