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Blurrt Out The Vote | General Election 2017 on Social Media-logo

Blurrt Out The Vote | General Election 2017 on Social Media

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6. The Election Prediction

In this final edition of Blurrt Out The Vote, Tom Price and Jason Smith use the Blurrt technology to analyse Twitter, rise above the echo chambers of Election Day and make a bold, final prediction of the outcome.

Duration: 00:07:20

5. The Final Countdown

It's the final day before polling day, so Tom Price and Jason Smith from Blurrt hack into the key social data at this crucial point. Trident, car crash television and fish fingers are the order of the day, with an excellent finale courtesy of MP Greg Knight's new campaign video.

Duration: 00:21:35

4. Debates, debates and more debates

In a week where Jeremy Paxman grilled the leaders of the two main parties, Tom, Jason and special guest Elena Cresci from The Guardian grill the social media data around the General Election to see where the land lies with just a week to go. How did they cope with the interviews, how was Corbyn received on the One Show, and have the Blurrt predictions changed since last week?

Duration: 00:19:50

3. Manchester and Theresa's Social Care Wobble

Tom Price and Jason Smith, CEO of Blurrt, reflect on the Manchester bombing - which has paused general election campaigning early this week - but also talk through the stories that were making the news before Monday night's attack, including Twitter's verdict on the party manifestos and the ITV Leaders' Debate.

Duration: 00:24:03

2. Manifestos, NHS Hacks and Fish Fingers

Tom is joined by head of all things Blurrt, Jason Smith and Valerie Livingston from political consultants News Direct, as they see how planet twitter has responded to a General Election week of policy pledges, cyber attacks and, er, fish fingers.

Duration: 00:20:56

1. The One Show, Corbyn campaign launch and foxhunting

So as Theresa May's husband puts the bins out, Blurrt Out The Vote begins with its study of how this election is playing out on Twitter. This week, presenter Tom Price and Blurrt CEO Jason Smith discuss Theresa and Philip's appearance on The One Show, Labour's campaign launch and early Twitter reaction to the prospect of a vote on the foxhunting ban.

Duration: 00:21:11

Coming Soon - Blurrt Out The Vote

Tom Price guides you through what to expect from this new series of podcasts, brought to you by leading social media insights platform, Blurrt.

Duration: 00:00:44