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Ep41: How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Tips) with Petteri Lahtela

The CEO and Co-Founder of Oura Health, Petteri Lahtela, is today’s guest interview. Petteri shares with us the news of the release of Oura’s second generation ring. He helps to explain the importance of restorative sleep on recovery from the day’s stresses, optimising performance and general health. We then find out how we can use the Oura ring to improve our sleep quality as well as quantity, how we can extrapolate bio-signals indicative of various imbalances in the body and how we can...


Ep40: Why Taking Care of Your Mitochondria is so Important & How to do It with Dr Lee Know

Canadian licensed naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lee Know, is today’s guest interview. Lee shares with us the newest scientific research on mitochondria and how it affects our overall health and longevity. He helps to explain the importance of exercise, diet and getting the right supplements for keeping our mitochondrial healthy. We then find out how we can generate more mitochondria and the single best thing we can do for mitochondrial health. We also go into discussing the environmental...


Ep39: Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet Safe During Pregnancy? with Lily Nichols

Registered dietitian & certified diabetes educator Lily Nichols is today’s guest interview. Lily shares with us the latest well-researched advice on eating a low carb high fat diet during pregnancy. She helps to explain the importance of eating a real food diet and getting the right nutrients for optimal health, both for the unborn baby and mother. We also go into discussing the problems with official pregnancy food guidelines, the avoidance of certain foods issue and weight gain during...


Ep38: Easy Jet Lag Hacks to Help Reduce Travel Fatigue with Christopher Babayode

Flight attendant and naturopathically trained nutritional therapist Christopher Babayode is today’s guest interview. Chris shares his 20-year experience with flying and talks about the health impacts of air travel and what we can do to protect ourselves. He also shares great tips for all types of fliers and helps explain the difference between jet lag and jet stress. We then talk about readjusting to different time-zones, symptoms of jet lag, grounding and adaptogen herbs. We also get into...


Ep37: The Carnivore Diet for Women Success Story with Amber O' Hearn

Carnivorous diet proponent, Amber O’Hearn, is today’s guest interview. Amber shares with us her 9 years of experience of eating an all meat diet. She helps to explain what the benefits of eating this way are and why women should not be afraid of adding more protein to their diet. We talk about weight loss, ketosis, macros and eating when you are hungry. We also go into health benefits such as resolving some mental health disorders and countless other issues such as arthritis, asthma, skin...


Ep36: Do Doctors Lie to Patients? with Dr Ken Berry

Board Certified Family Physician, Dr Ken Berry is today’s guest interview. Ken shares with us some of the big lies our doctors tell us and why we can’t always trust our physicians to give us the best diet advice. We learn the truth about cholesterol, weight loss and using diet to treat various health conditions, including type 2 diabetes and hypertension. We also go into discussing hormones, the carnivore diet, the “milk lie” and how milk intolerances don’t always manifest in the way we...


Ep35: How to Take Care of Our Eyes Naturally with Dr Travis Zigler

Eye health expert, Dr. Travis Zigler is today's guest interview. Travis shares with us what we can do to mantain eye-health and some root causes of preventable blindness. We talk about his company Eye Love and their mission as well as common eye problems such as loss of lens flexibility, cataracts and the commonly misdiagnosed dry eye syndrome. Travis explains the importance of diet, hydration, and protecting ourselves from sun, UV and blue light exposure in keeping our eyes healthy. We...


Ep34: Powerful Healthy Lifestyle Habits Anybody Can Do Today with Ben Greenfield

Health and fitness expert, Ben Greenfield is today's guest interview. Ben shares with us how he goes about structuring his day for maximum efficiency, all the while ensuring his health and fitness mantain a priority. We talk about the importance of movement, how he saves time through consistency of diet and efficient exercise and the role of outsourcing in managing stress. Ben also shares three key things he focuses on to keep stress at bay, the importance of gratitude and some pros and...


Ep33: Health Benefits of Drinking Exogenous Ketone Esters with Dr Brianna Stubbs

Ketone research expert, Dr Brianna Stubbs, is today's guest interview. Brianna shares with us the the exciting news of the public commercial release of the exogenous ketone ester she has been researching for years. She helps to explain what the benefits of ketones esters are for athletic performance and when else could you drink the exogenous ketone ester. We also go into discussing other possible applications like traumatic brain injury recovery, cognitive enhancement and more. We then...


Ep32: How Does Neurofeedback Training Work with Dr Freddy Starr

Neurofeedback expert and psychiatrist, Dr Freddy Starr is today's guest interview. Dr Starr shares with us the basics of how brain waves work and how neurofeedback training works to improve our brain wave activity. He helps to explain the history behind neurofeedback biofeedback brain training. We also go into who would benefit from using neurofeedback and how long does it take to get a result. We then find out about some of the interesting case studies Dr Starr has seen using...


Ep31: Best Foods to Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease with Amy Berger

Low carb & keto diet nutritionist, Amy Berger is today's guest interview. Amy shares with us how what we eat can cause a decline in brain health over time and ultimatelty help contribute to Alzheimer's disease. She helps to explain how eating low carb high fat diet foods can help improve brain function & prevent dementia symptoms. We also go into other easy tips to do to help improve brain function like, what brain supplements to take & why sleep and stress management are important. We...


Ep30: Biohacking Toxic Mold Sickness Symptoms with Dr Chris Masterjohn

Nutrition expert, Dr Chris Masterjohn is today's guest interview. Chris shares with us his personal story on being exposed to toxic mold and the effects that has had on his health. He helps to explain how he got exposed from the apartment he was living in and what symptoms he started noticing first. We also go into how he came to the diagnose of toxic mold syndrome and the tests he found useful and the one not so good one for testing mycotoxin levels. We then go on to talk about how he...


Ep29: How to Start Using Integrative Oncology After a Cancer Diagnosis with Dr Nasha Winters

Naturopathic doctor, Dr Nasha Winters is today's guest interview. Nasha shares her personal remission story of being given a terminal cancer diagnosis (ovarian cancer) and how she has survived and been able to turn her health around. She helps to explain what is the metabolic approach to cancer and how using integrative oncology concepts can help someone know where to begin after being told they have cancer. We also go into the ketogenic diet for cancer, importance of fixing your body...


Ep28: Insomnia vs Night Owl Syndrome + Best Ways to Fix Poor Sleep with Lois Maharg

Insomnia research journalist, Lois Maharg is today's guest interview. Lois wrote the book title: "The Savvy Insomniac" & shares with us lots fo useful details about the sleep disorder called insomnia. She helps to explain the common symptoms, causes, how to diagnose it and best way to treat insomnia. We also go into the difference between insomnia vs sleep apnea & insomnia vs delayed sleep phase syndrome (a.k.a night owl syndrome or circadian rhythm sleep disorder). We then find out about...


Ep27: Ketogenic Diet Brain Cancer Success Story & Tumor Tips with Alison Gannett

Brain cancer survivor, Alison Gannett is today's guest interview. Alison shares with us her personal brain cancer diagnosis and treatment story. She helps to explain how after needing emergency brain surgery to remove the aggressive malignant tumor she decided to not have chemo treatment or radiation therapy, & instead, has used a ketogenic diet and other natural remedies to help beat her cancer. We also go into her biohacking findings how different types of food that might seem healthy,...


Ep26: How Eating Too Late Affects Our Skin's Ability to Repair Research with Elyse van Spyk

Circadian rhythm researcher, Elyse van Spyk, is today's guest interview. Elyse shares with us the findings of a latest research study that showed eating too late negatively affects the skins ability to repair itself from UVB light. She helps to explain how we can use this research finding to help understand the importance of what time of day we eat & the impact that has on the health of our skin. We also go into talking about other circadian clock (a.k.a body clock or chronobiology)...


Ep25: Low Carb Real Food Diet Support from Public Health Collaboration Sam Feltham

Low carb real food diet advocate, Sam Feltham is today's guest interview. Sam is the director of the Public Health Collaboration (PHC); a UK charity that is aiming to change the recommended national food guidelines. Sam shares with us why eating a low carb real food diet helps not only weight loss, but managing metabolic conditions like type 2 diabetes. He explains how the PHC is trying to educate doctors around the country about the benefits of a LCHF diet. We then find out about some of...


Ep24: Taking Ketone Esters for Memory Boost + Quantified Bob Biohacking Experiments with Bob Troia

Quantified Self expert, Bob Troia a.k.a Quantified Bob, is today's guest interview. Bob shares with us what happened to his brain performance when he took a dose of ketone esters, he was surprised at the result. He helps to explain the difference between quantified self & biohacking. We also go into some of his other biohacking health experiment results including the novel fasting mimicking protocol, using red light therapy and wearing health gadgets like The Quantlet. Go to the show notes...


Ep23: How Much Protein Should You Have a Day to Avoid Muscle Loss & Myth Busting the Dangers of Protein with Prof Stuart Phillips

Protein expert, Prof. Stuart Phillips is today's guest interview. Professor Phillips shares with us the basics of daily protein requirement that we all need to eat for optimal human health. He helps to explain how much protein we need to eat to help minimise the loss of muscle as we age, called sarcopenia, which is especially important for the elderly. We also go into busting the myths like protein causes kidney damage or makes you too acidic. We then find out about some of the mistakes...


Ep22: Floatation Therapy Benefits (Sensory Deprivation Tank) For Your Brain with Sean McCormick

Today's interview is with floatation tank expert, Sean McCormick. Sean shares some of the reasons why he feels sensory deprivation tanks help improve our brain health. He helps to explain what it it like the first time you got for a float tank session and what to expect. We also go into understanding how to get the most out of a float experiences and the benefits of being isolated in a dark space that makes you feel like you are floating. We then find out about some of his personal life...


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