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Never drink and blog. Except always.

Never drink and blog. Except always.
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Chicago, IL


Never drink and blog. Except always.






BingeCast: Black Panther, Everything Sucks, Looking Glass, Phantom Thread

This week's BingeCast is a short but mighty one. I'm fighting off a cold so Pete and Ammon pick up the slack as usual. Google Voice has us rating our favorite genres and wondering about regrettable tattoos, but none more regrettable that a certain callers'. In TV, we check out Channel Zero, Everything Sucks, Waco and American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. What Did You Watch? Yeah, we got that shit. Black Panther, Looking Glass, Phantom Thread, Ritual, Monster Project and...


Wake & Bake w/Bob Ross – Poster Collecting, Painting and VR

Enjoy your Saturday with our resident Rosstafarians Jack and Kupka. The boys talk some VR, their poster collections and their desire to try painting (and glass blowing) for real. Download now! This episode the boys cover season 12 episode 04 and season 17 episode 12. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW! Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes!


Binge Movie Aftertaste – Robocop Retrospective w/ Matthew Goudreau & Batch: Robocop 3 (1993)

And we thought last week was going to be the lowest the doldrums of this franchise could go. It's no secret that once Robocop 2 came and went, the franchise was in trouble. Yet, this same sentiment could be said for the studio housing it. Orion Pictures, a film studio which thrived on the artistry of forward thinking filmmakers such as Oliver Stone and James Cameron, was in financial ruin. Unable to back the franchise they pumped so much money into, the studio filmed Robocop's third sequel,...


BingeViews: Early Man, Black Panther

Chad C has been drinking for hours and is ready to tackle two big but completely different films on this week's BingeViews! How do I always get stuck with these films? F*ck you, Law.


Binge SportsCast: The NFL season is over and MLB Free Agents get Greedy

Remember to call us with your questions/comments/suggestions for the show #708-316-8822... 0:00:00 - PJ is back from the dead... and TM has taken his spot. But that's for the Better! 0:06:10 - TM gets PJ's reaction to the Superbowl and his reaction to Jack's take. The guys wrap on the final news of the NFL season and discuss the ever changing QB situation. 0:33:30 - BSV!!! We have just one voicemail this week... but it leads us right in to what we want to discuss... so Thank You El Mariachi!...


BingeCast: Insidious, Cloverfield, Brigsby Bear, Altered Carbon, Channel Zero, Waco and more

Pete MC and Law play catch up as they wait for Ammon to stop being a dick. Together they deliver lots of television and film reviews, get obsessed with Fonzi, find out more about Kambiz, get pissed off at This Is Us, and talk way too long about reality television. Also - Binge Brother is a thing. Watch your assholes. Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! 0:00:00-Oh hai listeners. 0:02:05-Law and PeteMC are here. You’re welcome. #kambiz. Ammon will be showing up later, and maybe Moreno. Maybe....


BingeCast: The Cloverfield Show!

PeteMC and I love Cloverfield. Like LOVE Cloverfield. After Cloverfield Paradox was released during Super Foot, we may have had different feelings. In this series we go through the three Cloverfield movies in the series and figure out what's good and what's not. We figure out the tie ins, whether they work in the universe, and decided whether the Cloverfield Universe works at all. Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes


Binge Movie Aftertaste – Robocop Retrospective w/ Matthew Goudreau & Batch: Robocop 2 (1990)

Who would have thought that the movie whose title no one wanted to touch would become such a hit that touched a nerve with so many action seekers. Well, hit may be pushing it, as 1987's Robocop hit theaters in 1987 and while north of $50 million is a good chunk of change -especially in 1987 dollars- it wasn't until it hit video store shelves and gained more of a following when the folks at Orion Pictures decided it was time to make a sequel. In 1990, following harsh financial negotiations...


BingeViews: Fifty Shades Freed, 15:17 to Paris, Game Night

Law welcomes Chad C. to rehab by forcing him to reviews Fifty Shades Freed, The 15:17 to Paris, and Game Night. It's all very sobering.... until Chad C tries to drink with Moreno again. Never do this. Even once. People get pregnant. Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes


Binge Sportscast: Super Bowl Wrap Up with Jack Valley

Remember to call us with your questions/comments/suggestions for the show #708-316-8822… 0:00 - PJ has the Swine Flu and is on the Bench like Malcom Butler, so TM brings back Jack Valley to discuss more Breaking News...McDaniel to stay in NE? What happened to Indy? The Results of the 'Beat PeteMC Prop Pool are in...and the winner is...? 9:42 - BSV - New Caller! and a couple old ones...Keep em coming people 28:00 - Malcom Butler Convo 33:00 - Super Bowl discussion and thoughts on the season...


BingeCast: Braven, Winchester, The Jim Law Game, Movie Homework!

Jim Law and Ammon take a much deserved weekend off so PeteMC and Moreno Alyx welcome Chad C to the big boy table that is the BingeCast! What's it like to leave BingeViews behind? Chad let's us know by screaming at us all show like a drunk asshole. We're so proud. Take it away Timestamp Kid! 0:00:00-It’s the Berrrrgggeecast. 0:01:57-Alyx, PeteMC, and Law? No. No Law. But Chad C is here! And he’s popping his Bingecast co-host cherry. What’s on this week’s show? Chad C sheds light on when...


BMFL Round 2 – Banderos Conference

I'm not saying shit, you're gonna have to listen. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW! Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes!


Binge Movie Aftertaste – Robocop Retrospective w/ Matthew Goudreau & Batch: Robocop (1987)

1987 was an interesting time to be an action/science fiction film fan. We were four years removed from the final installment of the Star Wars trilogy, and one year away from an action renaissance with Die Hard. Yet, Ah-nold and Sly Stallone were infecting our cineplexes with major action films at a rate of what seemed like one a week, and if your loud gun toting film did not star one of those two guys, it would disappear into obscurity forever. Remember Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins?...


Small Screen Heroes: Happy, Black Lightning, Batman/Ninja Turtles

In this action packed issue of SSH, Logan and Batch break down their thoughts on the comic book flicks of 2018, The Stan Lee controversy, the latest news on the set of Venom, and fans feedback on Wasp's costume from the upcoming Ant-Man and Wasp flick. In TV talk, Batch reviews the first couple episodes of Black Lightning and Logan gives his opinion on Happy. We also give some updates on DC's Watchmen event "The Doomsday Clock", Batch explains who the hell Gwen Pool is and we find out why...


Binge SportsCast: Super Bowl Spectacular including Jack Valley and Pete MC

Remember to call us with your questions/comments/suggestions for the show #708-316-8822... 0:00:00 - Jack's back for our Super Bowl Spectacular!!! Right off the top, the guys get breaking NFL news about the Redskin's acquisition of Alex Smith and how the remaining dominoes will fall. How does Jack feel going in to Super Bowl #9 of his lifetime. Nervous or confident or both? 0:22:30 - BSV!!! Super Bowl Predictions... which doesn't include the Minnesota Vikings. Did you know that? We also get...


BingeCast: Waco, Mom and Dad, Versace, Quote Whores, and more

I always love starting off a new show by asking what happened on the last show. Weird vortexes aside, and the switch to vodka, we're here for another week of OG3 goodness. Lots of TV to talk about and the greatest Nic Cage Round-Up of all time. Yup, I said that. At least I think I did. I'll find out next week. Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes! 0:00:00-Let’s fucking do it. 0:01:26-OG3! That’s right, dawg. Binge Media origin story, but you probably know this goddamn story. Waiting for Ammon...


Chad C. welcomes Law back with reviews of PHANTOM THREAD, MAZE RUNNER: THE DEATH CURE, and HOSTILES. He doesn't black out, Everything is fine. Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes


Binge SportsCast: Conference Championship Weekend, MLB Hall of Fame, and Chad D’s demise

Remember to call us with your questions/comments/suggestions for the show #708-316-8822... 0:00:00 - Were these weekends games a disappointment? What do we have in store for the Superbowl Show Spectacular? 0:10:00 - MLB Hall of Fame Results! Do the dopers, Bonds and Rogers, deserve to get in? Do the baseball writers need to do better? 0:28:38 - BSV!!! Patriots fans... Vikings fans... Anti-Chad D fans... and more. If you like MMA, Art from Cali is back! 1:15:23 - NFL PLAYOFFS: The...


BingeCast: Top 10 Films of 2017! Top 5 TV Shows of 2017! This is Us Recap!

It's the return of Jim Law, which means we ate a bunch of weed food, drank a bunch of alcohol and farted a lot in anticipation for his big return to the air. Also this episode: TV Round Up gives us a Survivor/Amazing Race update, a look at the Netflix original show The End of the Fucking World and a This is Us recap. We also detail our favorite films of 2017, our favorite TV shows of 2017 and the worst films of 2017. Strap in, let's get fighty! Welcome back Law! You goddamn cocksucker....


Wake & Bake w/Bob Ross – Posters, Phantom Thread and Baby Deer

2018 is here and so are Freak, Kupka and Bob Ross. Stop by for some open talk about baby deer, paint naming conventions and some (light) gaming talk. Download now! This episode the boys cover season 10 episode 7 and season 22 episode 11. CLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN NOW! Subscribe to Binge Cast on iTunes!


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