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A podcast at the inters​ection of Comics and Blackness. Join us as we chat with comic creators and promote diverse comix! Hosted by Thelonious Legend @TheLeg​endBoo​ks, Marcus Kwame @marcuskwame, Leo Faierman @LeonardoEff, and Grace Gipson @GBreezy20.

A podcast at the inters​ection of Comics and Blackness. Join us as we chat with comic creators and promote diverse comix! Hosted by Thelonious Legend @TheLeg​endBoo​ks, Marcus Kwame @marcuskwame, Leo Faierman @LeonardoEff, and Grace Gipson @GBreezy20.
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A podcast at the inters​ection of Comics and Blackness. Join us as we chat with comic creators and promote diverse comix! Hosted by Thelonious Legend @TheLeg​endBoo​ks, Marcus Kwame @marcuskwame, Leo Faierman @LeonardoEff, and Grace Gipson @GBreezy20.




BlackComicsChat Podcast 59 - Dr. Sheena Howard & Marcel Dupree

We're hitting you with 2 interviews this week. The first is with Eisner Award Winner, Dr. Sheena Howard. We spoke to her about her work on Lion Forge's Superb and the recently published Encyclopedia of Black Comics. In Part 2 we spoke to Marcel Dupree, the man behind Evoluzione Publishing and Delilah Blast, Armor, and P.O.M. Check them both out and support their work! Dr. Sheena Howard: Marcel:

Duration: 01:10:17

BlackComicsChat Podcast 58 - Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball

This episode we're joined by the talented team of Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball, creators of Kid Carvers and much more! Follow all of their work. If you enjoy the show, please rate us 5 stars on iTunes. BlackComicsChat intro/outro beatbox by Afua Richardson

Duration: 01:38:27

BlackComicsChat Podcast 57 - Jeremy Arambulo

In this Back-Issues episode, recorded last year, we speak to Jeremy Arambulo about his amazing comic A Challenge, Asian representation, and much more! Be sure to check out A Challenge online at Please take a minute to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and/or Stitcher and give us an iTunes rating. It helps us to expand and make the show even better! BlackComicsChat Intro/Outro Beatbox by Afua Richardson.

Duration: 01:51:25

BlackComicsChat Podcast 54 - Eric Basir

We spoke to Eric Basir @theblackrhino77 about his all-ages graphic novel, Badin and the Secret of the Saami. Badin is a fast-paced 18th century historical fiction graphic novel focusing on the Swedish Queen’s adopted African son on an adventure to save the future of humanity. Learn more at #BlackComicsChat Intro/Outro Beatbox by Afua Richardson. Please take a minute to give us a 5-star rating on iTunes. We'll love you forever.

Duration: 01:41:11

BlackComicsChat Podcast 53 - Anthony Otero

In this interview from April 2017 we spoke to author and BlackComicsChat fam, Anthony Otero @Latinegro, author of Hanging Upside Down and Isabel. Learn more at You can find Tony's books at Remember to rate us 5 stars on iTunes. BlackComicsChat Intro/Outro Beatbox by Afua Richardson.

Duration: 01:53:05

BlackComicsChat Podcast 52 - Comicidal Terrahawks

For this super-sized episode we were joined by Lu and Wilson of the awesome Comicidal Terrahawks podcast crew. Things get pretty nerdy as we discuss the crew's origins, Black Panther, John Stewart, The Immortal Nadia Greene, what is possibly the most misguided beverage commercial of the 21st century, and much more. This episode was recorded on April 7th, 2017. Obviously a lot has changed since then, but you'll still enjoy this episode. Please remember to subscribe and give us a 5-star...

Duration: 02:05:19

BlackComicsChat Podcast 51 - Route 3 Kickstarter

This week BlackComicsChat welcomes Robery Jeffrey II and Sean D. Hill to the show to discuss the kickstarter campaign for Route 3! BlackComicsChat intro/outro beatbox by Afua Richardson! Don't forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes

Duration: 01:40:45

BlackComicsChat Podcast 50 - Kamikaze Returns

The awesome team behind Kamikaze returns to BlackComicsChat to discuss their Kickstarter campaign for Volume 2 of Kamikaze. Be sure to support this awesome comic and spread the word! Kamikaze is Carrie Tupper, Alan Tupper, and Havana Nguyen. Read Kamikaze at Back the Kickstarter Campaign at Don't forget to subscribe and rate BlackComicsChat on iTunes and Stitcher....

Duration: 02:03:03

BlackComicsChat Podcast 49 - Blackout Kickstarter

This episode is all about the Blackout Kickstarter: Listen as Roosevelt Pitt Jr. and Vince White discuss Blackout, Purge, The Brother, Will Power, and the Powerverse, and more. Please support this campaign and help spread the word! Blackout: Rate and subscribe to us on iTunes and/or Stitcher. BlackComicsChat Intro/Outro...

Duration: 00:49:54

BlackComicsChat Podcast 48 - BCC x Misty Knight's Uninformed Afro

Join us for an extra special episode of BCC with Jamie Broadnax and Stephanie Williams of the awesome podcast, Misty Knight's Uninformed Afro! Be sure to check out their informative podcast which focuses on the histories of Black super heroines. We covered a lot of ground in this discussion! Check them out at: Jamie - Steph - Twitter: @Steph_I_Will and @BlackGirlNerds Please remember to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and Stitcher! It helps...

Duration: 01:50:30

BlackComicsChat Podcast 47 - Deborah E Whaley, Kinitra D. Brooks, and Calyn Pickens-Rich

Talking Afro-goth, Calyn's Dill Comics, Black Women in horror, and more with our panel of Deborah E. Whaley, Kinitra D. Brooks, and Calyn Pickens-Rich. Deborah E. Whaley: Calyn Pickens-Rich: Kinitra D. Brooks: Please rate and subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher (5 stars are appreciated!) Intro/Outro Beatbox theme by Afua Richardson

Duration: 01:28:27

BlackComicsChat Podcast 46 - Thaddeus Howze

Super-Writer, Thaddeus Howze is back with the chat on this latest episode! Check him out at

Duration: 02:18:40

BlackComicsChat Podcast 45 - Regine Sawyer & Maia Crown Williams

Regine Sawyer and Maia Crown Williams joined us repping the Women in Comics Collective. Regine is also the creator of books like Ice Witch and Eating Vampires through her company, Lockett Down productions. Maia is the force behind Mecca Con and she is also helping to drive the Black Speculative Arts Movement events everywhere. Support these ladies. Regine: Maia: Remember to Rate us and Subscribe on iTunes and/or Stitcher....

Duration: 01:35:53

BlackComicsChat Podcast 44 - Heroes of Homeroom C Kickstarter Jumpoff

There's only a week left to support the awesome all ages comic Heroes of Homeroom C! Go to to support the #kickstarter. This episode we speak to Anthony Ruttgaizer of Aristocrats Comix about Heroes of Homeroom C. "HEROES OF HOMEROOM C" tells the tale of Nicola and Albert Hathaway, twin 12-year-old, African-American superheroes, who lose their powers and get sent back to public school to try and have a "normal life." But even in the small town paradise of Tranquil,...

Duration: 00:54:34

BlackComicsChat Podcast 43 - Ted Lange IV

Another blast from the past. This "Back-Issues" episode was recorded during summer of 2016. The team chopped it up with the amazing Ted Lange IV. Check him out and support his comic Warp Zone available on Peep Game Comix and published by Rosrium. Remember to subscribe and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes and Stitcher. Thanks! BlackComicsChat beatbox intro/outro by Afua Richardson!

Duration: 01:40:49

BlackComicsChat Podcast 42 - Keef Cross

In this back issue episode from summer 2016 we spoke to the amazing Keef Cross, creator of DayBlack from Rosarium publishing. Keef talks about his origin story, tattooing, music, the DayBlack short film, and much more. Tune in and check out Keef at: Please remember to rate and subscribe to #BlackComicsChat on iTunes or Stitcher. Your 5 star rating helps us to...

Duration: 01:32:51

BlackComicsChat Podcast 41 - Black Comic Book Festival w Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft is in the house to discuss the 5th Annual Black Comic Book Festival! The festival is taking place this weekend at the Schomburg Center in NYC. You can find information here: If you enjoy our podcast please give us a 5 Star rating on iTunes. It helps to expand our reach. BlackComicsChat Beatbox Intro/Outro by Afua Richardson.

Duration: 00:54:58

BlackComicsChat Podcast 40 - Nerds of Prey Year End Special

BlackComicsChat + Nerds of Prey... What more do you need? On this very special Super-sized episode we are joined by Shannon and Mel, 50% of the awesome Nerds of Prey podcast team, to discuss all the things that we liked in 2016. Despite the fact that 2016 was a terrible year in many ways, we found out that we actually liked a lot of things that were produced during the past 365 days. We had a LOT of fun on this extra long year end Team-up spectacular. This is sure to be the first of many...

Duration: 02:50:25

BlackComicsChat Podcast 39 - Micheline Hess

Welcome to BlackComicsChat episode 39 aka "Thelonious is Lit." On this very special episode of Black Comics Chat we welcome Micheline Hess to the show. She discussed her time working at Milestone, her time in Japan, video games, and last but not least, her awesome all-ages adventure comic, Malice in Ovenland. Thelonious was extra lively this episode. He learned a lot about retail. A good time was had by all. Malice in Ovenland @ Rosarium Publishing:...

Duration: 01:54:41

BlackComicsChat Podcast 38 - Kickstarter Jumpoff: The Ronin

Chris Dickens stopped by Black Comics Chat to discuss the #Kickstarter campaign for his new book, The Ronin #1! Check it out and support it here:

Duration: 01:02:54

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