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Ep.41 – Batman Returns (to BIFF! BAM! BORT!)

The Biff Bam Boys are back, and to kick off the holiday season, they’re back on Batman!… but a different Batman. In an effort to keep things holly and jolly, they boys decided to provide an un-requested commentary to one of their collectively favorite Christmas movies, the Tim Burton classic, Batman Returns. Send us your...

Duration: 02:12:27

Ep.40– Movies Of A Lifetime (Part 3)

Here it is! The conclusion of the Biff! Bam! Bort! 3 part podcast of the boys listing their favorite movies from every year of their respective lives. They’ve given us some classics, some forgotten gems, and of course… Master Of The Universe… It’s been a long and crazy quest, and it’s only going to get...

Duration: 01:01:47

Ep.39 – Movies Of A Lifetime (Part 2)

**This Episode Picks Up Where Ep. 38 Left Off** On this episode of Biff! Bam! Bort!, the boys continue on the quest of rankings their favorite movies from every year of their lives. Part one took the boys from 1980 – 1995, with an epic selection of films that included Masters of the Universe, Barton...

Duration: 01:21:59

Ep.38 – Movies Of A Lifetime (Part 1)

It’s happened… BIFF! BAM! BORT! Has Returned!!! The boys come back strong as they recount their favorite, and arguably the greatest, movies from every year of their respective lives. That being said, this concept was way too epic to be contained to a single episode, so they’ve broken it down into a trilogy! Listen as...

Duration: 01:19:12

KIMMIE JONES!!… Always and Forever.

In Memory Of Our Friend Kimmie Jones. For a full scope of how truly awesome Kimmie was visit her Blog at

Duration: 01:02:00

Ep.37 – Jay Forgot The Titles

It’s true, Jay is a jerk and forgot what the title of this episode was going to be, saddest part being that the boys came up with at least 3. Though miles apart, but in reality not that far away, the boys can see each other through the miracle of Skype video chat! Ryan takes...

Duration: 01:32:51

Ep.36 – All Hail The Rat King

The Biff Bam Boys are Back, for the first time in 2017, and they’re chock full of Turtle Power! Ryan tell us about “Corgigate”, Mike unravels the flawed science behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it’s Jay v. Bane on this episode of BIFF BAM BORT!

Duration: 01:21:56

Ep.35 – R.I.P. 2016, It’s all Karate to me.

The Wonder Years would have been better with a Terminator, Jay coins a new phrase, and the boys say farewell to 2016 and everyone it’s taken with it.

Duration: 01:16:06

Ep.34 – Chingy And Hotdogs For The Ride Home

KIMMIE JONES!! F*ckable Millhouse loves Sushi and the Banshies, Does Ralph Machio Support Trump, and we’ve finally been dubbed an Un-Christian Podcast by a toothless Angel who loves gambling, hot dogs, and was once in a nuclear power plant accident. Checkout more form our friend Kimmie at:

Duration: 00:55:47

Ep.33 – How is Kirk Cameron still alive?

It’s our Thicke(est) episode ever. Mike’s soulmate is subject to having their collarbone broken.. a lot, Jay is ok with having the last name Hitler, and Ryan holds the Loch Ness Monster in a higher regard than he does Big Foot. Remember when this show use to be about Batman?

Duration: 01:27:37

Ep.32 – Chubby For Chevy

If these boys aren’t talking Batman, they’re talking about Home Alone and Congo….. again.. or try to at least.

Duration: 01:27:17