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David Allen: Your Brain is Not a Hard Drive

Hey y'all, here's an episode from our new podcast, Simplify. As we mentioned, we're phasing out this RSS feed, so if you want to hear more great stuff, subscribe to the new podcast! iTunes: apple.co/2sUeLYA PocketCasts: pca.st/qnKH Overcast: bit.ly/2uVNFlk RSS: bit.ly/2uVeF4j // Caitlin Schiller travels to Amsterdam to talk to productivity guru David Allen, the best-selling author of *Getting Things Done*, *Ready for Anything*, and *Making It All Work*. They talk about how to overcome the...

Duration: 00:41:23

Dan Savage: Keep Not Breaking Up

Hey y'all, here's the first episode of our new podcast, Simplify. As we mentioned, we're phasing out this RSS feed so if you want to hear more great stuff subscribe to the new podcast! iTunes: apple.co/2sUeLYA PocketCasts: pca.st/qnKH Overcast: bit.ly/2uVNFlk RSS: bit.ly/2uVeF4j // What does relationship utopia look like? Dan Savage, nationally syndicated sex and relationship advice columnist, shares what 26 years of giving advice has taught him about making good love, and making good love...

Duration: 00:45:20

Gretchen Rubin: You Do You

Hey y'all, here's the first episode of our new podcast, Simplify. As we mentioned, we're phasing out this RSS feed so if you want to hear more great stuff subscribe to the new podcast! iTunes: http://apple.co/2sUeLYA PocketCasts: http://pca.st/qnKH Overcast: http://bit.ly/2uVNFlk RSS: http://bit.ly/2uVeF4j We talk to NYT bestselling author Gretchen Rubin about how to apply the ancient idea of “know thyself” to your fast-paced 21st-century life. Gretchen is the author of Better Than Before,...

Duration: 00:36:33

Announcing Simplify: A New Podcast From the People at Blinkist

We have some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: we're moving off Soundcloud. Good/amazing news: our new podcast, Simplify, is launching next week! You can find it and listen to it on iTunes (or wherever else you get your podcasts). >>Check out the teaser and subscribe here: https://itunes.apple.com/de/podcast/simplify/id1255922966?l=en We want to thank all you Soundclouders for supporting us through these many iterations of the Blinkist Podcast. We're excited to keep learning and...

Duration: 00:05:19

Sleep Tips: The Secrets of Arianna Huffington’s Strict Bedtime Routine

After collapsing from burnout and sleep deprivation in 2007, Arianna Huffington threw herself into the latest research on sleep, discovering that the sleepless nights she’d depending on to build her career had had profound negative consequences on her health. What she learned was transformative: these days, Huffington is so dedicated to getting a full night of sleep, she won’t even bring her smartphone into the bedroom, for fear of accidentally stimulating a bout of insomnia. We spoke with...

Duration: 00:19:29

Forgetful? Harvard Prof Daniel Schacter Explains Why Our Memories Are So Flawed

For this episode, we talked to Daniel Schacter, professor of psychology at Harvard and the author of The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers. Our conversation focused on the three “sins of omission” outlined in his book on memory. The big bad memory sins, in order of badness, are: absent-mindedness, transience, blocking. Tune in for Schacter’s insights on how to remember what you have to remember and forget what you need to forget. ____ Highlights: "We tend to think of...

Duration: 00:17:05

Is That Even a Thing? Part 3: Do Mindfulness Techniques Really Work Against Stress, PTSD & Burnout?

In honor of #MindfulMarch, we wanted to bring you two short, special editions of the Blinkist Podcast. Last week, we reviewed the best non-fiction books on mindfulness; today we ask whether mindfulness is the future of work and self care. There’s no doubt that mindfulness appeals to a lot of people. Like local woman, internet superhero, and podcast co-host, Caitlin. She and Ben sat down to work through their conflicted feelings about mindfulness, talk about the perks of loud breathing, and...

Duration: 00:21:06

The Blinkist Primer: What Top Non-Fiction Says About Mindfulness And Meditation

In honor of #MindfulMarch, we have two short special editions of the podcast to share. The first one is a Blinkist Primer on mindfulness. Caitlin and I went through our new Mindfulness and Happiness category (http://buff.ly/2nech5d) and the “Be More Mindful in 2017” curated reading list (http://buff.ly/2neqmzo) to pluck out the most essential info from top non-fiction books on mindfulness: 1. What do people talk about when they talk about mindfulness? 2. Why are all these people suddenly...

Duration: 00:22:25

Candy Crush Your Addiction! Adam Alter On What Makes Everything So Irresistible

Hey guys, it's Ben. Before you listen to this week's interview with Adam Alter, author of IRRESISTIBLE: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked (Penguin Press; March 7, 2017), please take our exciting survey -------> goo.gl/dYUjeo (It's just eight questions and takes literally two minutes to fill out. Email me at podcast(at)blinkist(dot)com if you can do it faster. Big thanks to those of you that already have.) This episode is an interview with psychology and...

Duration: 00:31:10

Not Having Sex? Author Rachel Hills Explains Why Your Sex Life is Okay

Hey guys, it's Ben. Before you listen to this week's interview with Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth, please take our **~~exciting~~** survey: -------> https://goo.gl/dYUjeo (It's just eight questions and takes literally two minutes to fill out. Email me at podcast@blinkist.com if you can do it faster.) Today we have an interview with Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth. We talk about sex, Disney movies and how to not let sex make you anxious — which, in her view, is a major societal...

Duration: 00:27:50

Blinkist 2016 Sampler

Hop on over to iTunes to subscribe to the podcast or give us a review: http://blnk.st/28JBVIY

Duration: 00:42:13

Blinkist Podcast Is That Even A Thing Part 2

Today, we’re honored to have the author of the The Sports Gene, David Epstein. The Sports Gene is a New York Times bestseller about exactly what it sounds like: whether or not there are things that make certain people preternaturally more likely to be great athletes. It feels like a perfect thing to talk about considering, you know, the Olympics start today. So Ben and David talk about some of the greatest physical specimens in the world, one athlete you must watch out for in the Olympics,...

Duration: 00:29:26

TED Speaker Dan Ariely On Why Human Behavior Is Utterly Irrational

Today on the Blinkist podcast, Ben speaks with esteemed behavioral economist, bestselling author, TED speaker extraordinaire, and all around cool guy Dan Ariely. Ariely is the author of Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, and (just published) Payoff among other books. His TED talks have been viewed like 8 million times. No big deal. In the interview, Ben and Ariely go into some of the nuts and bolts of behavioral economics, like, why it’s different from standard economics,...

Duration: 00:28:03

What Great Brands Do: Denise Lee Yohn on how not to be RadioShack | Business

Today on the Blinkist podcast we have an interview with branding expert Denise Lee Yohn, author of the book What Great Brands Do. In the interview, Lee Yohn and Ben talk about why all branding starts inside, and how exactly Sony implemented that idea when Lee Yohn was there. Then they get into what happened with brands like Saturn and RadioShack – remember them??? They also tried something new: Lee Yohn and Ben read brief bits from some of their favorite branding books. (Hint: neither of...

Duration: 00:22:03

BONUS: WBO Middleweight Boxing Champion Andy Lee on How Champions Approach Fights

Today on the podcast, we’re continuing our Olympics-themed episodes, where we’re talking about world-class athletes, these people who made it to the top, and how they got there. Last week we talked to David Epstein about what makes athletes great, and this week Ben speaks with a champion to find out more. Andy Lee is 34-3-1, and a former WBO Middleweight Boxing Champion. Known in boxing circles as a tough-as-nails southpaw, Lee’s famous right hook is absolutely devastating. He’s also an...

Duration: 00:26:22

BONUS: A How-To Talk with Max Kirsten, Sleep Coach to the Stars

In this special bonus edition of the Blinkist Podcast, we talk to sleep specialist Max Kirsten. Max is a hypnotherapist and a sleep coach, and he’s worked with stars like Adele and Ewan McGregor. In the podcast, Max and Ben delve into topics like the right position for optimal sleep, how one even becomes a sleep specialist, the problems some of his most difficult patients experience, and much more. This is a perfect follow-up to the first sleep-themed episode, which featured Arianna...

Duration: 00:39:20

Arianna Huffington Talks Burnout, Death, & The Power of Sleep

In her book The Sleep Revolution, Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington succinctly sums up the argument she’s been making in books and speeches for almost a decade now. Why should we fundamentally change the way we think about sleep? “Come for the job-enhancing benefits,” she says, “stay for the life-enhancing opportunities.” Huffington’s sleep revolution isn’t just about convincing people to sleep more so that they’re more productive and healthy. The sleep revolution is about...

Duration: 00:20:21

The Da Vinci Curse in blinks

Listen to a sample of The Da Vinci Curse in blinks and find out how Blinkist can help you learn more every day

Duration: 00:01:19

The Powerful Science Behind Putting Things Off

Audio accompaniment to Blinkist Magazine's second edition, Rethinking Productivity. This article was written by Tom Anderson and narrated by Amanda Mahr. You can read the whole thing and find more good stuff at http://blnk.st/28JQL1c

The Book Doctor: An Anxious Future

Audio accompaniment to Blinkist Magazine's premier edition, The Future! The Book Doctor is written by Caitlin Schiller and narrated by Caitlin herself! You can read the whole text and find more good stuff at http://blnk.st/28Np46U
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