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#48 - Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Luis - Bits 4 you

This is a special episode being that it is something that has interested me for a long time but I had very little knowledge about. Cryptocurrency is the topic on this podcast so you will hear it all, from Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many more. My good friend Luis breaks things down for us by answering Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin questions such as: How does one get into bitcoin? Where do you purchase bitcoin? How can it be used? Do you foresee bitcoin and cryptocurrency becoming the main...


#47 - I was taking a Sh*t - Bits 4 you

Someone was late to the podcast due to nature giving them a call. Nintendo fanboys and their amazing Labo (smh). Rockstar games Highly Anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a release date. Someone’s mom becomes a love interest to one of the hosts. Dragon Ball FighterZ has a couple of issues, and we chat about recent movies and TV shows. The part of the podcast that keeps me awake Wrestling talk is here with a special UFC guest making an appearance. Robin Williams was in Jumanji 2 (spoiler...


#46 - WTF is Nintendo Labo - Bits 4 you

This is the first podcast episode recorded in 2018 and we have fun talking about Marriage, Healthy lifestyles, along with video games we are looking forward to in 2018. Should all WWE shows be on their App? The big question WTF is the Nintendo Labo. This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to for your free 30-day trial. LootCrate - Go to to save 10% on any new subscription. Enter promo code: bridge10 for...


#45 - The Lion Marks - Bits 4 you

Our friend Juan from The Lion Marks Podcast joins us to talk about Superhero movies and Wrestle Kingdom 12. Hear thoughts on the card such as Jericho vs Omega and Naito vs Okada. Also, some travel tips to Japan. This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to for your free 30-day trial. LootCrate - Go to to save 10% on any new subscription. Enter promo code: bridge10 for 10% savings. BarkBox - Go to...


#44 - Christmas / Holiday - Bits 4 you

Our very first Christmas episode. Everyone loves Xmas right? If you do, give yourself a pat on the back. If you don’t then go fly a kite. We cover our top games of 2017 while going to a Bachelor party weekend in Florida. Does Javier finally get PSN plus? Net Neutrality began to F*** with us during this episode. Thoughts on video game soundtracks on CD and we discuss the holiday cult film ThanksKilling” This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to...


#43 - The Wise Guys visit Thailand - Bits 4 you

This episode gets the guys back together not just any guys The Wise Guys have returned. The best explanation for what you are about to here is the wise guys say what you’re thinking but are afraid to say. We cover pop culture, health, society, politics, movies, video games, TV, all with some humor to finish things off. In other words, get ready for some laughs and NSFW conversations. This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to for your free...


#42 - The Room / Tommy Wiseau - Bits 4 you

This is a special episode of the Bits 4 you podcast. By special I mean we recorded a live commentary track for the classic film The Room. This film was directed by Tommy Wiseau and has been hailed as one of the worst movies of this generation. I’m joined by Frankie and Erlin two great friends who have never seen this film. Listen to this podcast without ever having seen The Room or listen to this podcast while you watch The Room. In the end, however, you decide to listen you will have fun...


#41 - Thanksgiving vs Black Friday - Bits 4 you

Is Thanksgiving about eating pie? WTF did we begin to chat about Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z. Justice is served when we discuss Justice League and the rest of the DCEU. We go black Friday shopping with our friends over at Ring of Honor until the party poopers at WWE Survivor Series show up. This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to for your free 30-day trial. LootCrate - Go to to save 10% on...


#40 - A City Shrouded in Shadow - Bits 4 you

We celebrate a birthday joined by Thor: Ragnarok and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Someone has completed Super Mario Odyssey but wants some Sonic Forces and ittle Dew 2. I take a nap with Rhonda Rousey and Brock Lesnar while Javier talks WWE Survivor Series. A couple of celebrities join us to discuss N64 Classic Mini rumors with a bit of The Walking Dead update. Robert has a bone to pick with “Super”. Universal’s Dark Universe is in Jeopardy and finally, North Korea had something of mine. This...


#39 - Stranger Things in Super Mario Odyssey - Bits 4 you

One of us has been MIA from the gaming world but we go deep into Halloween harassment. The Shadow of War conversation continues is the end near? Call of Duty…..yeah it’s back yet again. Nintendo and their Amiibo’s, when will it end. We have played Super Mario Odyssey and we go deep into the game. Someone Binged watched the Sh1t out of Stranger Things 2 on the weekend of its release. Paris games week coverage, Sony Playstation VR, and the last few episodes of South Park. This episode is...


#38 - Shadow of War & The Thing - Bits 4 you

Javier goes deep into telling me about his new Pink Car, while also telling me about the new video game Shadow of War. Loot crates and microtransactions are they needed? I get my hands on the SNES classic mini and go deep into Star Fox 2. What makes a video game worthy of $60 (full priced game). Ranking of our favorite Super Mario games before the release of Super Mario Odyssey. Our thoughts on the classic horror film The Thing. - Please review and rate us on iTunes or the podcast App...


#37 - The Life of Radio Shack - Bits 4 you

We have a filmmaker on the podcast today. Shawn Tischler is working on a documentary about Radio Shack. Yes, that’s right that place you visited not long ago. Have a listen to Shawn talk about his passion project and support this project by visiting his crowdfunding page at Indiegogo His Facebook page This episode is brought to you...


#36 - Our Ancestors are in Pieces - Bits 4 you

We get inspired to watch Eli Roth’s favorite Horror film “Pieces” could it be a new favorite for us? Your Name being turned into a live action film by Hollywood. Netflix Death Note live action film Robert goes into details about it. One of us gets our hands on the SNES Classic mini. PS4 gets a Splatoon 2 killer on their recently released library. We review the recent South Park episodes and would you want to have a DNA ancestry test done on you and why? This episode is brought to you...


#35 - Part 2 Nintendo go F*** yourself - Bits 4 you

On this Episode, we have Frankie back as a guest. We discuss things from shows and some anime we grew up watching in the 1990’s while also discussing our recent episode titled “Nintendo go F*** yourself.” A few other things we mentioned in this episode are the virtual console, Uncharted: the Lost Legacy, Indiana Jones, The Room, Christopher Nolan, Mario Rabbids, PlayStation 5 and much more. This episode is brought to you by: GameFly - Go to for your...


#34 - Pennywise the Terror of Generations - Bits 4 you

On this Episode, Javier finally gets an update on Sonic Mania. We give you our thoughts on Nintendo Direct and chat a bit about Final Fantasy 15 and the in-game sponsors. One of us has Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X love and Robert doesn’t like Android. Hellboy movie reboot backlash over a role, with our thoughts on Stephen Kings IT. We saw the season premiere of South Park which leads us to talk about jobs and Universities. This episode is brought to you by: Meet the Gamers is a global...


#32 - Nintendo go F*** yourself - Bits 4 you

Today we go over some tips for Splatoon 2 and our thoughts on the game so far. We discuss Mario Rabbids, Sonic Mania Collector’s edition and what I think Javier should do with it. Amazons new instant pick up feature WTF, the big discussion the Disaster that was the SNES classic pre-orders held by retailers. We wrap it up with WWE SummerSlam and our version of a Game of Thrones game. This Podcast is brought to you by GameFly - Go to for your free...


#31 - 3 Wise guys 1 Sex bot

We discuss life altering things such as Where to order Pizza from? Shark week, Sex Robots, Vocal Fry makes a return, D*ck Diving, a bit of politics mixed in with Game of Thrones. Teachers and students and students and teachers, and much more… This Podcast is brought to you by GameFly - Go to for your free 30-day trial. LootCrate - Go to to save 10% on any new subscription. Enter promo code: bridge10 for 10%...


#30 - Sammie D - Bits 4 you

Sammie D is our guest today. Join us as she discusses how she began on YouTube, what made her shift gears into a healthy lifestyle. We also touch on her planned trip to New York, walking her dog and a bit of Destiny 2, Hobbit, Game of Thrones. Thank you for listening. This Podcast is brought to you by GameFly - Go to for your free 30-day trial. LootCrate - Go to to save 10% on any new subscription. Enter promo...


#29 - Bela Lugosi….ghost? - Bits 4 you

The Legendary actor Bela Lugosi of such classic horror films as Dracula, The Raven, Son of Frankenstein is our guest on the podcast today. He gives us his thoughts on Shark Week, vampire films of now, Castlevania Netflix series, Garlic is it really bad, Bela Lugosi goes on about Politics a bit, Batman, Nintendo, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, SNES Classic, Sega Genesis Flashback Console, and much more. This Podcast is brought to you by GameFly - Go to for...


#28 - Liquid Lola - Bits 4 you

YouTube Live and Twitch streamer extraordinaire Liquid Lola is our guest today. She tells us where she was raised where her love for video games began. Lola gives us a bit of info on what she does when she isn’t streaming Video games, as well as her inspiration for becoming a Twitch and YouTube streamer & her admiration for a certain Super Hero and much more. Enjoy! Liquid Lola Youtube - Twitter -...


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