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BPC - Episode 132 - New Corner Brewing

Papa Smurf, Tex Mex and Jordan travel to a land far away called Muncie where we find a hidden little gem known as New Corner Brewing. As we walk through the office and head to "what's behind the next door" it feels as though we are transported back in time to a true speakeasy. We sit down with the Owner Shawn Brady and his go to man Mark Watson. It is a fun, humorous, and informative roller coaster of an episode. We get to sample numerous amazing beers from these guys. We get to sample beer...

Duration: 01:18:26

BPC - Episode 131 - Whitestown Brew Fest 2017

A slightly hung-over group of Pigs (thanks to Eddy’s Sports Pub, Kevin Fertig, and carbombs) settled in for a glorious day of craft beer, wine, and live music from Rock Island and Duke Tumatoe at the 3rd Annual Whitestown Brew Fest, hosted by Indiana On Tap. We can’t thank Sarah Burns enough for the invite to cover this fantastic summer event. We kick off the day with our great friends from the Moontown Brewing Company who helped us to kick the dust off from the previous night and get...

Duration: 00:59:42

BPC – Episode 130 – If at First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try a Gin…or Vodka

BPC – Episode 130 – If at First You Don’t Succeed Try, Try a Gin…or Vodka The boys return to their home away from home, Alley’s Alehouse. Cowboy, Tex-Mex, Papa Smurf and Jordan sit down with the owner/operators of Mogul Distillery, James Jones and Anthony Joseph, and discuss all things spirits related. We of course also have the watchful eye of our security Griswold there to be sure nothing gets out of hand. We get to sample some fantastic Vodka and Gin from Mogul and have great...

Duration: 01:12:24

BPC - Episode 129 - MoonTown Brewing Company

So the boys journey over to Whitestown to hit Moontown Brewing company. Jordan , Papa Smurf, and Tex Mex are onsite with special guest Dr. John. The Mattingly family welcomes us with open arms and plenty of beer. We FINALLY get to see and learn about this family brewing trio, and their vision for their very impressive Brew House. We talk all about what they have going on and the timeline of their construction of the new Brewhouse. Jordan had the pleasure of stopping in there just a couple...

Duration: 01:07:25

BPC - Episode 128 - New Day Craft - The Need for Mead...and Cider

This is a must listen episode right here. We apologize for this one going a little over our normal time, but we became enthralled with being introduced to a new line of adult beverages for us. MEAD! Jordan, Papa Smurf, Griswold and Tex-Mex join the Masterminds of New Day Craft, Tia and Brett at their taproom in Fountain Square. We learn all about mead, how it's made, what it is, and its history. We had the chance to sample several of their most popular meads including Shelby Blue Ribbon,...

Duration: 01:22:05

BPC - Episode 127 - Kammy’s Kause, The Lost Tape

Outside the Green Room, we also did a little recording out in the crowd at the party level. Greg Jones of Whoa!Tiger jumps on the air to tell us about Tiger news and some of his solo projects as well, as Roberto relives some of his glory days. And we get up close with one of the city’s best artist, Amanda Keller of Keller Illustrations, and owner-operator of Indy Arty Party. We were a bit buzzed and energized but had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next summer. A weekend of live...

Duration: 00:23:31

BPC - Episode 126 - Eight One Two Farms

Hunter, Tex Mex, Jordan, and Papa Smurf are joined by the Gentlemen of Eight One Two Farms. We are kept safe by our security guard Griswold and stalked by our buddy John! Tune in and hear us discuss hop farming, Quaff On, and much more on this power packed episode. What is purple, has a large vein and is sticky? What would cause Papa Smurf to put on Feathers and stand guard? The answers to these questions and more on this episode of The Blind Pig...

Duration: 00:54:56

BPC - Episode 125 - Hops and Hertz Part II, Booger Lips

Event sponsor, Benjamin Cannon, of Spark Joy Music kicks off Part II of this special episode from the Hops & Hertz Festival at the Fountain Square Brewery. Ben works his way through the details of this incredible, inaugural, live music and craft beer festival dedicated to discovering great city talent, while putting up with a slightly inebriated Cowboy. The boys discuss their own recent discoveries in music, where they go to find music today, the Manson Family, and Jack White(the Jamie...

Duration: 01:21:43

BPC - Episode 124 - FDR and Brian's Cans

The boys join owner Brian Graham at Four Day Ray Brewing in Fishers. We have a discussion around many different brews and brewing styles. Did you know in 2008 Michelob Ultra tried to do some craft flavors? Pat is obsessed with his new found love of these beers. We discuss spritzers and margaritas, and Brian's Cans. We dive into what FDR has coming out this winter and much more. This is a crazy fun rollercoaster of an episode. We most importantly get to sample some of FDR’s finest brews...

Duration: 01:07:09

BPC - Episode 123 - Truck Nuts (or, Did You Record that Whole Pink Floyd Thing?)

The Crew: Our gracious host for the day, Ryan Douglas; Brendan(Douglas Fresh) Douglas; Patrick(Pauly G.) Hall; Jeremy Nicely; Rick Greenless; and one slightly toasted, Warren Kluck Where to begin on this one? This was Part Three of an afternoon in South Bend, Indiana on the weekend we introduced the newest Blind Pig, Mr. Warren Kluck. By the end of hour three and a twenty minute rant on his hatred of Pink Floyd, we were wondering if we made a horrible mistake. Of course we’re kidding…we...

Duration: 01:12:36

BPC - Episode 122 - Acapella At Alley's Alehouse

The boys return to their home away from home Alley’s Alehouse for a discussion about all things autumn related. We are heading into the fall season and we discuss (the best holiday of the year) Halloween, Pumpkin Beers, TV Premieres and much more. Jordan, Cowboy, Papa Smurf, Hunter and Tex-Mex round out the pigs and we are joined by our Security Guard Griswold and a special guest appearance from the always entertaining Sarah Burns. Listen to the pigs discuss several beers from some of our...

Duration: 00:49:30

BPC - Episode 121 - Kammy's Kause 2017

We had the special pleasure of being invited to coved Kammy's Kause this year on it's opening night. We couldn't have been more humbled being part of this incredibly annual two day live music event for such a great cause. We had a blast from moment we stepped into the American Legion park and it just kept getting better as the afternoon and evening flew by, much to quickly. Ben Jarvis of Audiodacity has a brew with the boys before going on stage and tells a little about the work they...

Duration: 01:09:01

BPC - Episode 120 - Backyard Shenanigans

BPC - Episode 120 - Backyard Shenanigans The boys decided to go back to their roots and do a home show that turns into some serious backyard shenanigans.Paulie G, Jordan, Hunter and Roberto show up for the pigs and then we are joined by our pig pen brethren; The Riley, Griswold, and Dr. John. We review several beers from Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We drink some Due South Brewery, 3 Daughters, Tampa Bay Brewing, Motor works Brewing, Stone, Wiseacre, and Central...

Duration: 01:05:05

BPC - Episode 119 - I Don't Wanna Be a Pirate

Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, and the freshest Pig, Warren, continue their round table beer reviews with friends, Jeremy Nicely, Ryan Douglas, and Rick Greenless on a sunny afternoon in South Bend, Indiana. We pick up this one about an hour into the debacle with a riveting discussions on beer and music elitists, local snobs and posers, some of our favorite whiskeys, and Rick has a Silent Bob moment. Another hour of great brews were passed around including, Three Floyds, Chevalier Bertrand du...

Duration: 01:10:40

BPC - Episode 117 - Jockey Box Hero Part Hung

BPC - Episode 117 - Jockey Box Hero Part Hung We had the utmost pleasure covering Indiana On Tap’s inaugural Jockey Box Hero at The Hatch in Broad Ripple a few weeks ago. It was the perfect day for craft beer and karaoke…behind a live band! A special occasion is certain way as our very own Cowboy got to perform against some talented Indy folk and the one and only William Hung. We enjoyed talks with old friends from The Moontown Brewing Company, Mackenzie from The Roundtown Brewery, Nikki...

Duration: 01:03:16

BPC - Episode 116 - Redemption Alewerks - Wings and Wangs

The boys Sit down with Josh and King Dan (2 x reigning champ of Indy’s next hop model) to talk beer and food at Redemption ale works. This episode is chocked full of beer talk and some great Dan jokes. We go from Wing and Wang’s, to Domain Names and everything in between. Tune in to learn about Magnum P. Rye, Reclamation, Dan’s odd Hobby, the greatness of Dumpster conversations, and much more. Shout outs on this episode to the Azimuth charity, featuring Redemption, Grand Junction, Hotel...

Duration: 01:04:06

BPC - Episode 115 - Rock the Junction Part Two - Dick Bacon

Part two of our rockin' day at the annual, outdoor, live music and craft beer festival at the Grand Junction Brewing Co. beings with our good buddy Justin of Indiana On Tap, the sponsors of day's festivities. These guys know how to put on a grand scale show. We talk a little of what's going on with On Tap, including last Saturday's wildly fun, Jockey Box Hero, which featured one Mr. William Hung . . . and Cowboy. Big props given in this segment to the guys over at the Moontown Brewing...

Duration: 00:43:36

BCP - Episode 114 - I'm Not Steve Bannon

We recently announced the newest Pig, Warren Kluck, and although he's been on a few shows, tonight is our first Blind Pig South Bend edition with Dougy Fresh, Pauly G, Cowboy, and Mr. Warren Kluck. We were joined by good friends, the host for the evening, Ryan Douglas (Dougy's big bro), Jeremy Nicely, and Rick Greenless. This turned into a three hour debauchery, so we split it up into three segments for your listening pleasure. Part One starts out with some incredible beer, Taxman's...

Duration: 01:01:07

BPC - Episode 113 - Hops & Hertz Part One, Where's Ben Cannon?

The Pigs hit the airwaves to sponsor and cover a fantastic live music and craft beer festival at Fountain Square Brewery, the second of five Discovery Music events sponsored by Spark Joy Music and Musical Family Tree. Non stop, high energy talent hit the stages at noon and didn’t stop till after midnight. We started off the day with a quick visit from Grover, followed by Aaron from Musical Family Tree. We were all a bit ashamed to not know more about this non-profit organization doing so...

Duration: 01:12:37

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