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Black Zen and the Weekly Wellness

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This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.

This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.
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This podcast is a weekly discussion on selected wellness topics designed to make you laugh, provide insight and breakdown the Weekly Wellness editorial delivered to inboxes every Monday.






E18 - Party Like a Meditation Rockstar

The holiday season is upon us and meditators do the holiday season right! While we may get a bad rap around the social set for being woo-hooey, I assure you some of us know how to turn up! Granted, we do try to be thoughtful about how we navigate our good time. From the holiday parties to the festive meals, we try to rock with a little self-control, a whole lot of joy and make sure we're acknowledging and enjoying the peace of the present moment. So, for the meditation rock stars out there,...

Duration: 00:58:26

E17 - On Being Authentic & How to "Do You"

We’ve all heard the expression, “to thine own self be true,” but what’s implied here is that a “self” has already been clearly identified. How well do we really know ourselves? In many cases, our perception of who we are is dependent, or at least linked, to how others see us. And while sometimes that projection is accurate, who we are is still being curated by someone outside of ourselves. This is where being true to ourselves comes into play. Externally, it can be something as simple as...

Duration: 00:37:14

E16 - Knowing Which Season You're In

The holidays are a time to be with our families, either the ones we were given at birth or the ones we’ve chosen over time. This togetherness usually prompts our family to ask – or for us to ask ourselves – “What’s going on in your life?” In certain years we’re able to answer this question clearly, but in most cases, there’s either so much going on that we’re unsure of where to even begin or there's nothing going on and we have zero to share. Once we’re aware of where we are in our lives,...

Duration: 00:36:10

E15 - Life: The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Call us nerds, but we've always found the idea of a treasure hunt exciting! Even as far back as elementary school, choose your own adventure books seemed like the most fun and interesting ones to read. So, it's probably not much of a surprise that our team is currently obsessed with escape rooms. And in true Black Zen form, we knew we had to share some of our insights and discoveries since there were so many great parallels to life. In our very first excursion, we learned a lot about how...

Duration: 00:26:26

E14 - The Power of Silence

In a world full of noise, both figuratively and literally, sometimes silence is golden. It can be the most powerful tool at our disposal and, even though it can feel counter-intuitive at first, over time it creates a peaceful stillness that is unshakeable even in the most trying of circumstances. Meditation, in its simplest form, is the practice of intentionally quieting the mind. It’s finding stillness amidst our busy schedules and opening ourselves up to the possibility of living more...

Duration: 01:00:00

E13 - Your Secret Superpower

Almost every superhero movie starts with the main character not knowing just how badass they are. It takes some major circumstance of threat or danger to bring out the latent abilities that were inside them all along, and often they are delighted and surprised at their own strength and super human qualities. They begin stepping into their destiny as soon as they discover their hidden powers. If we really think about it, this sounds a lot like the plot twists of our own lives. Turns out,...

Duration: 00:42:38

E12 - Rocks vs. Tumbleweeds

From my vantage point at the base of the mountain looking up, I saw a circular object start to roll down. It only took a moment to realize I was standing at the bottom of the path and so inevitably this rock would crash right into me. I should mention it never occurred to me to move, as if there was some reason I needed to stay there and see how this all played out. Just before the collision, a light breeze blew by and the rock was quickly swept away into another direction. As it drifted...

Duration: 00:07:24

E11 - #SquadGoals

Out of all the Jim Rohn quotes, one of our favorites is "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Truer words were never spoken. At Black Zen, we consistently look for ways to create the best conditions for our success and our peace, and the most important factor we've found in achieving this has been surrounding ourselves with amazing, ambitious and authentic people who inspire us to be our best. And while there was so much good advice to choose from in this...

Duration: 00:31:44

E10 - Sage Advice

So many aspects of life can be difficult to comprehend while you’re in the throes of living in it. To make sense of it all, sometimes having a larger perspective on life is key. But how do we step back far enough to see the forest when we’re hacking our way through the trees? Sometimes the wisest piece of advice comes from those who have already lived it, and the best thing we can do is listen and learn. People who have been through and “seen some thangs” offer us the ability to learn...

Duration: 00:34:58

E9 - Better Relationships

With all of the books and articles about how to work on relationship goals, for this week's wellness we sought out to find advice that was not only novel in its simplicity, but actionable tips that could easily be applied and provide immediate results to any relationship. Whether you're in the honeymoon phase, trying to relight the spark with your significant other, or secretly wishing you had a bae to apply these tips to, there is something in here for you! We found delightful and...

Duration: 00:32:27

E8 - What's Worth Holding On To?

Our prescription for getting back on track and aligning our to-do list with what we say we want is simple - STOP. Stop trying to fit it all in. Stop trying to squeeze the minutes out of every day and trying to read email while watching tv, cooking, and multi-tasking in general. Since none of us have figured out how to add more hours to the day, it makes sense that something will eventually have to give. We can't do it all in one day and being busy doesn't necessarily mean we're moving...

Duration: 00:11:45

E7 - Failing Forward

Failure and success are more linked than we think and the word failure can be turned on its head and actually used to launch and motivate yourself. It is one thing to fail, and quite another to fail forward into the next opportunity to learn or travel a new avenue that presents itself as a result of what seems (at the time) to be a setback. What we’ve found to be true in the articles this week is that despite the initial sting, the blessing of failure leaves us nowhere to go but up…

Duration: 00:10:31

E6 - Keep Calm & Stay There

There are plenty of times in our lives where taking in too much of the news, interacting with difficult bosses or co-workers, or even just the internal pressure we create for ourselves when tackling our never-ending to-do lists can start to put our minds and bodies in a hyper-charged state of stress and anxiety. It’s a feeling where every nerve in our bodies is at attention and we feel like we need to be “on” all the time since disaster could be anywhere. For some of us, we may even live...

Duration: 00:12:00

E5 - What Does Your Energy Attract?

It’s Labor Day and a perfect time to start relaxing if you’ve been an uptight person recently or if you’ve been in a great place and want to keep the good vibes and energy flowing. In this week’s wellness we start off with a quick read illustrating how subtle patterns and ways of thinking can negatively affect our mood, and how a one-word shift can give us the attitude adjustment needed to positively affect our circumstances and change our outlook on everything. Since the energy we give...

Duration: 00:12:17

E4 - Enjoy The Ride

As ambitious and driven people it makes sense that we are constantly working towards our goals with feverish passion and a clear eye on the prize, but what happens when all we end up doing is working, wanting more and grasping for the next thing? Do we totally miss our lives as they are happening because we’re busy grasping at straws and concerning ourselves with what it “could” look like or “should” be? In this week’s wellness, we encourage you to stop striving for success long enough to...

Duration: 00:11:51

E3 - What's Your Story?

Once we understand that thoughts become things and that some of our thoughts aren’t doing us any favors, the next step is to intentionally create new ways to see ourselves and change how we talk about our experience. In Victim to Victor, there’s a crazy story that you must read to believe (or listen to the podcast for the cliff’s notes version)! The story has an interesting conclusion about how the writer didn’t realize she was being a drama queen until someone else pointed it out. To be...

Duration: 00:21:01

E2 - A Glimpse Into The Real!

This week’s wellness is all about openness, and since honesty is the best policy, I’ll go first. I hit a wall last week. I got some news that was as surprising as it was disappointing. I let one thing send me into an all-out internal panic, until I finally gave myself permission to land. It was time to change and growth finally pushed through all the angst. Even though the news I received was as surprising and shocking as it was disappointing, I was stuck in that place until a great friend...

Duration: 00:20:18

E1 - Staying Centered & Successful

The definition of success can be a bit tricky. Truth is, it’s so relative since we all have different goals in life and our goals and objectives can change as we’re living it. Sometimes we can unintentionally measure our progress against a ruler that consists of social media likes, familial expectations, personal ambition and an imaginary timeline of when we are supposed to “arrive.” Because we also feel many of the same pressures of life, we won’t simplistically tell you not to think...

Duration: 00:25:24