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# 17 The Casting Couch Bears

What race would you be? Paik’s hands, Teach Humanity One thing, Glory Holes, Smallville sex cult, Jean Claude Van DAMN vs. The Green Ranger, Wilds struggles to say “Little House on the Prairie”, Poop Needle, More Sex Robots, #OCD Off Color Discussions, Burger King Bully, Chunky Feminist, 3 Million for Virginity, Trans Racial Filipino, Xavier vs. Magneto, We Fix a couple DC movies, Lavar Ball vs. Trump vs. Lavar Burton, The mysterious Korean Motor Bike, James Franco plays Multiple Man,...

Duration: 00:48:29

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's a D over Australia

Questions from Australia, Vegetables in Mac and Cheese? #manbrainpodcast, Paik takes on the Aborigines, Woman to Man Ratio, America’s Happiness Ranking, No need for Country Codes when you’re an American, Country Code, hadron collider, Sink or Swim, Men are not Exotic, Prison Wives, sologamy, Pub Crawl, Wild Porn Bing, Toilet Seat Up or Down? Toilet Water, Microwave Pop Tarts, Papa Nazi, Sushi, How Many Dates without sex? Tantric Sex, Kegels, How are you going to die? 9/11 Math Problem,...

Duration: 01:06:08

BB 15 Gingers are 50 percent off

Stranger Things 2, The Power Rangers Movie, Spawn vs Ghost Rider, Nic Cage, Pop’s Cereal Janitor, President Bush…. Jr or W?, Pizza or Burger, Daylight Savings, Brad Pitt’s new Girl Friend, Adoption, Ginger Discounts, Gordon Ramsey, Jackie Chan, Bill Gates, another round of Bang, Marry, Kill, Ray Ray learns what SCAT porn is, Palm issues, 2 Girls 1 \_/, Bullying, Australian Correspondent answers questions about Koloa meat, Furries….again, Black Eyes or Black Guys, Burger King Taser,...

Duration: 01:39:10

Little Caesars Thunderdome (Me and 23)

Turn that volume up and listen to the Bicker Bots fill those ME and 23 test tubes while discussing; German Sex Robot Brothels, Teen Mom reboot, Plot holes in Ultron, Are we too dependent on Computers? Hacker’s and Bank robbers, Ray Ray solves Illegal Immigration, Jeff Bezos, Ellen/Katy Perry, Boogie Nights, Spacey, Cosby, California arranged marriages, Mandatory Birth control, Serial Killers,

Duration: 01:21:41

Harvey and the Sex Robot

On this episode the Bicker Bots talk about the Chinese Space Station that is crashing towards earth, Harvey Weinstein, the definition of sexual harassment, free balling, Sex Addiction, Is it ok to bang a Sex Robots? Which Rick and Morty Character they Identify with, Watermelon…..Samurai or Ninjas, Playboy’s Transgender Centerfold, Drinking age, Crack heads and bums, Fat Shaming, Nic Cage, Critics, Irrational Fears, Powerlifting, Movie Pranks, and what exactly would Ray Ray do to get into...

Duration: 01:04:32

#12 Enter the Dustin....

This episode the Bicker Bots experience their first crossover with Dustin from “Countdown City Geekcast.” The Bots play Bang, Marry, Kill……and discuss the Vegas shooting, Cam Newton, weekly cultural appropriation, why Paik thinks Bestiality is okay, whether or not you may be born gay, Mother In Laws, Ouija Boards, the difference between Hobbits, Gnomes and midgets and much more.

Duration: 00:58:11

#11: Ms. North Korea and the Glory Hole

The Bicker Bots discuss the pros and cons of Ms. North Korea and educate Paik on the finer points of a Glory Hole. The guys discuss if Super Mario is racist, deal-breakers, do birds make good pets, and search for someone to let us know what Kola meat taste like……..all while talking about the problems with the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico

Duration: 00:54:14

#9: DDong-chi/Good Audio

Paik teaches everyone about a game from his childhood, Wilds educates everyone on how to sell street Nutella, Paik tackles the NFL Kneelathon

Duration: 01:03:14

#8: Trailer Park Kool-Aid

The Bicker Bots discuss a variety of Superhero movies and shows. Paik talks about why he wants to be a vampire. Wilds speaks about gym etiquette and we all learn that Denny's is not a safe place and why in 2003 you probably never got you pizza.

Duration: 01:12:50

#7: Uncle Kim Jong the illest

The Bicker Bots discuss; Whitewashing, Nerds vs Geeks, Tipping, Paik's Driving, the NASA space pen, Paintball Driving......while Paik tries to convince the listeners that PJ is Asian.

Duration: 00:45:22

#6: Short Round grew up to be Glen?

The Bicker Bots discuss the pros and cons of the Death Penalty, why women tend to attack PJ at random, Would Bruce Lee beat M Ali? Did Short round grow up and become a Bicker Bot?

Duration: 00:52:20

#5: The Exotic Kimchi Squat

The Bicker Bots argue about White Washing. As well as exploring PJ's hallucinations and Paik's amazement with BBC.

Duration: 00:51:13

#4: Paik Supports Martian Child Slavery

The Bicker Bots discuss everything from the Mayweather, Mcgregor fight to Alex Jones and Spider-Man Homecoming

Duration: 00:48:34

#3: Top Gun is not Gay!

We explore Paik's love of Tentacle Porn, Wilds attacks Star Wars, while PJ defends Top Gun...all while discussing Trump's Travel Ban

Duration: 01:04:20