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Why You Entrapin' so Hard?

This week on Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan break down entrapment. We also end up in left field when trying to determine if dating is a form of prostitution. Dan explains why some men think they're entitled to sex after a date. Entrapment 1. What is entrapment? 2. Are police stings (drugs/prostitution) considered entrapment? 3. If you ask an undercover cop if they are a cop, do they have to tell you they are in order to avoid entrapment? Confidential Informants (CIs) and...


Die, Witnesses.

H2 H3 Edit Preview This week Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss the effects of Stop Snitchin’ in the streets, prison, and judicial system. We take a look at witness protection and how to keep the people who are willing to come forward to report crimes safe. Sidebar: Rapper Troy Ave. (who we admittedly don’t know anything about other than a couple of Breakfast Club interviews) and media personality and podcast host Taxstone got into an altercation in 2016 at Irving Plaza. This altercation left one...


DWB & Surviving an Arrest.

Driving While Black (DWB) is no secret to the black community. Dan explains how he and countless other black men feel when they see a police car behind them when driving. Dan and Becky detail some of their experiences being profiled by while driving (11:40) Are being detained and being questioned the same thing? Ann explains what it means to be detained and what your rights are while being detained. Being detained in most states requires a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or is...


Check Up From the Neck Up.

In episode 26 of Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss mental illness and suicide. It’s no secret that mental illness is just as prevalent in the black community as any other community. Each host shares their experiences dealing with people in their lives who suffer from mental illness and/or suicidal ideation. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or chat online at Ann shares her experiences with a loved one who...


Prophets for Profit

Ann, Dan, and Becky are joined by recurring guest Paul Smith from TruTalk on Tru Radio Network. In what was supposed to be an episode about the differences between for profit and not for profit organizations, we go way left as far as churches are concerned. What is the separation of church and state? What are the requirements you have to meet to become a church/religion? Why aren’t churches taxed? If you make a living from the church, do you have to pay personal income tax? Big Business...


The Workers Comp Come Up!

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss what Workers Comp is, how to get it, and some of the rules (which vary by state). Don't forget to subscribe, review, and follow us on Twitter @BlackLawPodcast! Workers Comp. What is workers comp? Do all businesses have workers comp insurance? If not, what happens when someone gets hurt on the job? If so, is it required by law? What qualifies as a workplace injury? Falling, slipping, lifting, climbing, etc…? Horseplay? Negligence by the employee? (not...


Burying your Child: A Mother's Story.

In what is probably our most compelling episode to date, Ann and Dan have a conversation with their guest Marie, a native New Orleanian whose son was tragically murdered in late 2016. Marie’s son was barely 20 years old when he was shot and killed. Sadly this type of story is not at all uncommon in New Orleans. New Orleans is one of the deadliest cities in the US, which ranked #4 behind St. Louis, Baltimore, and Detroit in murders per capita in 2016. It’s a little known secret that New...


Minding yo Black Business(es)!

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky are joined by Stacy Alugas, a black business owner and entrepreneur. (00:20) Interview/Discussion with Stacy Alugas of Blossom Beauty. Stacy shares some of the hurdles she faced in becoming a salon owner, most of which were presented by other people of color. Stacy explains how many doors were slammed in her face when she attempted to seek knowledge about the industry she was trying to break into. Luckily this didn't deter Stacy from following her dream. She...


Hate Crimes, Haters.

Episode 22: Hate Crimes What are hate crimes and how do they differ from regular crimes? Are they based off of prejudice alone? Can stealing from a person you’re prejudice against be a hate crime? When did hate crimes become a “thing?” Are sentences harsher for hate crimes? Are these considered non-hate/hate crimes: 1. A white dude punching a black dude in the face? 1a. A white guy punching a black guy in the face while yelling “go back to Africa nigger!” 2. A black guy choking a white...


Tax Season! (aka Cuffing Season... for men)

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan talk taxes and tax bae! Tax season, also known as cuffing season for men because in our community it's not uncommon for single men to prey on single mothers with multiple children in order to claim their children as dependents. After claiming the woman's children and receiving his refund, an experienced Tax Season cuffer will then proceed to spend much of the woman's refund before dumping her. Tax Season Common Misconceptions (True/False): 1. You have until...


The Course of Divorce Court, of Course!

This week Ann, Becky, and Dan tackle divorce. We also have the opportunity to speak with one of Ann's former clients who Ann represented in a messy divorce case. (0:00-16:54) Divorce: What are fault and no-fault Divorce. Divorce without grounds based on physical separation. Contested divorces. What are they? Are they normal? Costs. How much does a typical divorce cost? (16:55-61:45) Interview with Ann's former client, Shanell, who shares her divorce experience. Shanell got married in 2002...


Bullies gon' Bully.

In the wake of the Keaton Jones "Fam Scam," Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss bullying and the law. Bullying: What is bullying, as defined by the law? Is bullying illegal? Ann and Afro Becky have never been bullied before but Dan shares that he was bullied as a child after moving into a new neighood. Because Dan wasn't born and raised in what eventually became his "hood," he was bullied by other kids in the neighborhood before becoming accepted. In cases where bullying victims commit suicide or...


Sodom and Gonorhea

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky discuss sodomy... laws! What is sodomy? Though it varies from state to state, sodomy is generally anything other than traditional man on woman vaginal intercourse. Afro-Becky embarrassingly reads a number of sexual acts to see what’s considered sodomy and what isn’t. Becky (not surprisingly) has never heard of more than half of these acts. About 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books including our great state, Louisiana. Anti-sodomy laws are...


Opiates, Opioids, Crack!

This week Ann wasn't able to make it to the podcast so we scratched the legal talk. Joined by Paul Smith of TruTalk on Tru Radio Network in our makeshift studio, Dan and Becky discuss Dan's favorite topic, drugs! We will be back in our studio to talk about the law next week! With all of the media coverage on the opioid epidemic we wanted to discuss why it was considered an epidemic and how it's being treated differently than the crack epidemic in the 80s. We also talk about safe drug use,...


Our Broken Child Support System.

This week Ann and Dan fight it out over child support! Fight! Fight! Fight! Dan's stance: Child support shouldn't be based off of a man's income but instead the actual cost of supporting that child, and each parent should contribute 50% of the actual cost. He also thinks that men who adequately provide for their children without a court order should be exempt from legal child support. Child support should only be reserved for deadbeats who have no interest or desire to provide for their...


Custody? Those Bebe's Kids!

This week Ann, Dan, and Becky discuss custody orders and how they work. Dan thinks men don't get a fair shake when it comes to family court, especially when children are involved. Ann believes that most men don't want to take care of their children anyway so the mother should be the natural custodial parent. They agree to disagree but the one thing Dan and Becky learned new is not only should you have a will, you should specify who your children should go to in the event of your death....


Spousal Rape is Real Rape.

This week Ann, Dan, and Afro Becky (formally known as Anonymous) are joined by our caller Diane from North Carolina who is a victim of marital rape. Diane's #MeToo post caught Dan's eye because if you remember in our pilot episode, prior to the recent national attention on sexual crimes, Dan didn't think it was possible to rape one's spouse. Diane's Post: We were married. He was drunk. He said it was my wifely duty to submit. I laid motionless and cried...But it doesn't count because I...


Stalker vs. Stalked Pt. 2

In part 2 of Stalker vs Stalked, Dan on Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous have a discussion with Marcus, who was arrested and jailed for stalking...his wife. After being with his wife for 8 years, Marcus caught his her cheating on him. Marcus had a feeling that something was going on when his wife started acting strange. After his wife went missing one night, Marcus and his cousins tracked her down at a seedy motel with the guy she was cheating with. Marcus attempted to get her to leave the...


Stalker vs. Stalked Pt. 1

This week in part 1 of Stalker vs. Stalked, Ann, Dan, and Anonymous have a discussion with our guest Nicole who is a stalking victim. Next week in part two we have a discussion with Marcus who was arrested and jailed for allegedly stalking... his wife. Nicole has been a victim of stalking twice, once by a woman and once by a man. Unfortunately we weren't able to publish the first incident we spoke about because of technical difficulties with the audio but we will recap it here: Nicole...


Defending Public Defenders

This week Dan on Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous discuss public defenders and whether or not they're actually good lawyers. Dan describes his interactions with one of his public defenders as a juvenile delinquent and theorizes that the caseloads of public defenders make them ineffective at their jobs. Ann argues that public defenders are just as capable as private attorneys and also explains who can and cannot benefit from a public defender. We also discuss how young black males have their...


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