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This program is for people who have the curiosity, courage, and/or drive to look deeply inside themselves and find the door that places them on the path to personal power. We will guide you into searching out what power means for you, finding out how you can access it, and the role you will play in changing the world for the better.




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Martial Arts: Session 13

Martial arts are found in every culture and in our country alone there are an estimated 10,000,000 active practitioners at any one time. A physical art, it also brings emotional and psychological benefits. Whether for self defense, conditioning, or beauty, the arts bring more than just physical well being. Most of us come to it hoping that it will lead us to power and often it does. But the female roles and the male roles are different. Males need to find control of their emotions in...

Duration: 00:59:04

Mental Health and Addiction: Session 12

A child is born and the parents dream. They grow, dream their life for themselves, but just as they are ready to launch, something goes terribly wrong and dreams die. A diagnosis such as bipolar or schizophrenia turns dreams into nightmares. Or things have gone well when a harsh blow so severe that life goes to pieces. What are mental illnesses anyway? Are they genetic or environmental? And what of addiction? More importantly, how does the person and their family find the way to...

Duration: 00:58:08

Men of Steel and Velvet: Session 10

Men are supposed to start with steel and then learn the velvet side. Gender roles are changing but we have no models on how to become this man of steel and velvet. Be strong, but not too strong. Be gentle, but don’t be a wimp. We know of the harm of rape to a woman’s body and psyche. But men are raped in just being men. Sudden danger? We are expected to put our life on the line for home, family, or even strangers. Injury, paralysis, mutilation, death? We don’t talk of this expected...

Duration: 00:56:36

Women of Velvet and Steel: Session 9

It has been said that to succeed in a man’s world that women need to assert their masculine side. It won’t work. What a woman must do, is to focus her feminine style of power into a task that is her calling. A woman has the potential for deep power, but she must access it in her way. To reach for a man’s power in a man’s way, is to invite not only failure, but damage to others in the world. Velvet and steel is the path to power for women. Soft, caring, relational, and living an ethic of...

Duration: 00:58:45

Sexuality: Session 8

Did you know that sexual arousal and fear cause the same brain and body responses? Or that the “fight or flight syndrome” is also the sex syndrome? So is it any wonder that many men and women fear each other’s power? Or that both genders list confidence as the greatest turn on? There is a dance with the brain and the endocrine system that can induce altered states more quickly, but just as deep as any religious experience. In our spiritual guidance and sex therapy practice many came...

Duration: 00:57:46

Disabilities and Power: Session 7

It is not true that you can become anything you put your mind to. All of us have limitations in some area. The question is to use those areas that you cannot succeed in as guides to find your areas of strength. What areas give you joy? What gives you peace? But what of areas of talent are blocked from your using them? How do you transform those heartbreaks into something richer? We come into the world with expectations of others and then develop them ourselves. But what do we do when they...

Duration: 00:58:47

Warriors and Warrior-Priests: Session 6

In a world of peace none of us would need to be a warrior, fighting to protect ourselves, home, or family. But what do we do while waiting for peace to come? In order to consider our options in an imperfect world, we must first look at how we use terms of conflict. What is the difference between use of force and violence? Is being a warrior in a specific setting the same as being a Warrior? And do all Warriors serve in the realm of physical conflict? And why has the concept of the...

Duration: 00:55:24

Parenting and Family: Session 5

Marriage, or any relationship for that matter, should never make you smaller. It should always call you to become the best version of yourself. That is the challenge of living with another person. How do you become yourself and at the same time become a couple. How do two people in relationship become powerful and how do two powerful people become one? Finding that balance of power for the two of you requires work, fun, and growth. How does your marriage contract match you marriage vows?...

Duration: 00:55:24

Barriers to Power: Session 4

If power is a birthright, then why do so few find their way to power? The answer is simple and yet for some, discouraging. It has to be earned. If the world did not challenge us, then how would we grow? Everyone has a task to do. Personal power is what allows us to do it. The blocks to power are not insurmountable, but rather, the basis of our power. Just as fear is the catalyst to develop courage, events that have harmed us can also transform us into a powerful entity that can change the...

Duration: 00:57:55

Re-Thinking Feelings: Session 3

Feelings: We all have them. We all fear them getting out of control. We even think that when we make decisions we use logic not emotions. But in truth most of us really don’t understand our feelings at all and, so, are not too great at using them. Now, new brain imaging techniques show that before we think about a problem, we usually have already solved it by our emotions. “Fear is a great servant but a terrible master”. (The Warrior’s Codex) How do your core feelings of fear and its...

Duration: 00:57:03

Re-Thinking Thinking: Session 2

Asked if he misses the old days of WWII, a senior CIA agent responds, “What I miss is the clarity.” (“Three Days of the Condor”) In a complex, changing world thinking clearly and correctly is a critical skill. How do we test what we hear for accuracy? How do we make life decisions that are good for us and others when there is too much information? Join us and learn the two types of truth and the two tests for truth that can be applied to any statement or set of assertions. Knowing these...

Duration: 00:56:53

Birthright of Power: Session 1

Welcome to the path to personal power. Power is a birthright of all of us. However, due to life circumstances, misunderstandings about the nature of power, and fear and confusion on how to find power, we often find it hard to become all we were created to be. We may find the path to power, find it blocked, or find that we are on a path to one of the distortions of power. Why do some people assume that they are destined to be a victim? Why do others struggle to never be a victim again and...

Duration: 00:52:29