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Bloomberg's investment program. Breaking news,earnings reports and market updates round out an informative and compelling wrap-up to the day's action.

Bloomberg's investment program. Breaking news,earnings reports and market updates round out an informative and compelling wrap-up to the day's action.
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Bloomberg's investment program. Breaking news,earnings reports and market updates round out an informative and compelling wrap-up to the day's action.






Bitcoin Boom Looks Increasingly Perilous to Cumberland's Kotok

David Kotok, chairman and CEO of Cumberland Advisors, talks about bitcoin risks and how many fixed income players may not be seasoned enough to withstand a downturn. Mark Dunkerly, departing Hawaiian Airlines president and CEO, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz about retiring from the company and what lies next. Dakin Campbell, a financial reporter at Bloomberg, talks about how Goldman Sachs is facing doubts about loss rates at its new online lender platform. Finally, Shira Ovide, a...

Duration: 00:29:32

Flattened Yield Curve Signals a Fed Policy Error, Jersey Says

Ira Jersey, U.S. rates strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, talks about the yield curve, Chair Yellen resigning and how this will impact the Fed. Jennifer Rie, senior litigation analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, says Trump's DOJ antitrust lawsuit is demanding specific asset sales like CNN before allowing an AT&T-Time Warner deal to get approved. Brogan BamBrogan, founder and CEO of Arrivo, talks about his company's planned hyperloop investment in Denver, how Arrivo's technology differs...

Duration: 00:28:48

Middle-Market Debt Has Ballooned in Recent Years, Kahn Says

Ronald Kahn, managing director of Lincoln International, talks about the new Lincoln Middle Market Index and the outlook for middle market lending. Kit Juckes, chief global FX strategist at Societe Generale, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz how Angela Merkel's failed attempt to build a government is impacting the euro and the dollar. Kevin Tynan, a senior autos analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, says Tesla's semi-truck and roadster sideshow distract from its Model 3 woes. Finally, Ed...

Duration: 00:27:59

Corn May Be Big Opportunity at These Levels, Gilbertie and McGlone Say

Sal Gilbertie, president and founder of Teucrium Trading LLC, and Mike McGlone, a commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, talk about opportunities in corn and soybeans, farmers squeezed by pricey fuels and why U.S. crude oil production is on the verge of surging. Tad Rivelle, CIO of TCW, discusses the yield curve, markets and current investment strategy. Sridhar Natarajan, a high yield debt and syndicated loan reporter at Bloomberg, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz about a...

Duration: 00:30:14

Millennial Consumers Aren't Willing to Pay for Digital Transactions, Bhatt Says

Baiju Bhatt, co-founder and co-CEO of Robinhood, discusses his commission-free investment app geared toward millennials. Shing Tao, chairman and CEO of Remark Holdings, talks about using their AI platform to scrape social media consumer data. Wayne Winegarden, an economics scholar and senior fellow at the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why the GOP tax bill should include payroll tax reform. Finally, Bloomberg's Katya Kazakina talks about...

Duration: 00:27:48

Amazon Bid Is Part of Toronto's Tech Investment Push, Mayor Tory Says

Toronto Mayor John Tory discusses bidding for Amazon headquarters, the housing market, immigration and the economy. Kathleen McCarthy, senior managing director and global COO at The Blackstone Real Estate Group, talks about investment opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Seth Molod, partner and chair of real estate services at Berdon LLP, discusses his real estate forecast, opportunities and risks and tax implications. Finally, Norman Sturner, president and CEO of MHP Real Estate...

Duration: 00:27:25

Loomis Is Buying Junk Bonds Amid ETF Sales, Elaine Stokes Says

Elaine Stokes, vice president and portfolio manager at Loomis Sayles Bond Fund, talks about bonds and the high yield market. Billy House, a congressional reporter at Bloomberg, discusses Jeff Sessions testifying before Congress to address inconsistent statements about the Trump campaign's contact with Russians. Burt Flickinger, managing director at Strategic Resource Group, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why Walmart is returning to its glory days while Target remains out of rhythm....

Duration: 00:29:02

Alberto Gallo on How the American Dream Turned into Greed and Inequality

Alberto Gallo, portfolio manager and head of macro strategies at Algebris Investments, talks about how the American dream turned into greed and inequality. Brooke Sutherland, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering deals and industrials, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why GE's turnaround plan and announcement to cut its dividend is "meh." Shira Ovide, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering technology, discusses Alibaba's $25 billion in Singles Day sales, the company's bond offering and...

Duration: 00:26:30

Smaller Companies Are Most Vulnerable to Tax-Cut Delays, Colas Says

Nick Colas, co-founder of Datatrek Research and a Bloomberg Prophet, discusses how much the market could be at risk with a corporate tax cut delay. Chris Macke, founder of Solutionomics and Federal Reserve Beige Book contributor, and Laura Davison, a tax reporter at Bloomberg, talk about the latest developments in the GOP tax bills and a proposal to reward job creators through earned corporate tax cuts. Tom Orlik, chief Asia economist at Bloomberg Intelligence, discusses China removing...

Duration: 00:29:12

Junk Market Isn't a Buy Unless it Drops Another Five Percent, Loomis' Eagan Says

Matt Eagan, vice president and portfolio manager for Loomis Sayles & Co., talks about the sell off in the high yield market. Ariel Cohen, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and a principal at International Market Analysis Ltd., discusses President Trump's trip to Asia and progress with North Korea and China trade. Steve Koenig, senior director of market research at the Consumer Technology Association, gives projections on tech purchases and how consumers will shop this holiday season....

Duration: 00:24:53

Anita Hill Isn't Sure There Would Have Even Been a Nomination Today

Anita Hill, a professor of law, public policy and women's studies at Brandeis University, talks about workplace culture in the 21st century and the fallout from the Weinstein scandal. Richard Gelfond, CEO of Imax Corp., discusses the changing ways that people are consuming entertainment, and his company's success in China. Will Marshall, co-founder and CEO of Planet Labs, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz how satellite imagery is aiding agriculture, governments and corporations. Finally,...

Duration: 00:34:14

Jay Powell Nomination Ruptures Bipartisan Fed Image, Binder Says

Sarah Binder, a professor at George Washington University and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Mark Spindel, a Bloomberg View columnist and founder and chief investment officer at Potomac River Capital LLC, discuss their new book, "The Myth of Independence: How Congress Governs the Federal Reserve." Mediatech Capital Partners' Porter Bibb talks about Twenty-First Century Fox in play, after reports of a sale to Disney. Damian Sassower, a fixed income strategist at Bloomberg...

Duration: 00:29:42

Broadcom-Qualcomm Would Create Cross-Sector Chips Powerhouse, Srinivasan Says

Bloomberg Intelligence's Anand Srinivasan and Brooke Sutherland, a deals columnist at Bloomberg Gadfly, talk about news that Broadcom is offering $130 billion for Qualcomm in a landmark tech deal. Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners, discusses Michael Kors' second quarter earnings and his 17th annual holiday retail forecast. Aaron Brown, a Bloomberg Prophet and former managing director and head of financial market research at AQR Capital Management, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa...

Duration: 00:30:44

Simon Nynens on How to Fail Less

Simon Nynens, CEO and chairman of Wayside Technology Group, talks about creating a work environment to recruit and retain employees. Withum's Dave Springsteen and Tony Nitti discuss the tax reform bill, corporate tax rates and incentives, and repatriation. Finally, Ward McCarthy, chief financial economist at Jefferies & Co., talks about job numbers, the economy and the Fed.

Duration: 00:24:48

High Probability for U.S.-China Trade Tension in 2018, Miller Says

Leland Miller, CEO of China Beige Book International, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why optimism about China's economy is based on misconceptions. Scott Galloway, a professor of markets at NYU's Stern School of Business, talks about how the traditional rules of business don't apply to the Big Four: Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. Barry Ritholtz, the founder of Ritholz Wealth Management and a Bloomberg View columnist, discusses evidence-based investing. Finally, Bloomberg's Laura...

Duration: 00:29:32

Ukraine Is Key to Showing Close Ties From Trump to Russia, Conn Says

Richard Conn, a managing partner at Eurasia Advisors, talks about the links between Russia, Ukraine and Manafort, and how the conspiracy investigation is a watershed event in U.S. history. Steve Peacher, president of Sun Life Investment Management, the investment arm of global insurance company Sun Life Financial, discusses credit valuations and the current investment outlook. Michael Scanlon, a portfolio manager at Manulife Asset Management, previews Apple and Facebook earnings. Finally,...

Duration: 00:29:52

Facebook, Twitter and Google Under Senate Microscope on Russia, De Vynck Says

Bloomberg's Garrit De Vynck talks about Facebook, Twitter and Google's appearances before Congress to answer questions on how Russians meddled on social media. Noah Feldman, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University and a Bloomberg View columnist, discusses his column, "Manafort Indictment Begins a Complicated Story." Robert Maroni, president of Lombardy, discusses the Lombardy referendum seeking more autonomy for northern Italy. Finally, Simon Ballard, a global credit...

Duration: 00:28:39

Sportsmen Oppose Trump's Plan to Rescind Monuments, Fosburgh Says

Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, talks about the moves by Ryan Zinke's Department of the Interior to open up national lands and monuments for commercial development. Sarah Frier, a technology reporter at Bloomberg, tells Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz why Facebook is stumbling with its strategy to stamp out fake news. Antonio Barroso, senior Eurozone analyst at Teneo Intelligence, discusses the political implications of the Catalan clash in...

Duration: 00:29:02

Emerging Markets Beat U.S. Junk in Upside Down World, Gaffney Says

Kathleen Gaffney, co-director of diversified fixed income at Eaton Vance, talks about bond markets, investment strategy and high-yield. Shira Ovide, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering technology, and David Garrity, CEO of GVA Research, discuss the domination of Amazon. Jim Harrison, CEO of Party City, talks about new channels of revenue growth and his company's vertical business model. Finally, Max Nisen, a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering health care, talks about vertical...

Duration: 00:29:06

2017's Dramatic Decline in Global Wine Production

Stephen Rannekleiv, global beverages strategist at Rabobank International, talks about the implications of the dramatic decline in global wine production this year and how California is faring following the wildfires. Jitendra Waral, global internet and consumer electronics analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence discusses Twitter, Alphabet and Amazon earnings. Maxime Sbaihi, a Euro-area economist at Bloomberg Intelligence, talks about the ECB's plan to taper QE. Finally, Scott Keogh, president...

Duration: 00:31:11

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