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Hookers Pee Pee On the Mattress

So much news. If you had to kiss Lee Stranahan on the lips or on the ass, which would you choose? It seems a reporter for Newsweek chose the latter. Does Trump fear a bit of news coming down the pipe? Something the media has been holding and holding to the point of bursting? Well, no more Cuban cigars. THANKS, TRUMP! No WONDER your approval ratings are so low! What's that noise outside Aaron's house? Why did he send his wife out to check? And what does it have to do with dinner? What what...


The Breitbit Evening News, June 15, 2017

Did you know WJJ Hoge could foretell events 90 years in the future? That’s probably a good thing since he has trouble keeping track of present-day events. Thank you, Lord, for dull-witted enemies. Now, the podcast.


Have You Gotten YOUR Bald Pussy Gear Yet?

Show the world that you are in the resistance with your "Bald Gear" from Help us keep this show going. In 2013, Bill recorded three comedy bits that his enemies have classified as Child ography, even though there were no children involved in the recording, no sex, no ography. On today's show, we will show these folks for the liars they are by playing all three bits. They are NSFW, they are rude, crude and naughty. But having had them listened to...


Short Steps from Taunting Disabled, to Assaulting Journos, to Calling for Murder

Co-host Bill Preston-Schmalfeldt has experienced it. Trump mocked a disabled reporter. The new Montana congressman bodyslammed one. Now prominent conservatives are calling for the murder of all liberals. We'll trace these very small steps that are leading this nation toward disaster. Also, Episode #1 of "Max Payload, Government Investigator."