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Bit by 8 Bit is a weekly podcast focusing on video games, current news in the industry and some of our personal video game stories.

Bit by 8 Bit is a weekly podcast focusing on video games, current news in the industry and some of our personal video game stories.
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Bit by 8 Bit is a weekly podcast focusing on video games, current news in the industry and some of our personal video game stories.




Epic Fail Bungie - GameZilla Podcast ep178

This week we go hard, maybe to hard, on Destiny 2. Tons or reveals... From game releases, DLC, season passes and even a new Pro bundle. Then some controversy around micro transactions and Mr. Xbox himself speaks to paying for DLC.

Duration: 01:33:08

Battlefront 2 Woes - GameZilla Podcast ep177

This week our hopes and dreams of Battlefront 2 are crushed! Pair this with the decisions that were made by Bungie and Capcom and you get the perfect receipt for disaster or an amazing show.

Duration: 01:26:39

SNES Classic - GameZilla Podcast ep176

This week Grimlock and JazzE tell you exactly what you need to know about the SNES Classic and weather or not Nintendo hit another home run with this unit. We give our thoughts on what the creator of Metroid has to say about the future of the IP along with some Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and PS VR news. Maybe some Games with gold and PS Plus games of October sprinkled in as well.

Duration: 02:32:41

Nintendo Direct - GameZilla Podcast ep174

This week we talk about all the changes and releases coming out of the recent Nintendo Direct. The death of something dear to the Deadite's heart. Multiple DLC updates and what in the hell is the Trash Can Huffer?

Duration: 01:50:45

The Future of Destiny - GameZilla Podcast ep173

Grimlock and JazzE decide weather or not they can trust Nintendo. We give our post Destiny 2 launch feelings and tell you what you can look forward to in the world of Destiny. Can you save a major game from crashing and burning with only the press of a button? Followed up with a in depth opinion on the morals of streaming.

Duration: 01:51:57

PAX West 2017 - GameZilla Podcast ep172

We are back from Boston and the NA LCS summer split championship. Grimlock and JazzE dive into the worlds tournament of league while telling the tales of their trip to Boston. Nintendo makes some very bad decisions. What could ninety percent of Gearbox developers be working on? Along with many game and DLC releases.

Duration: 01:48:17

Nintendo Nindies - GameZilla podcast ep171

Nintendo Nindies is coming! Grimlock and JazzE give some predictions on the upcoming Nintendo direct. Share their disappointment in the next wave of Injustice 2 dlc characters. Then spin it back with some positive Microsoft X box X news and what Blizzard is finally doing right in Overwatch.

Duration: 01:57:28

Gamescom 2017 - GameZilla podcast ep170

This week Grim and JazzE are spreading all the good new to come out of Gamescom 2017. From current gaming updates, to new releases and some cool news to come out of Microsoft pertaining to the Xbox 1 X. Also there might be some shenanigans regarding a pool.

Duration: 01:32:52

Nintendo vs Gamevice - GameZilla podcast ep169

Grimlock and JazzE dive deep into the politics of gaming this week as they cover multiple gaming related lawsuits and a new hiring concept created by Blizzard. Some big name gaming companies have some major announcements coming to game shows and conventions right around the corner. Will Destiny 2 be better then we are expecting?

Duration: 02:25:59

Video Game Pop Tarts - GameZilla podcast ep168

This Week Grimlock and JazzE tell you about some important release dates for upcoming games and DLC. They talk a tiny but giant detour into Splatoon 2's Splat Fest. Then when we didn't think Bungie had any more tricks up their sleeves... They force us to eat Pop Tarts and drink Rockstar.

Duration: 02:17:42

MCG Nerd BBQ - GameZilla podcast ep167

This week Grimlock and JazzE reveal some unique records being set in gaming along with... you guessed it... more delays. Esports is getting closer to franchising and old dogs like Capcom might be learning new tricks. We also have a few words for Niantic again.

Duration: 01:32:47

Pay To Loot - GameZilla podcast ep154

We cover the Paid To Loot epidemic in gaming this week. Is Paid To Loot pre exposing the younger crowd to addiction forming habits? Will we continue down this dark road of the RNG (Random Number Generator) cash grab? We also cover news coming from Activision with their new Call of Duty game, Blizzard is starting their next mobile game, DOTA 2 makes adjustments to level the playing field and Games Done Quick releases their summer dates and list of games. All this and more on the GameZilla...

Duration: 02:09:33