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Dare 2 Struggle with Chawn Kweli

Saturday Sept 2nd @ 4PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Join Blackistand Radio as we welcome New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff, Chawn Castro Kweli. We will go into current events, instructions for the New Afrikan(Black) Nation, The Dare 2 Struggle Network and much more! Call in number 347-989-8767 for questions or comments and also the chat-room will be open.

Duration: 02:06:27

Charlottesville coming to you soon! What to do?

Wednesday 9PM EST call in #347-989-8767 As the terror on Black folks continue, what is the proper response? Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the situation. Problem/solution. Should we team up with the LBGT community? Is the Jewish community an ally? Tune into Blackistand Radio and let's Build & Connect! call in #347-989-8767, also chat-room will be open!

Duration: 02:04:36

Henensu Authentic Kemetic Spirituality

Saturday @ 8pm EST call in #347-989-8767 Henensu Authentic Kemetic Spirituality with Brotha Aanku Benu We have a very special, insightful & Powerful Brotha coming to Blackistand to breakdown Kemetic Spirituality and how it and the Kulture applies to our people specifically now! If you subscribe to Kemetic Kulture, spirituality & history, you shouldn't miss this oppertunity to learn and Build with one of the best scholars/laborers on the subject. Call in number 347-989-8767 & chatroom will...

Duration: 02:58:09

Freestyle Saturday

call in 347-989-8767 TODAYS IS A FREESTYLE (OPEN MIC) show touching on many subjects and open to callers to join in and build, promote etc. From the new 4:44 album, the O.J parol hearing, cuts from Che Blaks new album, discussions on current events and much more. Blackistand Radio offers an open mic to callers on this first broadcast in 2 weeks. check out

Duration: 01:32:17

Warfare Musik with Che Blak of United Front

Sunday 7.9.17 @ 4pm EST cal in # 347-989-8767 Che Blak of United Front joins Blackistand with comrades bomani mayasa & Doc Mahdi. With his new album "Only built for Killers, Kutthroats & Warlords" set to drop Che Black will speak on the topic of War Musik, his group "United Front" and other topics pertaining to Revolution. This will be a show you don't wanna miss. Afrikan insurrection musik will be in full effect!. Call in #347-989-8767 chat room also will be open....

Duration: 02:06:43

Turning Facebook friends into Business Partners with Brother Sutek

Friday 6.16.17 9PM EST 6PM PT call in # 347-989-8767 "In order for the for the Black man to live, the negro must die" Mr Death to the negro, Brother Sutek, known for his contribution on the most popular and controversial platform "House Of Konsciousness", Sa Neter TV will be on Blackistand Radio to Build on some very interesting & insightful topics, "Rebuilding Black Wall Street On The Information Highway & Turning Facebook Friends Into Business Partners". This is a few of the topics we're...

Duration: 02:42:28

2nd Annual Ancestors Day

6.6.17 @7:30 PM EST call in #347-989-8767 What do the Ancestors mean to us? Let's give them a day and reflect. Hear clips, call in and tell us who your favorite Ancestors are and why. Also topics may include the Conscious Community and disrespect of our Ancestors.

Duration: 02:05:00

Whats goin on in the Conscious Community? with Israel Doctrine

6.3.17 @ 5:30 PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Israel Doctrine joins us to discuss the current conscious community drama and give his views on wheres it's going and how we can resolve the issues at hand, do we need Elder intervention etc. Join us and give your umput, as we need to come to some type of agreeable way to interact, do business, teach etc. Call in at 347-989-8767 (press the 1 to speak) or join via chat-room.

Duration: 02:01:17

M.O.B pushing past the distrations (freestyle)

5.27.17 @ 5PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Movement over Bullshit. The purge is real & it's here. While Black people are obsessed with nonsense, others are making POWER MOVES right infrom of our face. We have many things we could do and achieve success rather quickly if we only moved properly and supportted each other. I will also address some scandals from people putting my name in they mouth. -Jay Dizzle This show will be an hour live-stream and possibly some overtime to address some...

Duration: 01:03:02

Liberation Psychology with Knowledge Born Allah

Saturday 5.13.17 @ 4pm EST call in #347-989-8767 Come to class and hear the God Knowledge Born of Do Tha Knowledge Radio and Professor at Do Tha Knowledge University, Liberation Minded Media Mogul & family of Blackistand Radio take to task the subject of Liberation Psychology. This good Brotha is never disappointing when it comes to dropping priceless jewels. Chat-room will be open or call in #347-989-8767 Tune in at 4PM EST and tell a friend or two.

Duration: 01:54:57

"Free The Land!" with Republic of New Afrika President; Jumoke Ifetayo

Saturday 3.18.17 @ 4PM EST Call in #347-989-8767 (press 1 to speak) Free the Land!!! Blackistand Radio is proud to present the Republic of New Afrika President Mr.Jumoke Ifetayo. Learn the history of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika. Get Acquainted with you Government, how to get involved, the Black declaration of Independence, Declaration of self-determination & much more! We will also be joined by the Nation Minister of Culture for the New Black Panther Party...

Duration: 02:45:21

Black news vs fake news

Saturday 3.11.17 4PM EST call in #347-989-8767 This episode we will discuss the importance of new Independent Black Media when it comes to informing our people towards a race first agenda. Examine common myths and statistic lies that are commonly used by the M.S.M narrative. The importance of (Independent) Black Media platforms is essential to a nation Later we will joined by the Western Regional Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, Bro. Ali Ali & Bro. Raphael. Tune in by dialing...

Duration: 02:06:29

Forging a movement simulcast! Live here & on blogtalk radio

Today @ 4:30 EST Call in 347-989-8767 Tune in and Build on this platform or via G+ hangout/live stream. This is a continuation of convos from Facebook & Youtube. 4:30 EST Simulcast via Blogtalkradio & Youtube! Forging a Movement! Also check out and the whole Liberation Minded Media Group!

Duration: 02:00:05

New African Nation Building, History & Moving forward

Saturday 2.25.17 @ 4pm EST call in #347-989-8767 This will be an open forum episode. Host Jay Dizzle (Neterket) will just build and approach different topics and give a Panther History overview of the original Seattle Chapter, Also, what is the Move for forming a United Front and Black Nation of self determination. Finally the distractions before us will be addressed and the need to focus on self and not others. Chat-room will be open and phone-lines as well for those who want to add on do...

Duration: 02:03:17

Atty Malik Zulu Shabazz;Black Power-moves & upcoming debate with Cornel West

Saturday 2.18.17 3PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Make sure to tune in and catch this episode we will be interviewing Atty Malik Zulu Shabazz. The legendary Black Power Laborer & organizer, former National chairman of the New Black Panther Party, and current found of the Black Lawyers for Justice will be discussing his upcoming debate with Dr Cornel West, the New Black Panther Party & over-all Black Power options for the emerging Black Nation in a Donald Trump America. Tell a friend & listen...

Duration: 02:45:59

Freestyle/History/Upcoming Events/NationTime!

Saturday 2.11.17 3pm EST callin #347-989-8767 chat-room will be open Tune in, tell a friend & come Build on Blackistand Radio! Many topics & current events to be discussed & you are welcome to voice your opinions and promote what you have going! Our narrative must be told & controlled by us. Call in number 347-989-8767 & chat-room will be open!

Duration: 02:13:10

Black History/Freestyle/Message to the people!

Call in #347-989-8767 (press 1 to speak) Join in and Build on Blackistand Radio in this freesstyle show (no guest) open to all callers to Build with Host on Black History, current events and a wake up call to the traitors who have sold out the Black race. also a short recap and message to the Moorish family. Come out and promote your brand, voice your opinion and support Black Media

Duration: 03:01:00

Moorish-Pan African solutions with C Cannon Bey

1.31.17 6PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Blackistand Radio re-welcomes United States of America Republic president C Cannon Bey. This discussion will also be simulcasted via YouTube/Google Hangouts @ (subcribe). Moorish or Pan African; Which is the best options for Black People in America? The first discussion was intense and widely listened to but couldn't possibly be finished in 3 hours. Hear a clip and listen to full episode of pt 1 here...

Duration: 02:58:45

The Moorish solution with C Cannon Bey

Saturday 1.21.17 3PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Join Blackistand Radio Saturday as we welcome C Cannon Bey, President of the United States of America Republic. He promises to set the record straight in regards to the Moorish truths about sovereignty, Nationality & governance. What are the solutions for "Black" people? What is our true government? All this and "Moor" will be discussed this Saturday. You should be in the building with question on hand, as this promises to be a Build session...

Duration: 03:00:07

2017 What's the next move?

Saturday 1.14.17 2pm EST call in #?347-989-8767 This will be an open to all caller episode to Build on what's the next move for the Black African Nation. So many topics to discuss from current events to what our future will look like. Call in and promote what you have going, let's hear your vision & how we can get there. We always speak on what we need as a people, however We have some much we can maximize RIGHT NOW! You have a voice on Blackistand Radio...use it! Call in...

Duration: 02:19:41

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