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The Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature is an award-winning annual 13-part radio and audio series featuring breakthrough solutions for people and planet.The greatest social and scientific innovators of our time celebrate the genius of nature and human ingenuity. The kaleidoscopic scope covers biomimicry, ecological design, social and racial justice, women’s leadership, ecological medicine, indigenous knowledge, spirituality and psychology. It’s leading-edge, hopeful, charismatic, provocative, timely and timeless – like nothing you’ve heard before.








Natures Phoenix: Fire As Medicine - Chad Hanson and Frank Kanawha Lake | Bioneers Radio Series XVII (2017)

Contemporary Western fire science is integrating what Indigenous Peoples discovered over thousands of years of observation, and trial and error: fire is key to optimizing forest vitality and biodiversity. The merging of these two ways of knowing could signal the end to our misguided policy of fire suppression, and the beginning of fire-resilient communities with a new relationship to one of nature’s most elemental and fearful forces. With fire ecologists Chad Hanson and Frank Kanawha Lake.

Duration: 00:27:21

Welcome the Water: Climate-Proofing for Resilience - Henk Ovink | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

In the face of global climate disruption, two billion people worldwide will be challenged by too much water, and nearly another two billion by not enough. When you fight nature, you lose, says Dutch water wizard and designer Henk Ovink. He’s dramatically demonstrating on large scales how to shift our relationship to nature and to culture - and climate-proof our cities and coasts.

Duration: 00:27:34

Circles of Concern: The Secret Sauce of Social Movements - john a. powell and Mauel Pastor | Bioneers Radio Series XV (2015)

From nature’s viewpoint, people are one species. Categories such as race, class, nation, religion and even many gender roles are human constructs. Yet the world is riven by exploitation and violence driven by these perceived divisions at an epic moment of demographic change toward the U.S. becoming a majority minority nation. john a. powell, Director of U.C. Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, and Manuel Pastor, Director of the Program for Environmental and Regional...

Duration: 00:27:06

Indigenous Women Rising: Upholding the Hoop of Life - Woman Stands Shining, Patricia Gualinga, Crystal Lameman, Eagle Woman, and Eriel Deranger | Bioneers Radio Series XV (2015)

From the Canadian tar sands to the oil and natural gas fields of North America and the Amazon jungle, Indigenous peoples of the North and South are converging in one struggle. It is also the reconciliation of two different ways of knowing and being, between the head and heart, sometimes called The Eagle and The Condor. Five Indigenous women of the North and South are showing us how to keep fossil fuels in the ground and uphold our part of the hoop of life. With: Woman Stands Shining,...

Duration: 00:27:51

Power Struggle: The Unstoppable Rise of the Clean Energy Era - Danny Kennedy | Bioneers Radio Series XVII (2017)

Today in the fossil fuel-induced age of escalating climate disruption, the joker in the deck is the climate imperative to transition rapidly off fossil fuels worldwide. Clean energy has reached the proverbial tipping point - and the smart money is hot on the trail of the clean energy revolution. Entrepreneur and visionary change-maker Danny Kennedy says clean energy not only makes dollars, it makes sense, and this literal power struggle could take us from energy monopoly to energy democracy.

Duration: 00:27:27

In Pursuit of Happiness: Becoming Beloved Community - John A. Powell and Grace Bauer | Bioneers Radio Series XIII (2013)

It's obvious that we're not here for ourselves. That makes no evolutionary sense. There's something larger than us, and to the extent that we can live that and celebrate that, I think we're healthier, and then that's love. So I think if we think of love in this way, and a beloved community in this way, when we hold all this stuff together, together.

Duration: 00:27:37

Beloved Community: Hello, My Other Self - Ilarion "Larry" Merculieff and Guadalupe Avila | Bioneers Radio Series XI (2011)

Hello, My Other Self. In todays radically shifting world, the name of the game is resilience - the capacity of both human and ecological systems to absorb disturbance, roll with the punches and come up standing. Resilience arises from building community - enduring relationships and networks that hold cultural memory in the same way seeds regenerate a forest after a fire. Indigenous leaders Ilarion Larry Merculieff and Guadalupe Avila come from old-growth cultures that have sustained...

Duration: 00:27:57

The Path Home: Restoring Native Lands and Traditional Ecological Knowledge - Eriel Deranger, Valentin Lopez and Cara Romero | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

Although colonial systems of oppression have radically damaged relationships between tribal communities and their traditional lands, a new generation of First Nations activists is working to restore those connections and safeguard Indigenous identity for future generations. They’re protecting traditional territories and sacred sites from harm, and renewing Indigenous land stewardship. With: Eriel Deranger of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Valentin Lopez, Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, and...

Duration: 00:26:43

Breaking the Male Code: The Tyranny of Masculinity - Tony Porter, Dallas Goldtooth & George Lipsitz | Bioneers Radio Series XVII (2017)

To transform our culture from its focus on dominance and hierarchy to one of connection, empathy and collaboration, it’s vital that we re-envision the essential (or archetypal) masculine, which changes everything. This rarely tackled topic is the subject of a deeply authentic dialogue among Playwright and activist Eve Ensler and three men working to change men and change the story: Tony Porter, co-founder, A Call To Men; Dallas Goldtooth, Indigenous activist, member of the 1491’s Native...

Duration: 00:28:27

Millions of Elders: Biomimicry and How Nature Would Do It - Dr. Dayna Baumeister and Marle Zanowick | Bioneers 25th Anniversary Greatest Hits Series (2014)

Biomimicry is decoding astonishing treasures from nature’s recipe book that we can mimic for our technological and industrial practices. Biomimicry Guild co-founder Dr. Dayna Baumeister chronicles the latest biomimicry inventions and educational breakthroughs. The U.S. Government’s first certified biomimicry professional, Marie Zanowick , shows how biomimicry is influencing federal policy and actions.

Duration: 00:28:19

Forest Lifeboat: From Spirit Bears to Victoria’s Dirty Secret - Tzeporah Berman | Bioneers Radio Series VIII (2007)

Courageous and innovative activists like Visionary Tzeporah Berman are on the front lines of the quest to save the world’s last remaining great wild forests. She is part of an unprecedented coalition coming together with the urgent knowledge that old-growth forests are the lifeboat for the ecology of Planet Earth. They’re developing a new conservation-based economy that serves both people and planet.

Duration: 00:26:53

Future Generations Are Screaming: The Clean Energy Climate Challenge - Susan Marshall, John Fogarty, Alec Loorz and James Hansen | Bioneers Radio Series XI (2011)

The Clean Energy Climate ChallengeThe climate crisis is a crisis of governance and leadership. Will we move rapidly enough to realign our policies, politics and economy to stabilize the climate? Creative and innovative people from all walks of life are stepping forward to address the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. Community organizers Susan Marshall and John Fogarty are taking power local. Youth advocate Alec Loorz is mobilizing young people worldwide for the defining issue of...

Duration: 00:27:25

Good Jobs, Clean Environment: Both or Neither - Roxanne Brown and Charlotte Brody | Bioneers Radio Series XII (2012)

Both or Neither - The emerging green economy promises to provide large-scale job creation while healing the Earth and building the middle class. Roxanne Brown, Assistant Legislative Director for the United Steelworkers and Steering Committee member of the BlueGreen Alliance, describes how this national partnership of major labor unions and environmental organizations is expanding the number and quality of jobs in the green economy. BlueGreen Alliance Director of Chemicals, Public Health...

Duration: 00:27:26

Digital Democracy: The Cyberworld of Citizen Activism - Brad Friedman, John Stauber and Joan Blades | Bioneers Radio Series VIII (2008)

Garbage in, garbage out, as the early computer innovators remarked about information. A vital free press is the single most important feedback loop in a democracy. New media including especially the Internet have challenged the supremacy of corporate media concentration and junk news. A brave new wave of activists such as Brad Friedman, John Stauber and Joan Blades are using d1gital media to restore the democratic lifeblood of a people's media. They're giving voice to the voiceless, checking...

Duration: 00:27:34

Whale Whisperers: Making Deep Contact - James Nestor | Bioneers Radio Series XVII (2017)

In the late 20th century, a handful of scientists proved that aquatic mammals have advanced communication capabilities and a consciousness strikingly similar to humans. Author and adventurer James Nestor leads us on a deep dive into the mystery of marine mammal consciousness, and the story of how a small band of freedivers, pushing the limits of human endurance, is finding that saving the whales may become the story of the whales saving us.

Duration: 00:27:02

Growing Collective Intelligence: Democratizing Technology and Citizen Science - Ben Knight and Shannon Dosemagen | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

A new wave of technologies designed to regenerate people, planet and democracy is emerging in ingenious ways. Designers are creating online software for democratic group decision-making that weaves diverse perspectives into a coherent whole. And citizen science is spreading low-tech, high-impact tools that empower communities to work directly with data and mapping that can save them from harm and hold perpetrators accountable. With: democracy technologist Ben Knight of Loomio, and citizen...

Duration: 00:26:56

Shamans and Scientists: Changing the Landscape of Power - Mark Plotkin | Bioneers Radio Series 17 (2017)

As we hurtle into the Sixth Age of Extinctions, we face the cataclysmic loss of half the world’s biological diversity. 80% of the remaining biodiversity is on Indigenous lands. Ethnobotanist and Indigenous rights advocate Mark Plotkin of the Amazon Conservation Team tells us how scientists are helping protect the people who will protect the land, and the age-old wisdom that’s imperative for our future.

Duration: 00:28:26

Nourishing the Future: Creating a Just and Healthy Food System for All - Malik Kenyatta Yakini, Oran Hesterman and Cathryn Couch | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

Communities around the country are working to create a new food future founded in health, justice and ecological wellbeing. Community activists Malik Kenyatta Yakini and Oran Hesterman are transforming Detroit through urban agriculture and helping low-income and working families access healthy food. Cathryn Couch works with young people to cook and deliver healthy meals to people who are ill and struggling to put food on the table with a model program using food as medicine.

Duration: 00:27:06

Raced and Classed: The Journey From Diversity to Equity - Rinku Sen, Saru Jarayaman and Malkia Cyril | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

What we do to each other, we do to the Earth. To protect our common home, we’re being called upon to bridge our differences to create beloved community and peaceful coexistence. A new generation of visionary change-makers is reframing the race conversation, and designing new tools to transform our unconscious biases and create justice. With: Racial justice pathfinders Rinku Sen, Saru Jarayaman and Malkia Cyril.

Duration: 00:27:06

Climate Health, Your Health: Prevention Is Protection - Dr. Linda Rudolph and Dr. Barbara Sattler | Bioneers Radio Series XVI (2016)

Climate disruption is harmful to your health. Dr. Linda Rudolph and Dr. Barbara Sattler are showing how our success or failure as a civilization may well hinge on how ingenious, nimble and socially just our public health systems can become in restoring the ecosystem health on which all health depends. And doing the right thing is good for our health.

Duration: 00:26:56

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