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Revelation 3 | The Church at Sardis

First we talked about Ephesus the church that forgot their first love, which lead us right into the sanctuary of the church at Smyrna, who was consequently the suffering church. Pergamus, the Church that married the world was right behind them. It only got worse in Thyatira. Today we find ourselves in a church that feels all too familiar, unfortunateky they call Sardis the Dead church, let's uncover why...


Revelation 2 | Thyatira

Imagine being in a city where you had to compromise the very crux of who you were just to make a living. You had to lay down your religion at every turn so much that it was just another thing that was no longer a staple in your every day life but yet you called yourself a Chrisitan. That's just a taste of what it meant to live in Thyatira.


Genesis 28 & 29 | Jacob's Ladder & More Retribution

Imagine this. Jacob does everything in his power to trick his father he was Esau, so that his father would bless him with the birth right and it actually works! He gets the blessing, he gets to carry on the lineage of Abraham! THE FATHER ABRAHAM!! But it doesn't come without a cost, only because he decides to be shady and shidty, he has to leave his mother and father's home because his brother Esau is out to get him, LITERALLY. He actually say that, "When I see him, I'm going to kill him."...


Genesis 27 | God's Concept of Retribution

After Jacob has convinced Esau to sell his birth right in a moment of weakness, the trickery continues. We learn a plethora of things here in this passage: 1. Esau was guilty of bartering divine privilege for carnal gratification. 2. Don’t think you have to help God. If Rebekah would have not devised the plan God would have worked it out his way. 3. Don’t be blind by you own affections to what God wants to do. Isaac was stuck on Esau, God was stuck on Jacob. Isaac wasn’t sensitive to...


Genesis 25 & 26 | Jacob & Esau

Here we see the beeginning of fued that lasted for ages. We learn several valuable lessons from this off the wall encounter from this set of twins: 1. People will use your weaknesses to get what they want even when they are closest to you 2. When God has prophesied a thing it doesn't matter what circumstances there are, he is going to make room for what he has promised. 3. God doesn't need your help. Even when you try to tip the scales, he is still going to do what he wants


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