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Everything I'm Not Is Everything I Am

Everything I'm Not = Everything I am Today on Black Me Up *Pop Culture The Lion King Live action film is pretty much the only thing we care about this week. *Current Events Just the closing of multiple bankrupt stores. We aren't surprised about Macys.. ((Sorry for the quiet audio the first 10 minutes, during the Real Talk section g *Real Talk Has school changed your view on how you see yourself? Has school shaped you to be the person you are today- way deeper than education. We talk about...

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Today on Black Me Up *Pop Culture Beyonce has a blessing.. Or two… in her ovaries; people are really finding the negative in pregnancy? Why are people hating. Here’s what we thing *Current Events Valentine’s day. Black History Month. Beyonce. Thassit. *Real Talk Would you ever consider a long distance relationship? Lily admits to talking to a few guys in different countries online but would she ever date long distance? *Bulletin Board -We are starting an ASK BMU segment; do you have life...

Duration: 00:47:35

Dry Sandwiches

••• IN TODAYS EPISODE Dae & Lily host. Grammy predictions, Dry sammich blues, the Immigrant ban is B.S, Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama... and like always.. plenty of opinions being thrown back and forth. We read some of the grammy categories and their nominees, Dae butchers several names, but no harm, and give our predictions on who we think are going to win. We talk Tamara and her hurt husband. Citizenship and this stupid Muslim Ban and Immigrant ban is brought up. We bring up class and...

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Who Payin' Tho?? (#BMUthoughts)

#BMUthoughts Today's minisode is hosted by Lily, Dae, and Ty! We are having a quick chat about how we go about paying for dates. What are your thoughts on the topic? Who do you agree with more? #BMUthoughts are created as conversation starters. We want to hear what YOU think about we're talking about. We want to hear your thoughts, use the hashtag #BMUthoughts on Twitter to connect with us. Follow us on Twitter @blackmeuppodcst ____________________________________ THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE...

Duration: 00:07:59

New Year, Same You

Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning into our first ever episode of Black Me Up! We hope you enjoy it. __________________________________________________ ••• IN TODAYS EPISODE Dae & Lily host. We talk New Years, New Years Resolutions, what we learned from 2016, and what's in store for BMU in 2017! BRIEF SUMMARY OF BMU We are a new podcast series bringing you life, comedy, advice, and more from the perspective of black girls. We hope to serve as a voice and as a relatable source for everything...

Duration: 00:14:59