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"Mr. Z" also known as Matthew Zanoskar, is a very experienced motorcyclist and effective communicator with an engaging personality. As an interviewer, he has an almost "charismatic" quality that makes you want to "tune in again next week"! He just plain knows how to "git down" with his guests, especially on hot political topics concerning the motorcycling community. Mr. Z has been involved in motorcycling for over 30 years Matt was born in Austria in 1947 in a refugee camp, and came to the U.S. with his family at the age of 4. He is of Slovenian descent and still gets a kick out of being able to speak the language, like the time he interviewed Niko Mihalich, owner of the first Harley Davidson Dealership in the country of Slovenia, as well as Eastern Europe. He has had guests and phone interviews from many foreign countries on the show, bringing home the international interest in motorcycling. What began as a twinkle in the eye of an inner-city immigrant refugee child has developed into a dream of establishing the first national network talk radio show for motorcyclists, and the first to be heard around the world, joining the pioneers of internet broadcasting.





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