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Bit by 8 Bit is a weekly podcast focusing on video games, current news in the industry and some of our personal video game stories.




Nintendo vs Gamevice - GameZilla podcast ep169

Grimlock and JazzE dive deep into the politics of gaming this week as they cover multiple gaming related lawsuits and a new hiring concept created by Blizzard. Some big name gaming companies have some major announcements coming to game shows and conventions right around the corner. Will Destiny 2 be better then we are expecting?

Duration: 02:25:59

Video Game Pop Tarts - GameZilla podcast ep168

This Week Grimlock and JazzE tell you about some important release dates for upcoming games and DLC. They talk a tiny but giant detour into Splatoon 2's Splat Fest. Then when we didn't think Bungie had any more tricks up their sleeves... They force us to eat Pop Tarts and drink Rockstar.

Duration: 02:17:42

MCG Nerd BBQ - GameZilla podcast ep167

This week Grimlock and JazzE reveal some unique records being set in gaming along with... you guessed it... more delays. Esports is getting closer to franchising and old dogs like Capcom might be learning new tricks. We also have a few words for Niantic again.

Duration: 01:32:47

Pokemon GO Breaks Chicago - GameZilla podcast ep166

This week Grimlock and JazzE talk about pre-orders for upcoming Xbox One X and SNES Classic. We tell you what Niantic did wrong in their first ever Pokemon GO live event. Then why Nintendo missed their mark on the new online mobile app all while sharing our experiences with Splatoon 2.

Duration: 02:16:32

Rise from the Ashes - GameZilla podcast ep165

This week Grimlock and JazzE get hype about the re-birth of an old system. We cover the Destiny 2 upcoming beta, Kingdom Hearts 3 and some EVO news.

Duration: 01:53:54

The Return of Deadite - GameZilla podcast ep164

This week Grimlock and JazzE talk about how overpowered the new OverWatch character is, Horizon Zero Dawn gets a new mode called new game plus, Destiny has its own PS4 Pro bundle coming and Spider-man might be swinging around the largest open world he has ever seen.

Duration: 01:29:25

Video Game Takeover - GameZilla podcast ep163

This week Grimlock and JazzE talk about Sony pulling down video games, 343 studios is allowing the the fans to take control and what do we want Marvel vs Capcom to be. Also do video game make you want to work less?

Duration: 01:54:51

Atari is Alive - GameZilla podcast ep161

This week Grimlock and JazzE talk about the rebirth of a Atari console. They also talk about a new Sega system, the release date of the new Ni No Kuni and some game changing updates to Pokemon Go.

Duration: 01:34:33

Nintendo E3 2017 recap - GameZilla podcast

JazzE checks Grimlock's pulse and allows his breathing to regulate before they tell you everything that was good and bad with the Nintendo E3 conference. They talk about all the games that were dropped along with the things we did not see from Nintendo that we were hoping for.

Duration: 01:00:31

Sony E3 2017 recap - GameZilla podcast

The time has come for Sony to rock the stage at E3 again. Grimlock and JazzE recap the presentation, if you can call it that, expressing the pros and cons of Sony's performance. We will cover the only thing that Sony gave us...... Games, games, games, games, games and more games.

Duration: 01:19:50

Microsoft E3 2017 recap - GameZilla podcast

Grimlock and JazzE recap the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 conference. They give you their thoughts and opinions of the new system, the game lineup and give an overall grade to how well Microsoft peformed at this years gaming conferance.

Duration: 01:18:17

PUBG Is Taking Over - GameZilla podcast ep155

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds has consumed most of the MCG crew. But we pull ourselves away to bring you this weeks news from the gaming industry. New milestones have been hit, games have been leaked and Nintendo releases a new handheld and a little game called MARIO KART 8 DELUXE! All this and more on the GameZilla podcast.

Duration: 01:44:43

Pay To Loot - GameZilla podcast ep154

We cover the Paid To Loot epidemic in gaming this week. Is Paid To Loot pre exposing the younger crowd to addiction forming habits? Will we continue down this dark road of the RNG (Random Number Generator) cash grab? We also cover news coming from Activision with their new Call of Duty game, Blizzard is starting their next mobile game, DOTA 2 makes adjustments to level the playing field and Games Done Quick releases their summer dates and list of games. All this and more on the GameZilla...

Duration: 02:09:33