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Episode A021 - Morons & Hypocrites recap

Hope Giselle & 50ShadesOfGhey recap the Morons & Hypocrites episode.

Duration: 00:22:41

Episode 59 - Morons & Hypocrites

On this episode, Miss Free & Kwame are sick but are still powering through with this awesome episode! Petty World News: Miss Free & Kwame discuss hot topics like the Tim Murphy scandal, the problematic Tina Campbell, White House woes, and more. The Reviews: Kwame goes over some of the upcoming Fall premieres. Listener Letters: Miss Free gets a letter from a new listener with an interesting question. Vent Session: Kwame vents about double standards and hypocrisy.

Duration: 01:21:20

Episode 58 - Dotard (Joint Episode)

On this hilarious joint episode, Miss Free & Kwame are joined by co-hosts Hope Giselle & 50ShadesOfGhey of their sister podcast After the Blaze. Petty World News: Team Blaze discusses Cardi B and the harsh criticism she has received for her success. They discuss the shade from makeup companies being thrown at Fenty Beauty. They also talk about the death of Playboy Founder Hugh M. Hefner and so much more. Vent Session: 50ShadesOfGhey vents about his frustrations regarding Cardi B's haters...

Duration: 01:02:23

Episode 057 - Listener Letter Session

On this episode Miss Free & Kwame change it up and catch up on a back log of listener letters they received that they did not have a chance to read in weeks prior. This episode is dedicated to the Blazers! Vent Session: Miss Free expresses her feelings about some of the comments she has seen regarding the animals left in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma. Kwame vents about the late arrival of makeup company's support of darker skinned women...

Duration: 01:05:55

Episode A020 - Squiggle Wiggle recap

Hope Disguised & 50ShadesOfGhey tackle the latest Blaze Ent. episode.

Duration: 00:29:29

Episode 55 - Squiggle Wiggle

Introductions: Miss Free & Kwame return with an energized show! Kwame has a special Highlight of the Week and Miss Free can't stop talking about Rihanna's new makeup line, Fenty. Petty World News: Miss Free & Kwame speaks about the death of Jamaican Activist Dexter Pottinger. They also discuss the LO'REAL controversy. They also get deep on the Todrick Hall/Taylor Swift topic. Lastly, Miss Free & Kwame weigh in heavy on the DACA rescinding and the Cheeto in office... The Reviews: Kwame &...

Duration: 01:51:48

Episode A019 - Hustle & Flow recap

Hope Disguised & 50ShadesOfGhey are back after a long break! Listen in as they recap and give their spin on the hot topics from the Hustle & Flow episode. Also, 50ShadesOfGhey vents about the twitter-fingers in chief...

Duration: 00:26:28

Episode 55 - Hustle & Flow

On this episode, Miss Free & Kwame discuss the amazingly brave and courageous Hope Giselle and her latest Late Nights w/ Hope video. They also discuss some of the most trending hot topics such as Kaepernick/NFL controversy, Amy Schumer and NetFlix, KKK in the church, the military trans ban and so much more... They also recap the latest explosive episode of Game of Thrones. **SPOILER ALERT** And after they answer letters, Miss Free has a vent this week and Kwame drops a bit of encouraging...

Duration: 01:22:09

Episode 54 - Free Talk 2

On the first half of this FREE TALK episode, Kwame & Miss Free vent out all of their frustrations regarding the Charlotteville, VA incident and how they feel regarding the state of the nation. Emotion, insightful, and impactful episode you don't want to miss. And closing out the show, Miss Free & Kwame close out the show with reviews of the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Duration: 01:08:35

Episode S031 - Line Brunet

On this episode, Miss Free takes the night off and Kwame interviews life coach and podcast start-up specialist, Line Brunet.

Duration: 00:34:23

Episode S030 - Donta Morrison

On this episode, Kwame interviews activist, author, and creator/host of The Donta Show, Donta Morrison.

Duration: 00:26:39

Episode 53 - Reclaiming My Time

Introductions: On this hilarious episode of Blaze Entertainment, Miss Free & Kwame are joined by After the Blaze Podcast co-host 50 Shades of Ghey. The show gets crazy as Team Blaze has their first full episode together! Petty World News: on the PWN segment Miss Free, Kwame, & 50 discuss the latest hot topics such as an LGBT Center arson attack, the upcoming show Confederate, Bobby Valentino, Tomi Lahren and her Obamacare, Kwame goes off after finding out that the Summer Olympics are coming...

Duration: 01:27:39

Episode S029 - The Complex Girls

On this episode, Miss Free & Kwame get to interview, YouTube Content Creators & Fashionista's, The Complex Girls...

Duration: 00:25:22

Episode 052 - TRANSitions

Introductions: Miss Free and Kwame are back with a brand new episode! This week Kwame applauds Miss Free on her phase of the week. And Kwame and Miss Free has some podcast highlights this week! Petty World News: Miss Free & Kwame get intense this week with some political hot topics. Kwame reads donald trump to filth. The Reviews: Kwame brings us some entertainment news with some the latest San Diego Comic Con trailers and both get deep into the latest Game of Thrones episode! Listener...

Duration: 01:28:22

Episode A018 - I Believe I Can Lie recap

Hope Disguised & 50ShadesOfGhey are back with another recap! On this episode Hope & 50 recaps the I Believe I Can Lie episode...

Duration: 00:24:59

Episode S028 - Cole Johnson

Season III of the BE Spotlight Edition kicks off with Miss Free & Kwame interviewing sports fanatic Cole Johnson of Cole Sportz Podcast & Revelations Podcast... Miss Free inquires about pop culture and sports collide on the Cole Sportz Podcast. Kwame is excited about the upcoming podcast, Revelations, created and hosted by Cole Johnson. This is not an episode you want to miss!

Duration: 00:17:37

Episode 051 - I Believe I Can Lie

Blaze Entertainment Podcast | Episode 51 | I Believe I Can Lie Introductions: Miss Free and Kwame return from the Anniversary break with a new phase of the week and some special shout outs! Petty World News: Miss Free & Kwame touch on hot topics like Rob & Blac Chyna, Madonna’s problematic letter about Whitney Houston, Mike Vick’s verbal attack on Colin Kaepernick, Madame Tussauds’ disrespectful wax figure of Beyonce, and much more. The Reviews: Miss Free and Kwame review the season...

Duration: 01:30:20

Episode 50 - 1 year Anniversary (Audio Only Version)

Blaze Entertainment Podcast celebrates it's 1 year Anniversary! Hear about some of Miss Free & Kwame's most memorable moments, some of the best listener letters ever read on the show, top vent sessions, and special friends of Blaze Ent. send some love to the show! **This is the audio only version. For full video special please visit**

Duration: 02:31:41

Episode 049 - Free Talk

Gearing up for the 1 Year Anniversary of Blaze Entertainment Podcast, Miss Free & Kwame have their first ever "Free Talk" episode! Miss Free gears up for her Birthday Weekend, they tackle some controversial topics in pop culture and start closing on their Dear White People series review. Don't miss this jammed packed episode!

Duration: 01:11:09

Episode A017 - Advocates, Allies, & A$$holes recap

Hope Disguised & 50ShadesOfGhey recap the latest episode of Blaze Entertainment.

Duration: 00:31:54

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