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How Crypto Investment Fund Manager Nick Tomaino Evaluates Tokens

In this episode featuring Crypto Venture Fund Co-Founder Nick Tomaino, you’ll learn how his $26M fund, 1Confirmation, decides how to deploy their capital into blockchain investments.


We already know blockchain's killer apps

In this episode featuring Software Engineer Haseeb Qureshi , you’ll learn about the four potential killer apps of blockchain technology: dark web and black market payments, digital gold, payments (macro and micro), and tokenization.


A beginner's guide to Bitcoin Cash

In this episode featuring Scalar Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Linda Xie , you’ll learn: The basics of Bitcoin Cash is, and how it compares to Bitcoin How and why Bitcoin Cash was created The differences between the scaling approaches of Bitcoin Cash (on chain) and Bitcoin (off chain) How forks like Bitcoin Cash allow cryptocurrencies to experiment when groups of people cannot reach consensus on contentious decisions


Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol Innovation

In this episode featuring Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures, you’ll learn: How Bitcoin and other decentralized blockchains will drive the decentralization of the internetHow blockchain protocols provide incentives for the creation and governance of technologies that were previously largely unmonetized public resourcesExamples of how companies such as Sia and Filecoin are using blockchains to fund their development and capitalize on the potential success of their technology


Cryptoeconomics 101

In this episode featuring cryptocurrency venture fund founder Nick Tomaino, you will learn: What ‘cryptoeconomics’ is, and why it matters to the ecosystemThe history of decentralized systems including Kazaa and Bittorrent, and why the lack of cryptoeconomic systems stifled them from thrivingHow Vitalik Buterin, founder of the Ethereum protocol, is pushing the bounds of cryptoeconomicsHow crypto monetary policy influences the trajectory decentralized networks


Losing Alpha: Why Most New Crypto Funds Are a Sh*t Deal

In this episode featuring Ryan Selkis, you will learn: Why starting a crypto hedge fund seem like such an attractive pitch including the potential for outsized returns, a steep learning curve, and lack of yield on more traditional investment categoriesWhy simply outperforming a Bitcoin and Ethereum portfolio over the next 10 years will require ballsy assumptionsWhy some tokens could require billions of dollars in capital inflows over the coming years simply to maintain their current token...


Thoughts On Tokens

In this episode featuring 21 Co-Founder and a16z Partner Balaji Srinivasan, you’ll learn: The basics of what a digital token is, how various tokens differ from each other, and why tokens have surged in interest latelyWhy tokens have only recently become possible due to years of digital currency infrastructureWhat exactly you receive or hold rights to when you purchase a digital tokenWhy tokens are such a compelling alternative to traditional financingHow token models enable fundamentally...