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A Solution For Cash Moving From Cannabis Companies

Today on Blunt Bussines our host Sean Eubanks is joined by Shane Blocker, Owner, and Co-Founder of National Investment Connection. He served 14 years in the Air Force working Military Intelligence, he’s a former Banker and a Realtor. Today he and his partner Greg own National Investment Connection, a national company that offers Owners of Cannabis companies and Ancillary companies with large volumes of CASH a solution to get their bags of CASH safely into a bank account that won’t be shut...

Duration: 00:59:50

Proper Planning And Structure That Will Result in Efficiency And Profitability

Today on Blunt Business Sean Eubanks is Joined by Pamela N. Epstein Esq., LL.M, Owner & Founder of Green Wise Consulting, LLC. Pamela graduated with Honors and earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arizona in both Communications and Political Science. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of La Verne College of Law. After law school, Pamela earned her Master’s of Law from Golden Gate University School of Law, where she received her LL.M in International...

Duration: 00:49:52

Stillwater Marijuana-Infused Tea To Reduce Stress

Today on Blunt Business Sean is Joined by Jeremy Goldstein COO and Co-Founder of Stillwater. It All Started With a Pot Brownie. The Stillwater Marijuana-Infused Tea is designed to help reduce stress with THC and the natural goodness of tea. With each serving containing 2.5mg of THC, the tea is intended to help a person relax after a stressful day in a natural way instead of reaching for a cocktail or other alcoholic beverage. A few years ago, the co-founder’s grandmother asked him to...

Duration: 00:34:01

Cannabis Real Estate: Maximize Your Business With a Strong Foundation

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by Maureen McNamara from Cannabis Trainers and the seminar cannabis real estate: maximize your business with a strong foundation. Maureen is the Founder and Chief Facilitator with Cannabis Trainers; a corporation founded to create and deliver training solutions for the Cannabis Industry. She has combined her skills and expertise with Food Safety and Responsible Alcohol Service into a comprehensive, engaging new program to ensure the Responsible,...

Duration: 00:45:00

The Global Leader In 2-Way Humidity Control

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined Charles P. Rutherford II Business Development Director of Boveda, Inc. Boveda (formerly Humidipak) is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Holding several global patents, we can engineer Boveda in a wide range of RH levels for various moisture-sensitive packaging applications to add and remove moisture as necessary to maintain a precise RH. Charles's duties include growing our domestic and international business within premium tobacco, musical...

Duration: 00:45:45

Top Quality, Lab-Tested Medical Cannabis for Veterans by Veterans

Today on Blunt Business our host Sean Eubanks is joined by Aaron Newsom from The Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance. SCVA's mission is to provide Qualified California Military Veterans with top quality, lab-tested medical cannabis grown by fellow United States Military Veterans. The cornerstone of SCVA is our Veteran Compassion Program (VCP). Through the VCP every member of this collective receives FREE, top quality, lab-tested medical cannabis. It’s our way of honoring fellow veterans and...

Duration: 00:40:13

How to Decarb Cannabis Safely and Effectively at Home

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by Shanel Lindsay. Shanel is the founder of Ardent, a Boston-based biotech and medical cannabis device company, for this week's webinar. Shanel tells us how to decarb cannabis safely and effectively at home with her easy to use, NOVA Decarboxylator. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the benefits of decarboxylation, this is a way activate the medicinal properties of the plant on the way to converting it into a consumable where you can control...

Duration: 00:41:54

The Importance of All-Natural Cannabis Growing

Today on Blunt Business, Serge Chistov Joins Sean for this episode. Serge is the financial advisor for the Honest Marijuana Company, a Colorado-based cannabis cultivation group that prides itself on providing clean, premium cannabis products to the medical and recreational consumer markets. They discuss the importance of all-natural cannabis growing, what qualities Serge looked for in a company before getting involved in the cannabis industry, and — with Serge coming from a previous career...

Duration: 00:41:37

The Creator of The WEBENCH Online Design Environment

Today on Blunt Businees Sean is joined by Phil Gibson, Vice President of Marketing for AEssense. Phil has 30 years of sales, marketing, and channel experience, and is known as the creator of the WEBENCH online design environment now owned by Texas Instruments. Previously, Phil held executive marketing positions at Infineon, TI, and National Semiconductor. With 7 patents in web technology, Phil is an expert in digital marketing and built his first web site in 1995. Phil holds an MBA from...

Duration: 00:46:31

The Leader in Bringing high-end, Innovative Products to The Ever Expanding Market

Today on Blunt Business your host Sean Eubanks is Joined by Michael Bologna from Dipstick Vapes. Michael is an Entrepreneur focusing on ensuring organizational success by improving efficiencies, minimizing waste, & bringing socially conscious processes to the forefront. The re-branded Dipstick Vapes (DSV) launched in January 2017. The original Dipstick from Improve, LLC launched in 2014 from Houston, TX. DSV still has offices in Houston along with a new administrative office in Denver, CO....

Duration: 00:42:37

Focus on What Matters Most: Customers, Growth and Profit

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by Ben Curran the CEO of GreenBits. An entrepreneur and product leader, Ben, is passionate about using my technical skills to build great businesses, products and agile engineering teams. As an product leader, Ben is hands on while growing the engineering team and providing strategic direction. He believe's in empowering people over processes and hire accordingly. They Talk about Greenbits where Ben is the CEO. Green Bits was founded by engineers with...

Duration: 00:37:05

Medical Marijuana Staffing with Revolutionary Tactics

Sean Eubanks speaks with Brittany Whiters RN, BSN and Ciara Jenkins RN, MSN , the co-founders of medical marijuana staffing firm Revolutionary Tactics.

Duration: 00:43:39

3 Compliance Pitfalls Every Cannabis Entrepreneur Should Kno...

STRAINWISE Consulting Vice President Of Business Development Sean Eubanks talks about the top 3 compliance pitfalls all new cannabis business leaders and entrepreneurs should be aware of from day one with compliance expert, Cristi Kotsko.

Duration: 00:40:37

Preparing License Applications for Clients in Emerging Cannabis Markets

Sean Eubanks discusses Preparing License Applications for Clients in Emerging Cannabis Markets with Bethany Niebauer, the Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Licensing at Strainwise Consulting.Bethany helps us with tips on writing winning license applications and what you can do to prepare your own cannabis license application. For more reference, you can also look at 3 mistakes that could kill your Cannabis license

Duration: 00:53:17

Energy Efficient Cannabis Plant Lighting Technologies

Sean Eubanks speaks with Steve Kruss, the President of Light-Waves Electronics, Inc, which specializes in energy efficient cannabis plant lighting technologies.

Duration: 00:56:25

Maintaining and Cleaning Cannabis Glassware

Sean Eubanks speaks with Dakota Wesley, the 23 year old President of Resolution, specializing in helping users maintain and keep their cannabis glassware clean.

Duration: 00:48:25

The Importance Of Testing Cannabis

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by the CEO of ChemHistory Alex Hoggan. ChemHistory is Oregon’s premiere laboratory providing comprehensive quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC), ensuring patient safety and regulation compliance. ChemHistory laboratory meets and exceeds all requirements through analytical testing methodologies, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and highly trained scientific personnel. ChemHistory’s goal is to give clients the documentation to prove that products...

Duration: 00:53:27

Cannabis Branding: What it Takes To Stand Out in a Crowd

Sean Eubanks is joined today by AJ Obando the director of branding and marketing for Strainwise Consulting. AJ creates and maintains the outward facing brand while keeping it compliant to state regulations. In addition to all of this creative work, AJ also designs cohesive marketing campaigns across multiple platforms using advanced interactive computer graphic design to embrace marketing head on. They really focus on cannabis branding, and what you need to do in order to keep up with your...

Duration: 00:59:02

Saturn Ranch: CBD Topicals and THC-infused Edibles

Sean Eubanks welcomes Todd Stimpson, the owner of Saturn Ranch, which produces a product line of all-natural CBD Topicals and THC-infused edibles. We learn how Todd started the family-owned business and medical issues that inspired the business. We learn about Saturn Ranch and their work in developing premium, lab-tested, hemp-derived CBD is the most important ingredient in their products...from topical balms, salt scrubs, and bath soaking salts to tinctures and edibles.

Duration: 00:30:56

Responsible, Ethical And Inspired To Grow in Innovative and Unique Ways

Today on Blunt Business Sean is joined by Murr, and grower at Alpinstash. Murr; was born and raised in Colorado where she grew up playing hockey. After sustaining a back injury, she began the typical regimen of OTC and pharmaceutical pain remedies. It wasn’t until Murr tried cannabis that she noticed immediate relief. With two years of commercial cannabis bakery experience and a desire to continue paving her way in the emerging cannabis industry, Murr began working with AlpinStash,...

Duration: 00:42:48

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