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Talk >—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.
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Description:—where great minds don't think alike. Audio from split-screen video conversations between bloggers and other people interested in the world of ideas. Politics is usually the main focus, but discussions can also touch on culture, science, or religion.




Robert Wright & Elizabeth Spiers

Elizabeth’s time working for Jared Kushner as editor of the New York Observer ... Is there more to Kushner than family loyalty? ... The Kushner family’s looming financing deadline for 666 Fifth Avenue ... Why Elizabeth resigned as editor of the Observer ... Elizabeth, founding editor of Gawker, talks about Peter Thiel’s destruction of it ... What Gawker got about politics and the lowbrow ...

Glenn Loury & Aryeh Cohen-Wade

Aryeh claims he has definitive proof that Trump is a moron ... Glenn: Trump has unique insight into voters' dissatisfactions ... Does Trump, as president, deserve our respect? ... Assimilation vs. alienation in Black Panther (contains spoilers) ... Amy Wax gets in trouble for something she said on The Glenn Show ... Making an implicit prejudice explicit ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Lessons from the special election in PA18 ... Is there such a thing as "authenticity privilege"? ... Matt to Republicans in Congress: Get out! ... Punditry behind the scenes: Pre-writing the election piece ... Bill sees Conor Lamb's politics as "populist lite" ... Is Nancy Pelosi a dead woman walking? ... Matt mulls running for office as a conservative Democrat ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & David Klion

How the New York Times failed in 2016... ... …and how it is failing in its Trump coverage ... The core problem with the NYT Opinion columnists ... Requiem for the political blogosphere ... David's critique of NYT Opinion under editor James Bennet ... Why there's no real threat to free speech on college campuses ... Aryeh: NYT Opinion needs to hire a Trump supporter ...


Robert Wright & Katherine Mangu-Ward

Katherine: Libertarianism has often been ahead of the curve ... Liberal smugness vs. conservative trolling ... The different values left and right bring to politics ... What conservatives learned from Jon Stewart ... Katherine on the 2016 election: “President Smug gave way to President Troll” ... Ending on a note of pessimism ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Texas as a microcosm of the fight between activists and the Democratic Party ... Matt: If there's a wave election, the best Republicans will go down first ... Trump reshaped the GOP. Can Bernie do the same for the Dems? ... Matt: Republicans could lose the House but pick up Senate seats ... Bill: Trump would be happy to cut a deal with Kim Jong Un ...


Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

Glenn feels like he's back at square one in the race conversation ... John: America has a white problem... ... ...and a black problem ... White privilege as original sin ... A black leadership vacuum ... "It feels good to be a victim, especially if you're not one" ... Policy changes that could help the black community ... The genesis of a contrarian ... Did Obama help create Trump? ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Parallax

Parallax's critique of critiques of Trump ... Aryeh: Trump is just a con artist ... Is Obama to blame for Trump? ... Imagining a true populist demagogue taking power ... Aryeh: Trump's win shows that the Constitution kinda sucks ... Does Trump have a consistent ideology? ... Should the American media forget about objectivity? ...


Robert Wright & Andrew Sullivan

Is the NYT Op-Ed page serving the public discourse? ... Andrew: Quality of argument matters more than the identity of the speaker ... How Trump and identity politics reinforce each other ... Andrew is irritated by the idea of an "LBGTQ community" ... Bob: Evolutionary psychology isn't right-wing ... The opioid epidemic and America's hidden pain ... Floating the idea of "meta-conservatism" ...


Phoebe Maltz Bovy & Katie Herzog

Katie: Stop calling people "trash" on social media ... How online rumors can escalate into real-life drama ... Bari Weiss and the social-media outrage backlash cycle ... The uproar over Katie's piece on detransitioning ... Why Katie gets mislabeled as a conservative ... Trying to be less of an asshole on Twitter ... #MeToo and changing cultural mores ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Why Matt didn't go to CPAC ... Are the NeverTrumpers kaput? ... Signs of a Democratic Party realignment ... Court ruling proves Bill's prescience about DACA ... Why the NRA's power isn't about money ... What steps could materially decrease gun violence? ...


Robert Wright & Greg Gutfeld

If Bob and Greg can’t bridge America’s tribal divide, who can? ... One cure for tribalism ... How tribalism triumphs over ideology ... Is Trump crazy like a fox, or just crazy? ... Greg: Identity politics is "nothing but division" ... Does language policing help Trump? ... Fox News in the scheme of things ...


William R. Black & Edward Miller

Bill and Ted’s (excellent) disclaimer: "We are not conspiracy theorists!" ... Ted’s brief stint as a conspiracy-curious teenager ... Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone? ... How a botched autopsy bred alt-narratives about JFK’s death ... Bill: The world of JFK assassination theories has a left and right wing ... John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson’s shifting legacies ...


Robert Wright & David Frum

David: strong national spirit is wonderful so long as it’s inclusive ... Trump makes liberals rethink their suspicion of the intelligence community ... David: Party loyalties may not withstand this century’s unique problems ... Why Trump's seeming ambivalence about domestic abuse allegations could drive off moderate Republicans for good ... David’s new book, Trumpocracy, surveys Trump’s damage to the American Republic ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Matt briefly sums up Adam Corolla’s career ... Why the GOP could lose the House this year ... Will the stock market affect the midterms? ... Bill: It’s time for Dems to deliver on DACA ... When is it okay to appeal to nativist attitudes? ... Matt: John Kelly should keep his job ... Bill revisits a minor scandal from the FDR administration ...


Robert Wright & Matthew Cooper

Matt: Why I resigned from Newsweek ... Why is the Manhattan DA investigating Newsweek's parent company? ... Populism, polarization, and page views ... The lost world of the dominant newsweekly ... Henry Luce's hidden editorializing at Time ... Can the newsweekly’s original mission be realized in the digital age? ...


Aryeh Cohen-Wade & Jesse Farrar

How Jesse's joke tweet ended up on Fox & Friends ... Jesse: "We're all mad at each other all the time" ... The link between Weird Twitter and left politics ... Jesse's comedy podcast, Your Kickstarter Sucks ... Is the show a critique of American capitalism? ... The wacky world of video game streaming ...


Glenn Loury & Harold Pollack

Is the idea that Trump threatens democracy overblown? ... Harold: Democrats need to reckon with the political potency of racism ... Hey Trump, "Norway is not a skill"! ... Is it racist to fear demographic change? ... When bad-faith actors erode democratic norms ... Why Harold doesn't care who the next Democratic nominee is ...


Bill Scher & Matt K. Lewis

Are snow days destroying the American family? ... Bill on the politics of Joe Biden's charm ... Why Trump would be crazy to testify under oath ... Matt on the Nunes memo: "a waste of time and pointless" ... Is the government about to shut down? Will an immigration deal get cut? ... Everyone is a hypocrite on debt and deficits ...


Glenn Loury & John McWhorter

It's Black History Month and Glenn feels miserable ... Race and the NYC subway system ... Is it race, class–or both? ... Are John's kids black? ... Are we all, deep down, the same? ...


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