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A podcast about our journey in the business of independent video game development. Listen in to hear the highs and lows as we set out to make a living from making games - making mistakes and learning how to run a game dev business from week to week. There'll be excitement! Despair! Education! And maybe a little bit of comfort for those out there who are on the same path themselves. If there's a topic you'd like to cover, or you have feedback in general please email






Episode 25 - Happy 1st BirthdAnt

Woohoo, the episode none of us were sure we would ever reach - it's time to celebrate Ant Workshop's first birthday. Tony talks over the exciting times since the last podcast (have we been Greenlit yet? SPOILER: Yes) and then goes in to a little bit of a retrospective about what's been achieved in the last 12 months, and what he wishes he could go back in time and tell himself. Garageband gets in on the excitement by pretending to lose 30 minutes of the recording, and there are even some...

Duration: 00:48:06

Episode 24 - Steam GreenlAnt

Who's that at the door? It's episode 24! Or "the Steam Greenlight one" as I think it will forever be called. Basically we stuck Binaries in to Greenlight just after releasing the last episode, which means Tony has two weeks' worth of experience of what that's like to talk about. Will he succumb to the usual traps of internet pundits and extrapolate for too detailed and precise "learnings" from the scant information available to him? Listen to find out! Have you been to have a look at...

Duration: 00:34:17

Episode 23 - TrailAnts

What's that we see? It's episode 23! A week later than expected (sorry to keep you waiting, we know this is very much the highlight of your week) but sounding great. This episode Tony talks about the things he's done to announce the name change for Tealy and Orangey to Binaries (and you can visit to see the fruits of these labours). Including making a press kit, making a website, and putting together a trailer, and how all of these things feed in to each other and help...

Episode 22 - AntivisAntBlizzAnt

In this episode Tony talk about submitting for the IGF, why he almost didn't, and why he's been spending so much time making websites and logos and things. Then, at listener request (yes, really) he talks about today's exciting BREAKING NEWS that ActivisionBlizzard have bought King, what that means for indie games (yes, really), and his thoughts on armchair pundits. Like himself. He also thinks up an idea for a game trailer, live on air! Which is good, because we need one of those. So...

Episode 14 - Task Managem-Ant

Busy week this week as Tony has to prepare a talk for the Edinburgh Game Symposium tomorrow, and to show Tealy & Orangey at Dare photoplay on the weekend. SO OF COURSE he is recording a podcast for you, the dwindling but fiercely loyal listenership. Because his mind's on work right now, here's a list of the software and tools he uses to manage his jumbled thoughts and make sure anything that slips through the leaky sieve of his brain gets caught and stored away either digitally or whatever...

Bigger Than Hollywood - Episode 6

It's business time! This week Tony's being forced in to thinking about some very boring stuff about projections and goals and legal structures, and that's forcing him to talk to accountants and insurance brokers. Eurgh, why can't we just make games all day long? Well because we'd like enough money to survive on, for one. To balance out the tiresome business-talk there is a little bit of E3 chat, because it is E3. So probably even fewer people than normal will even listen to this. Next week...