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Bloody Murder 28 - The Lonely Hearts Killers and Christopher Hudson

The Lonely Hearts Killers and Christopher Hudson… Latin lover Raymond Fernandez used voodoo to help him get power over the women he met from lonely hearts clubs ads, so he could fleece them of their valuables. Obese nurse Martha Beck was supposed to be one of these women but her devotion to Raymond saw her join him in conning and murdering these lonely ladies. Outlaw bikie Christopher Hudson had a dodgy past that included a long history of violence, crime and drug use. He was high on ice,...

Duration: 06:14:06

Bloody Murder 27 - Issei Sagawa and the Herman Rockefeller

Issei Sagawa and the Herman Rockefeller… Scrawny ghoul Issei Sagawa had fantasised about eating a tall, beautiful western woman ever since he was a teenager. Unable to find a woman who would be complicit in his plan, he murdered a fellow student and had a private orgy of cannibalism and dismemberment with her corpse. Avoiding any real punishment for the crime, he ended up becoming a celebrity in his homeland of Japan. In the eyes of most people who knew him, Herman Rockefeller was a...

Duration: 01:06:43

Bloody Murder 26 - Mary Jane Fonder and the vile Derek Percy

Mary Jane Fonder and the vile Derek Percy… Law abiding, church-going, 65 year old Mary Jane Fonder seemed like an unlikely suspect for murder. But her lusty obsession with the local pastor made her desperate to stamp out a fellow choir member who she considered to be a love rival. Derek Percy was a perverted and stabby Australian serial killer who was active in the 1960’s. He was thought to be responsible for the Wanda Beach murders and the disappearance of the Beaumont children along...

Duration: 01:24:59

Bloody Murder 25 - The Egg Man and Paul Anthony Evers

The Egg Man and Paul Anthony Evers… Sexual sadist Michael Ross was raised on a chicken farm in Connecticut and honed his strangulation techniques on malformed chickens as a child. At university he started stalking women, then raping them and finally he became a serial killer. There were a lot of scary things about the Egg Man but the scariest of all was how non-threatening he seemed. Unemployed Sydneysider Paul Anthony Evers had a history of mental illness and a sexual relationship with...

Duration: 01:09:02

Bloody Murder 24 - John-Claude Romand and Bushranger Ben Hall

John-Claude Romand and Bushranger Ben Hall… Frenchman John-Claude Romand’s medical qualifications, prestigious job and fortune were all part of an elaborate series of lies he’d been telling everyone he knew for over 20 years. When cracks started to show in his completely fake perfect life he came up with an evil plan to murder his parents, family and mistress. Ben Hall never killed anybody; in fact he was one of the nicest bushrangers anyone ever met and an inspiration for the future...

Duration: 01:09:06

Bloody Murder 23 - Charlie Starkweather and Kevin Simmonds

Charlie Starkweather and Kevin Simmonds… Charlie Starkweather was a high school drop out from Lincoln, Nebraska who idolised James Dean. In 1958, he and his 14 year old girlfriend Caril Anne Fugate killed 11 people during a 2 month road trip and murder spree which became the inspiration for the films Badlands and Natural Born Killers, among others. Kevin Simmonds was a milk-loving bank robber from Sydney who gained nation wide attention after a daring prison escape in 1959. Eluding...

Duration: 01:19:46

Bloody Murder 22 - Melanie Jane Smith and Paul Haigh

Melanie Jane Smith and Paul “The Deformed Butterfly” Haigh… Melanie Smith has earned her place in history as one of the worst mass murderers Wales has ever produced. Her volatile nature, relationship paranoia and alcoholism culminated one horrible night in 2012, when she cold-heartedly started a fire in her upstairs neighbours’ pram. Paul Haigh was an Australian serial killer who brought trauma and death to virtually all he encountered. He was a self-centred small time crim who perceived...

Duration: 01:12:38

Bloody Murder 21 - The Railroad Killer and the Cangai Siege

The Railroad Killer and the Cangai Siege… Angel Maturino Resendiz was a Mexican serial killer who slipped across the U.S. border and roamed the country by freight train, robbing, sexually assaulting and murdering people who lived near the railway tracks in their homes. In March 1993, three men went on a balls-out, nine-day rampage across QLD and NSW, wreaking havoc and building up their body count before everything culminated in a deadly siege at a farmhouse at Hanging Rock Station in...

Duration: 01:15:08

Bloody Murder 20 - The Beast of Birkenshaw and the Murder or the Irwin Sisters

The Beast of Birkenshaw and the Murder or the Irwin Sisters… Peter Manuel has the dubious honour of being Scotland’s worst serial killer. From the age of 10 he was in and out of remand homes for petty theft, escalating to violent sexual assaults by his mid-teens and murder in his late 20’s. He was a wannabe gangster who had an eye for teenage girls but also wasn’t opposed to breaking into homes in the middle of night and killing entire families. Colleen and Laura Irwin were sisters in...

Duration: 01:09:07

Bloody Murder 19 - The Butcher of Rostov and Father Bluebeard

The Butcher of Rostov and Father Bluebeard… Andrei Chikatilo was the biggest serial killer the USSR ever produced. He was also a bed wetter and chronic masturbator who suffered from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. He stabbed out eyes, he drank blood, he bit off nipples and he slipped through the authorities fingers time and time again! Andras Pandy was a serial killer who was active in Belgium in the late 1980’s. To the outside world he appeared to be a devout pastor,...

Duration: 01:06:12

Bloody Murder 18 - The Singing Serial Killer and Vilma Broda

The Singing Serial Killer and Vilma Broda… Verry Idham Henyansyah, better known as Ryan, is an Indonesian serial killer who was nicknamed the Singing Serial Killer because he liked to entertain court officials, fellow inmates and the media by singing songs off the album he recorded in prison. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, he also wrote a tell all autobiography detailing his murders and his life growing up as a religious, homosexual, aerobics instructor and “model.” In the...

Duration: 01:09:06

Bloody Murder 17 - The Duisburg Maneater and Captain Moonlite

The Duisburg Maneater and Captain Moonlite… Joachim Kroll was a simple soul with a low IQ, some bedwetting issues and a chronic masturbation habit. After his mother died he began killing girls then raping them, as his blow up doll collection wasn’t as good as the real thing. He started eating human flesh to save money on his grocery bills but came to find it was his favourite kind of tasty meat. Captain Moonlite was an Irishman who moved to Australia with dreams of becoming a priest. His...

Duration: 01:19:19

Bloody Murder 16 - Dana Sue Gray and the Curse of Cowra?

Dana Sue Gray and the Curse of Cowra?… Have you ever wanted to go on a shopping spree so much you’d kill for it? Would you actually strangle and bludgeon and murder living people so you could splash some cash and treat yo self? Dana Sue Gray was a petite, blonde American woman in her mid thirties who just loved to shop. She was also a serial killer. She would murder unsuspecting older women just to get at their credit cards and cheque books. Straight after the murders, without even...

Duration: 01:21:02

Bloody Murder 15 - The Kimberley Killer and the Monster of Miramichi

The Kimberley Killer and the Monster of Miramichi… Joseph Schwab was a German tourist in his mid twenties who had been to Australia before. He liked it so much he decided to come back in 1987, buy a shit tonne of fire arms and go on a killing spree in the Northern Territory. He was a cowardly psycho who hid out in the bushes near camping grounds and hunted humans for sport. This is why we don’t go camping without bullet proof vests and helmets any more. Canadian Allan Legere was a shit...

Duration: 01:04:41

Bloody Murder 14 - The Railway Killers and the Hoddle Street Massacre

The Railway Killers and the Hoddle Street Massacre… British serial killers John Duffy and David Mulcahy became friends on the first day of high school. They had a lot of interests in common like karate, the music of Michael Jackson and raping young women near deserted train stations. This brutal rapey game of theirs escalated and they started murdering their prey. Duffy was caught and sentenced but he didn’t roll over on his school chum for over a decade, leaving Mulcahy free to do god...

Duration: 01:14:39

Bloody Murder - Spring Dawn and the Assassination of Dr. Victor Chang

Spring Dawn and the Assassination of Dr. Victor Chang… Early on a spring morning in March 1993, an unidentified young woman’s body was dumped on a snow bank beside a highway in the small town of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The authorities first had to figure out who she was before they could even hope to track down her killer. Dr Victor Chang was a heart surgeon, a pioneer in cardiac research and a damn great Australian. The bumbling plot to extort money from him not only ended in his...

Duration: 01:12:06

Bloody Murder - The Gavit Sisters and the Queen St Massacre

The Gavit Sisters and the Queen St Massacre… Under the criminal tutelage of their mother, Indian sisters Seema Gavit and Renuke Shinde graduated from petty theft to murder in the early 1990’s. Kidnapping children from crowded city streets, the women would operate in pairs, stealing and using the children as a decoy if one of them were caught. If the children complained or became an inconvenience the women would end their lives without a second thought. On the December 8th, 1987, Frank...

Duration: 01:00:43

Bloody Murder - The Internet Slave Master and the Lone Avenger

The Internet Slave Master and the Lone Avenger… To say John Edward Robinson led a double life would be a gross understatement. He was a con man who lied so much he had to buy fire proof pants. Under the guise of being a slave master and successful entrepreneur he lured women he met online to Kansas on the promise of a better life and kinky sexy fun times. Soon after arriving the women disappeared. It took decades of vigilant police work to gather enough evidence to bring this POS scumbag...

Duration: 01:04:56

Bloody Murder - The Alexandria Eight and Jurgen Bartsch

The Alexandria Eight and Jurgen Bartsch… In Sydney in the 1980’s to early 90’s up to eighty homosexual men were murdered by roaming gangs of youths who considered “poofter bashing” to be a national sport. One of these gangs, nicknamed the Alexandria 8, took particular delight in participating in these heinous hate crimes. They’d brag to their friends about ambushing and brutally attacking the men and collected newspaper headlines as trophies. Jurgen Bartsch was a teenage German serial...

Duration: 00:57:16

Bloody Murder - The Norwegian Black Metal Murder and “Crazy Shelley” Knotek

The Norwegian Black Metal Murder and “Crazy Shelley” Knotek… Church arsonist, possible neo Nazi, former Mayhem bassist and Burzum founder Varg Vikernes claimed he heard through the Norwegian black metal grapevine that band mate Euronymous had planned to tie him to a tree and torture him to death while filming it. Considering how Euronymous handled the suicide of Mayhem lead vocalist Dead, that didn’t sound like such a far fetched concept. So Varg stabbed him…23 times. “Crazy Shelley”...

Duration: 01:00:42

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