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Bloody Murder 60 - Gary Evans and Malcolm Clarke

Gary Evans and Malcolm Clarke… Gary Charles Evans was a serial killer, escape artist and burglar who specialised in stealing antique furniture and jewellery. His accomplices on the robberies were his closest friends but they had a nasty habit of “going to California” never to be seen again. For over twenty years police believed the death of six year old Bonny Clarke was committed by her mother Marion. It took the dogged determination of a dedicated detective, a re-interpretation of...


Bloody Murder 59 - The Maurizio Gucci Murder and The Kane Brothers

The Maurizio Gucci Murder and The Kane Brothers… When former head of the Gucci fashion empire, Maurizio Gucci was gunned down on a spring morning in 1997, suspicions initially fell on his volatile and litigious family whom he’d out manoeuvred to get control of the company. However his bitter and dramatic ex-wife Patrizia was also a suspect. She and her personal psychic were known to delve into the black arts and it was no secret she wanted Maurizio dead. The Three Kane brothers, Les,...


Bloody Murder 58 - Rosie Batty Special Edition

Rosie Batty Special Edition… Rosie Batty never thought she’d have children. The death of her mother when she was 6 years old left her feeling traumatised and hesitant to be close to people. Having her son Luke changed everything for the better, but her relationship with his father Greg Anderson, turned violent and very dangerous. What ensued was a decade of terrifying family violence and failure after failure by the authorities in Australia who were meant to be protecting them from it....


Bloody Murder 57 - The Strawberry Milkshake Murder and Alexander MacDonald

The Strawberry Milkshake Murder and Alexander MacDonald… In 1993 in Hong Kong, American citizen Nancy Kissel bludgeoned her husband Robert to death after subduing him with a strawberry milkshake laced with sedatives. Were her claims of spousal abuse true or did she do it to inherit her husband’s 18 million dollar fortune and run off with her trailer park dwelling lover? Alexander MacDonald, bank robber extraordinare, had deviously and meticulously planned the con of a life time. His idea...


Bloody Murder 55 - Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche

Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche… Moses Sithole became South Africa’s worst serial killer after a year long rape and murder spree that claimed the lives of 38 innocent victims. He preyed on his victims attempts to support their families by offering them jobs in a humanitarian foundation that didn’t exist, before torturing and murdering them in broad daylight. The crimes were nicknamed the ‘ABC Murders’ because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and ended in...


Bloody Murder 54 - Fred Andros, Dawn Silvernail and The Strathfield Massacre

Fred Andros, Dawn Silvernail and The Strathfield Massacre… Fred Andros was a corrupt official for the Town of Poughkeepsie. He carried on numerous affairs and used his standing in the community and shrewd nature to manipulate part-time lover Dawn Silvernail into murdering a former lover for him in a church parking lot. On a sunny afternoon in August 1997, taxi driver Wade Frankum decided to go full Travis Bickle in The Coffee Pot Cafe in Western Sydney. The bloody event would be named...


Bloody Murder 53 - Carl Williams Special Edition

Carl Willams… Tara and Barney have joined forces for an hour long special edition on Carl Williams! Crime boss, serial killer, prison snitch, loving father and husband, gutless coward and scum-cleansing hero - there are many ways to describe Carl Williams. The Australian public’s regard for Carl vacillates between Melbourne underworld cult legend and merciless, simpering, dumbass criminal. By the end of the self-proclaimed “Premier’s” reign he participated in, or ordered, somewhere...


Bloody Murder 52 - Jack Reeves and The Greenough Family Massacre

Jack Reeves and The Greenough Family Massacre… When Jack Wayne Reeve’s second wife died of an apparently self-inflicted shotgun wound no autopsy was conducted. When his third wife, who was afraid of water, drowned in a lake he had her quickly cremated. But it wasn’t until the disappearance of his fourth wife that suspicions were aroused enough for police to start investigating him. In early 1993, the small town of Greenough in Western Australia was rocked by a horrific tragedy, which...


Bloody Murder 49 - Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything… Wait stop! Did you know this is a video as well? Watch it here: We had 69 questions and a bitch wasn’t one! Barney and Tara have a few drinks and answer all your questions – from the super serious to the bloody absurd, while Pop Dogster literally chews the scenery. See our website!


Bloody Murder 48 - Kimberly Proctor and Mr Rent-A-Kill Christopher Dale Flannery

Kimberly Proctor and Christopher Dale Flannery… Kimberly Proctor was a 17 year old Canadian girl who had just completed high school and looked forward to volunteering at an animal shelter. Her friends Kruse Wellwood and Cam Moffat were sexual sadists who had met in the fifth grade and decided to live out their vile fantasies on the completely unsuspecting Kimberley. Australian contract killer Christopher Dale Flannery was so good at his vocation he was nicknamed Mr Rent-A-Kill. He was...


Bloody Murder 46 - Russian Slave Master Alexander Komin and Australian Triple Murderer Greg Brazel

Russian Slave Master Alexander Komin and Australian Triple Murderer Greg Brazel… Alexander Komin was a Russian serial killer who held people hostage in an underground bunker he spent 4 years digging out. Here he raped, tortured and punished his captives as well as forcing them to work in a makeshift underground sweatshop. Most of his captives did not survive the ordeal and those who did were shown an alarming lack sympathy. Gregory “Bluey” Brazel is a former altar boy and son of a New...


Bloody Murder 45 - Trains as Weapons and The Raurimu Massacre

Trains as Weapons and The Raurimu Massacre… Every year an alarming number of people are killed by strangers who push them into the path of oncoming trains – because people are the worst! We discuss several such shoving murders and UK serial killer Kieran Kelly who used pushing people in front of trains as his main killing method. In February, 1997 Stephen Lawrence Anderson went on a killing spree in the small New Zealand town of Raurimu. Six people lost their lives that day and others...


Bloody Murder 42 - Welsh Rich Pete and The Mac Truck Murders

Welsh Rich Pete and The Mac Truck Murders… This is the story of a buxom blonde escort and a Welsh millionaire going through a midlife crisis. There’s blackmail, phone tapping, salacious encounters, cocaine, helicopter rides and murder. “It came around my 50th birthday. It just hit me that nothing lasts forever.” This is how 54 year old Welsh millionaire Peter Morgan described the start of his “mid life crisis.” In 1983 truck driver Douglas Crabbe was ejected from a Bar in Darwin for...


Bloody Murder 41 - Peter Dementer and The Central Coast Massacre

Peter Dementer and The Central Coast Massacre… Peter Demeter was sent to prison in Canada for hiring a Hungarian hitman nicknamed “the Duck” to murder of his model wife Christine, for the insurance money. He maintains his innocence to this day, but the fact he also tried to put out hits on family members and his lawyer’s daughter while incarcerated makes it impossible to believe him. The judge in his 1988 case hit the nail on the head when he said “You ooze evil out of every pore and...


Bloody Murder 40 - The murder of Summer Inman and Pedro “Killy Petey” Filhos

The murder of Summer Inman and Pedro “Killy Petey” Filhos… 25 year old Summer Inman wanted the best for her three young children. To ensure this, she needed some space away from her domineering husband and his controlling, ultra religious parents. But the Inman’s were a special combination of stupid and evil and they refused to let Summer live her life on her own terms. Pedro Rodrigues Filho is one of Brazil’s most prolific serial killers and was responsible for at least 71 murders,...


Bloody Murder 39 - Cannibal Armin Meiwes and The Ipswich Strangler

Cannibal Armin Meiwes and The Ipswich Strangler… Armin Meiwes was a German computer technician who developed fantasies about slaughtering and eating people during his lonely childhood. After his mother’s death, he was able to find a man online with a compatible kink who was willing to let him do so. What happened next was bloody and gruesome, but was it really murder? Christmas was just around the corner when the Ipswich 2006 serial murders began. The “most boring bloke in the world”...


Bloody Murder 38 - Mark “Chopper” Read Special Edition

Mark Chopper Read Special Edition… Barney and Tara join forces for a 1 hour long look at Aussie crime icon Chopper Read! Chopper was a violent standover man, robbing drug dealers and pimps and torturing those who resisted his demands until they started to see things his way. His specialities were removing toes with bolt cutters and blow torches as well as putting live explosives in his mouth and threatening to blow up everyone, including himself. He proudly spoke of his moral code, saying...


Bloody Murder 37 - The List Family Murders and Matthew Harris

The List Family Murders and Matthew Harris… John List was a very religious man who justified killing his entire family by saying he was doing them a favour by sending them to heaven. He assumed a new identity and managed to elude the authorities for 18 years, before an episode of America’s Most Wanted lead to his capture. Matthew Harris was sent in a slow burn rage after he found out he was adopted, which led to him living life as a street kid and sex worker. After finding and being...


Bloody Murder 36 - Levi Bellfield and John Coombes

Levi Bellfield and John Coombes… Levi Bellfield was a nasty British bastard who liked cruising the streets hitting on young blonde girls who had recently gotten off the bus. When the girls declined his unwanted advances he would become very aggressive, sometimes killing them on the spot for daring to say “No” to him. John Coombes was abandoned as a baby in a hotel room in Melbourne. Did this produce a troubling pattern of low self-esteem and a seething hatred of women and make him...


Bloody Murder 35 - The Scissor Murderess and Bertha Schippan

The Scissor Murderess and Bertha Schippan… 16-year-old South African Marlene Lehnberg was a sheltered girl from a strict family who had an affair with her much older, married boss. He refused to divorce his wife for her so she manipulated a down on his luck black amputee to help her with the dirty deed by promising him sex and a car. Scissors were also involved. 14 year old Bertha Schippan was murdered on New Year’s night of 1902 in Towitta in South Australia. While there were many...


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