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Every week Binary Gamer will teach you something you didn't know about video games and video game culture. From lore, game mechanics, game theory, and the minds behind the games we love; prepare yourself to learn just a little more than you did about the games we love.




Ep. 36: Binary Gamer Strikes Out on It's Own

It's a different kind of class this week. Binary Gamer is striking out on it's own and because of that Tony has been busy getting the show to stand on it's own on the internet; and because of that a lesson plan was not created. So instead of radio silence Tony decided to sit down and ask the class a few questions and talk about what he's been playing and what he has planned for Binary Gamer in the future. It's a crazy new world for Binary Gamer. Let's get this show on the road! YouTube...

Duration: 00:18:02

Ep. 35: A Wild Wally Appears! and We Discuss Game Developers

This week Binary Gamer gets a new instructor to the classroom in the form of long time gamer and passionate retro video game enthusist Wally Jacobs. The Digital Due sit down to discuss Video Game Development Companies from EA, Froom Software, and even Nintendo as they track down what makes these Dev Teams unique or not and how they have evolved over the course of time. Class is in session! HoN on YouTube Reach out! @iflippadaswitch(Tony) / @TheRetroWall(Wally)

Duration: 01:09:11

Binary Gamer Ep. 33: Taking to the Skies with Ace Combat

Tony sits down with the class to discuss one of the best flight combat simulators in the biz Ace Combat. From it's arcade roots to the promise of VR dog fights with PS VR and other platforms, it's nothing but blue skies for virtual pilots in this arcade classic gone console treasure. Helps HoN make the best content on the inter-webs: Check out HoN on YouTube

Duration: 00:26:05