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Blazin Best Of: Doug Benson, Tommy Chong, and The 420 Comic

On today's episode of Blazin Best Of we look back at interviews with Doug Benson, Tommy Chong and his son Paris Chong, as well as The 420 Comic In this episode, Bobby welcomes on the hilarious cannabis comic Doug Benson (Super High Me, Getting Doug With High, Doug Loves Movies) to chat about about movies, The Marijuana-Logues, the Doobie Awards, dabbing and more. Toke up and tune in! Light up some sativa and get ready to laugh...Bobby’s guest this week is Jeffrey Peterson, the Denver-based...

Duration: 00:54:09

EPISODE #48: Uncle Stoner Bobby West (Smokers Guide TV / UncleStoner.TV)

In this week’s episode it’s Bobby vs. Bobby when our host welcomes into the studio fellow marijuana multimedia journalist Bobby West, better known as Smokers Guide TV’s Uncle Stoner. The two talk about their travels and mutual history at cannabis events, their participation in the Cannabis Cup veterans’ panels, the many medical benefits of cannabis and some of the reasons behind its failing prohibition.

Duration: 00:57:59


In Part 2 of our #HashMonth grand finale from the Hitman Coffeeshop, Bobby speaks with the Mr. Cannabis Encyclopedia himself, Ry Prichard. Best known as one of the stars of Viceland TV’s Bong Appetit show, Prichard is also co-owner of Colorado’s Concentrate Remedies and the TerpQuest series of cannabis/food pairing events, as well as a contributor of articles and photos to High Times, The Cannabist and other marijuana media outlets. He and Bobby chat about his landmark HT article “The...

Duration: 00:50:34


For the grand finale of our #HashMonth special, we’re bringing you a huge double episode recorded live at the Hitman Coffeeshop in Los Angeles!

Duration: 00:51:38

EPISODE #45: #HASHMONTH WEEK 3 with “Hash Queen” Mila

It’s week three of #HashMonth here on Blazin’, and hot off the heels of Chalice—the world’s largest hash festival in sunny Southern California—we’re extremely honored to welcome on the show “The Hash Queen” Mila Jansen, who discusses her experience at the festival, as well as the Pollinator (the hash-making device she invented), Dab-A-Doo (the hash competition she created), and the film Mila’s Journey that documents her remarkable life in Amsterdam, India, and beyond.

Duration: 00:51:25

EPISODE #44: #HASHMONTH WEEK 2 with Marcus Richardson a.k.a....

Bobby talks to one of the world’s foremost experts on bubble/ice hash—Marcus Richardson, or as he’s better known to the cannabis community, Bubbleman.

Duration: 01:04:25

EPISODE #40: “Medicinal Mike” Boris (Cannabis Comedian /...

Bobby chats with his buddy Medicinal Mike—a standup comedian from San Diego who hosts NugLife Radio

Duration: 00:59:25


Booth talks about his collaborations with both Hicks and far-right broadcaster Alex Jones (and addresses the outrageous online conspiracy that both men are actually one and the same), as well as his old bands and new projects-including the upcoming TV show Weed Court.

Duration: 00:56:09

EPISODE #37: Patrick Nightingale

Between President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions trying to bring back draconian Drug War-era sentencing guideline, it’s been a pretty scary week for our democracy. To help make some sense of it all, Bobby welcomes on defense attorney and executive director of Pittsburgh NORML Patrick Nightingale for a special extended edition of our new Trumpocalypse Now! segment. Plus: a quick recap of some of the week’s headiest headlines in The Burndown. Brought...

Duration: 00:54:22

EPISODE #36: Dru West (Author - The Secrets of the West Coast

In this episode, Bobby speaks with Dru West—master cannabis cultivator and author of the book The Secrets of the West Coast Masters: Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana.

Duration: 00:51:02

EPISODE #35: Eddie Funxta

Our guest this week is an expert on what he calls “visionary healing”—that is, healing the body and mind with the power of psychotropic plants like cannabis, mushrooms and cacti. His name is Eddie Funxta, and he’s the owner of Funxta West Coast and Native Healing Oils—purveyors of full-plant organic cannabis oil (like Rick Simpson Oil, only he’s not Rick Simpson!). He’s also a media liaison/brand ambassador for Chalice Festival and Hitman brand. He and Bobby discuss microdosing, how...

Duration: 01:00:36

Reverend Eddy Lepp (Medical Marijuana Pioneer & P.O.W.)

On this week’s episode, Bobby speaks with beloved medical marijuana icon and pioneer Rev. Eddy Lepp, who was recently released from prison after serving eight years for helping thousands of patients grow the medicine they needed on his farm. Lepp discusses the raid and court battle that put him behind bars, his friendship with fellow cannabis legend Jack Herer, his troubled personal life after returning from Vietnam, and how cannabis, the death of his father and the Rastafarian faith...

Duration: 00:57:55

EPISODE #33: Maya Elisabeth (Whoopi & Maya, OM Edibles)

Bobby’s guest this week is Maya Elisabeth—CEO of OM Edibles and the non-Whoopi Goldberg half of the Whoopi & Maya medical cannabis company.

Duration: 00:50:28

Episode 30: ELECTION SPECIAL With “Radical” Russ Belville (Cannabis Radio, High Times)

Well, it’s just one week before Election Day and America has some big decisions to make—not only between the lesser of two evils in the presidential race, but in nine states where the legalization of marijuana is on the ballot (five for recreational adult use, four for medical use). And while many of these measures are pretty straightforward, others (like Massachusetts’ Question 4 and California’s Prop 64) have created schism in the cannabis community. But fear not, dear Blackolytes—this...

Duration: 01:01:15

Episode 22: Giddy Up (Emotek Labs, Giddyup Extracts)

Happy 710 all you crazy tree ­basers out there! This Sunday was July 10th—7/10 or #DabDay. It’s a day to celebrate hashish in all its myriad methods and forms, and who better to do that with then the man who’s setting the standard for concentrate production across the country and helped create the delicious new type of hash known as live resin, the mohawked mogul known as Giddy Up. Giddy talks about his company Emotek, America’s concentrate laws, how live resin came to be and his...

Duration: 00:40:38

Episode 21: Jeffrey Peterson (The 420 Comic / Cali Chronic Comics)

Light up some sativa and get ready to laugh...Bobby’s guest this week is Jeffrey Peterson, the Denver­based stoner standup known as The 420 Comic. Bobby and Jeff discuss the many things they have in common, including their mutual love of aviator shades, marijuana, metal music, comedy and comic books—more specifically, Jeff’s comic book company Cali Chronic Comix and his old heavy metal band Knightriot. Jeff also speaks about the Denver pot scene, how comedian George Lopez influenced his...

Duration: 00:38:59

Episode 17: Ben Vitoff (Comedian/Budtender)

Spoiler alert! In this week’s episode, Bobby keeps things comical and casual—dabbing and dorking out about sci­fi and superhero movies with his budtender buddy and stoner stand­up comedian from Phoenix, Arizona Ben Vitoff. LINKS Facebook: bobbyblack420 Instagram: @bobbyblack420 Twitter: @bobbyblack #BlazinWithBobbyBlack, #Blazin Twitter: @Ben_Vitoff

Duration: 00:38:28

Episode 16: MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL with Dakota Blue Serna (Veteran/Activist - The Green Union)

Bobby returns after a two-week hiatus with his most emotional episode yet—a special Memorial Day show featuring Iraq War veteran turned medical marijuana activist Dakota Blue Serna, who recounts his devastating experiences on the battlefield, relates how cannabis has helped him cope with his personal battles demons and the ravages of post­traumatic stress disorder, and remembers his comrades­in­arms who didn’t make it home. LINKS Facebook: bobbyblack420 Instagram:...

Duration: 00:46:02